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People's Federative Republic of Maltovia
Flag of Maltovia
Location7500,6200,351, {{{2}}}
DemonymMaltovian, MFer
Capital cityLeininsk
GovernmentOne-party socialist republic
Foundation date17th June 2018
Succeeded by

Maltovia, officially the People's Federal Republic of Maltovia, was a ZombieLeninist nation located in the +,+ quadrant, bordered by Vinland to the east and Lyra to the west of Oblast Dithmarschen. The state merged with the New Federal Republic of Pripyat to form the Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate, on October 9th, 2019. With the rest of the old CCCP Maltovia would be annexed by the Confederation of Socialist Augusta during the October Revolution.


Founding of Maltovia

Around the middle of June, 2018 dissatisfaction with the political environment of Mount Augusta several grew within some members of the The Workers' Party. This led to the "Declaration of the Revolutionary Wing of the TWP", a document written mainly by Jshatney and FalscherRVN, signed by approximately half of the TWP. This led to several discussions with the leadership and slowly it became apparent that the problems were not fixable as long as the party remained in Mount Augusta. It didn't take long until the plans for a basic nation were constructed and people from the TWP were asked to participate in the newly created discord "Birth of a new Nation", on the 17th June. After a short period of finding the cultural identity, rough government form, claims, etc the idea of the People's Republic of Maltovia[1] was finalized. The legislative, executive and judicative power was first exercised by the transitionary government, which was tasked with the creation of a constitution and a legitimate government.

The Big Territorial Dispute

Even though completely abandoned, the island which now is owned in it's entirety by Maltovia was first owned by the nation of Rowa, though that claim was never to be seen on any claims map, which led to the situation were two nations stated ownership over the entire island. Things were settled by dividing the island, the northern half was owned by Rowa, while the southern half was now owned by Maltovia. During that time early developed on that island started, but it mostly consisted of wheat and oak tree farms. Followed by a short period of calmness, a third group, claiming to be mostly emigrants from Yoahtl came and stated that they wish full ownership over the island and had already begun moving supplies to the island. This complicated situation led to diplomatic talks between said emigrants, Rowa and Maltovia, in which all groups agreed to give the whole island to Maltovia. This has remained as the the status quo til today.

First Legitimate Government

After a series of discussions, on the 7th July of 2018 the transitionary government came to a conclusion on how to structure the government, and thus the new government was formed. The government, now called the "People's Commissariat" made it to their mission to enhance the development of the island, which til this day had been rather slow.

The Second Government

After the departure of Jshatney, and later FalscherRVN, the Central Committee of the Republic nullified the former Constitution, putting the Republic's government squarely in the hands of The Workers Party. Most executive and legislative powers which formerly rested with the People's Commissariat now rest with the Central Committee of the Workers' Party, but the structure of Ministries has remained as the "Intelligentsia."

Maltovian State


"The democratic miracles of the socialist state are many." — HamAndSwiss

The People's Republic of Maltovia describes itself as a "Socialist One Party State", in which the will of the people is exercised through the state apparatus. The way of achieving this is inspired by the principles of democratic centralism, dictatorship of the proletariat, planned economy and the ideas of ZombieLenin. Ministerial power in the People's Republic is held by the Intelligentsia. The power to creative, dissolve, appoint to and remove from ministries is held by the Central Committee of the Worker's Party in Maltovia.

Current Intelligentsia
Position Username
Eternal President ZombieLenin
Eternal Premier BolleDeBoll
First Minister HamAndSwiss
Second Minister Troozi3
Third Minister Topher3001

Previous commissars include Jshatney (Commissar of Construction), who was voted out of the People's Commissariat by the Central Committee for treasonous behavior, and FalscherRVN (Commissar of Internal Affairs), who resigned out of his own will.

The Intelligentsia continues to grow and change to fit the needs of the People and the Party.

Foreign Policy

Maltovia's foreign policy so far has been open towards peaceful relations with other nation. It is a member of the SESU and the NCA.

Since the beginning Maltovia had a rough history with the nation of Rowa. However that rivalry never did go anywhere, except Rowa banning all citizens of Maltovia from their discord server. When The Thalassocracy annexed Rowa that rivalry got inherited and amplified, especially due to the heavy anti-socialist stances.

To deescalate the increased Tension between The Thalassocracy or their successor State Vitelia the "Stronghold Resolution" (also known as the Vítelian-Maltovian Join Treaty) was signed on the 2nd September 2018.

After the collapse of Vitelia, the People's Federal Republic seeks further alliance with other ++ Socialist and allied powers, and commits itself to peace in the quadrant.


Maltovia follows the principles of a planned economy and socialism, and thus private property is forbidden. In praxis, this means that every citizen of Maltovia is entitled to a maximum of three double chests, which are referred to as their personal property. There are no restrictions on what materials can be stored in these chests. To ensure the socialist mode of production and worker ownership over the means of production every citizen has direct or indirect access to the factories of Maltovia. Overseer of the factories is the Minister of Industry, who is responsible for coordinating the creation and maintainence of said factories.

Geography and Divisions

Map of the Federation

Since the 08th September 2018 the People's Federative Republic of Maltovia consists of three different regions.

Oblast Leninsk

The Oblast Leninsk includes the political and cultural capitol of Maltovia, Leninsk, as well as the islands between Oblast Rowa and Leninsk Proper. Before the foundation of the federation Leninsk was the only territory of Maltovia and was simply known as 'The People's Republic of Maltovia'.


The Oblast Leninsk consists of one island covered mostly in the plains biome. Unusual for the +,+ quadrant it is mostly at sea level.

Oblast Dithmarschen

The Oblast Dithmarschen is home to the twin cities of Dithmarschen and Terestai of the former Provinces of the South East, as well as many different biomes useful for farming.


The Oblast Dithmarschen is the southern section of a larger continent in the ++, and contains a mountainous plains biome, a savannah, two large Red Deserts, a Mesa biome, and a large Roofed Forest.

Oblast Brand

Aquired during the Entrana Conference of +,+ Nations.


The Oblast Brand consists of three small Hell/Nether Biomes in the deep +,+.

Oblast Rowa

Annexed after the fall of Vitelia, Oblast Rowa is the former territory of the nation of Rowa, now part of the People's Federal Republic. Home to the city of Krowa.


The Oblast Rowa is a mountainous island.



Due to a high concentration of the followers of ZombieLenin and his principles, the personality cult surrounding him has a striking presence in Maltovia and especially its government.


Maltovia is considered a secular nation. The following religious are known to have a know presence in Maltovia.


Banner of Maltovia.

The national colors are declared as red (#CD2A41) and white (#EEEEEE). If only one color may be used, it defaults to the red (#CD2A41).

The flag of the Republic consists of a red flag with a white stripe in the bottom which is one-third of the size of the total flag. In the left corner a white hammer and compass is present.

The official banner of Maltovia portrays the flag vertically, and in place of the Hammer and Compass is a single white triangle. The recipe to create the flag with a standard white banner is shown here.

The CivTCG card Maltovian Shield was named after Maltovia by Lodish but when illustrating the card he based the art on an incorrect blue green and red banner.[2]