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Great Empire of Rowa
Official Flag of Rowa
Map of Rowa
Capital CityKrowa
FoundedApril 15th, 2018
Motto"" BIG BIG BIG ""
Population~2 - 15
Location7085, 5120 [1]

Rowa, also known as Гоша was a Great Empire situated afar in the +,+ region. The closest closest neighbouring nations were Ossenkirch: northwest of Rowa, Akai: north of Rowa and Maltovia: South of Rowa.

They were Integrated into The Thalassocracy as a province & then became a region of Vítelia.

The land was split between Maltovia and Mir after the fall of Vitelia.


The name Rowa originates from Russia and is a nod to modern russian culture. Rowa, or Гоша comes from the russian fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy (Гоша Рубчинский)


Founding of Rowa

The Great Empire of Rowa was founded by two subjects under the name of gabeladela1 and LLE2. Both grown and raised in yoahtl under dire lag conditions. They eventually left with an idea that they wanted to have their own place. They travelled the world until they found what they were looking for. The island now known as Rowa.

The rise of a leader, Czar Chrisley I

The first town of Rowa started off in the northwestern end of the island and the very first building that was built on the Rowa island was Rowa-Kryshtofgorod, also known as Tower of Krowa. Initially the building was unnamed and the two founders lived there while they made a plan for the city. At the time Rowa was in great need of leadership and out of nowhere, an fairly unknown bloke by the name Chrisley took to the power and started leading the nation as Czar Chrisley I. After that the town was given its name in honor of the newfound leader.

Tower of Krowa

Czar Chrisley were one with the citizens. both gabeladela1 and LLE2 were granted the Nobility rank and both were able to create their own companies within Rowa. gabeladela1 formed a banner and utility company called Banner Studios and LLE2 opened up a pub. The Tower of Krowa has been demolished, what now stands there is a café/bakery. The building is still being safekeeped and, when ready, will be put into a museum.

May 5, 2018 - Death of Czar Chrisley I

As the nation grew and had to work on their public relations, Czar Chrisley ordered Banner Studios to print out around ten banners that would then be passed on to other nations. But failed misserably and the banner "didn't highlight the star properly". For damaging the reputation of the nation, gabeladela1, founder of banner studios were sentenced to community service on the 4th of May 2018. Czar Chrisley also made a further declaration, in shade of Banner Studios, that LLE2 was the finer subject of the two.

Rowa-Times, an independent Rowan newspaper reported that Czar Chrisley had died from falldamage, earlier that morning. Earlier that day, gabeladela1 from Banner Studios had been tasked to remove two big trees that needed to be cleared from Krowa. Doing so he had no idea that Czar Chrisley was taking a nap in one of those trees and upon logging in Czar Chrisley fell approximately 30 blocks down and hit the ground too hard.

The rise of Czar Chrisley II

After his fathers death, Chrisley II was expected to take his throne. Czar Chrisley II has become quite a controversial figure within Rowa. Some call him the better leader, some call him the shittiest one yet. Some argue he has not actually done anything to steer Rowa into any direction at all, leaving the subjects to decide. Citizens of Rowa state that "he has not been active for at least 30 days and he did not talk to us at all for that time".

June 9th, 2018 - The Rowa bombings

The grief of Krowa

After steadily evolving, Rowa was hit by two raiders. The two raiders made sure that most of the buildings and factories of Rowa were destroyed. Since then Rowa has recieved help from lots of people around the world, notably Falvyu who flew from overseas and helped get rid of most of the palced blocks. Shortly after that the Rowan subjects declared Falvyu as mayor of Rowa but quickly took that statement back. He does however remain a member in their nation group due to complications. The buildings of Rowa have still not entirely been restored and it's a work in progress. The griefers left a blue lapis cross in the middle of our then-town square. In an attempt to prevent any sort of curses the nation choose to demolish the town square and rebrand it as a graveyard.

June 22nd, 2018 - Stunning Olympics opening and participation

Rowa opening up the CivOlympics

On june 22, Nobility members from Rowa, LLE2 and gabeladela1 made their way to the Civolympics. LLE2 managed to smuggle himself into the center of the opening ceremony and was able to represent Rowa as one of the key nations of the event. After doing that they both went on to participate in the archery contest, scoring 12 out of 14.

July 25th, 2018 - Integration into The Thalassocracy

On July 25th, The Nobility of Rowa, LLE2 and gabeladela1 decided the best course of action would be to leave Rowa due to growing tensions between them & the Maltovians. To keep the country from falling into Maltovian hands, they opted in to be integrated by The Thalassocracy. Whom accepted the integration. They signed a treaty dedicated to preserving Rowa as the new Province of The Thalassocracy.


Rowa is remotely located on a big island in the southeastern quadrant. When speaking to the Rowan subjects they note that the main Rowa island is exactly what they wanted because it's not one of those "shitty extreme hill biomes that are everywhere in the +,+". The only thing to grow there is Wheat, misscarriage rates are through the roof on animals. Rowa does however own a very small flower plains biome located southeast of the island. The nation has plans to run an above-ground rail from north to south to ease transporting around the island.



Krowa was the Capital of Rowa. There lived all of the Citizens of Rowa.