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The Civ Trading Card Game (CivTCG) is an in game card game based mechanically on Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering and Pokemon, but set in Minecraft, the civclassics server in particular.

Cards and officially licensed accessories can be bought from the main shop in Westminster, Gensokyo or from, there is also a third party shop in Anburon

CivTCG's official Discord opened on July 14th 2018, and the game was officially announced on Reddit on August 7th 2018. CivTCG was invented and developed by Lodish

Competition History

The first official tournament to be held was the Pre-release Tournament on October 19th[1], it lasted several days and Swiftfizz won first place, with BorderTage in second and ShinjiruMC in third.

How to play

Each CivTCG match is a 1 vs 1 battle between two opponents representing two different nations. Gameplay in CivTCG is turn-based, with players taking turns to play cards from their hand, either to cast a powerful effect or to summon a minion to fight on behalf of their nation. Each nation has 20 Health, and if their health is reduced to zero that nation loses, cursed to be a deserted ruin.

At the start of each turn, the player draws a new card from their deck - a collection of 27 cards selected before battle. During their turn, each player can choose to play any of their cards, activate card abilities or command minions to attack targets, however most actions require the player to spend Materials. Each player starts the game choosing 1 Material out of the 5 base materials(❂⚒⎚▩◆), and gains one more of their choice at the start of each turn. All of a players's Materials regenerate at the beginning of their turn (all their Materials become 'replenished').

Drawing your entire deck does not cause the player to lose. However, once a player has no more cards to draw, later attempts to draw an additional card from their empty deck will cause them to suffer 5 damage from Fatigue.

Players can currently choose from 164 official cards, with more cards always being added through future expansions.

Official Sets

There are currently 3 major sets and 2 smaller nation theme sets on sale with cards from the Promo Set also Tournament legal. The most recent main set being the Duels set. Sets vary in size.

Classic Set

The Yoahtl Olympic Stadium CivTCG card
A Classic Set card based on the building in Yoahtl.

Released first, the Classic Set is the original core of cards. It was officially released [?]. The classic set cards can be identified by their ❒ symbol on the card. There are 40 cards in the Classic Set. Famous CivClassics players have cards based on them: ComradeNick, Frensin, Gantoe_, Gjum, LordofMarzipan, ProgramMC, Sintralin, TangentalThreat. Famous buildings from CivClassic also have cards: Gingyoukage Bathhouse of Gensokyo, Ironbank Vault of Hexcorp, Meditat Ziggurat of Meditat, Shardore Tower of Mount Augusta and Yoahtl Olympic Stadium of Yoahtl.

Card List
Card Name Cost Set Number Type
Baby Zombie ❂❂ 18/40 Mob
Black Glass Hopper Pipe ❂⚒⎚▩◆ 30/40 Item
Chest ▩▩ 26/40 Item
Chicken 04/40 Mob
ComradeNick ◆◆◆◆ 27/40 Legendary Player
Creeper ⚒▩▩ 19/40 Mob
Cyan Sheep 08/40 Mob
Daybreak Zombie ❂▩ 31/40 Mob
Diamond Sword ◆◆▩ 05/40 Equip Item
Diamond Vein ❂❂◆ 24/40 Item
Enderpearl Volley ⎚⎚⎚⎚ 32/40 Item
Flint and Steel ❂⚒▩ 23/40 Item
Flying TNT ⎚⎚⎚⎚ 14/40 Item
Frensin ⎚⎚⎚⎚ 03/40 Legendary Player
Gantoe_ ❂❂⚒⚒ 12/40 Legendary Player
Gingyoukage Bathhouse ◆▩▩ 39/40 Legendary Building
Gjum ⚒⚒⚒⚒ 15/40 Legendary Player
Hjaltland Banner ▩▩❂ 20/40 Equip Item
Illegal Bunker ⚒⚒⚒◆◆ 25/40 Building
Ironbank Vault ⚒⚒⚒⚒❂❂◆◆ 28/40 Legendary Building
Librarian Villager ❂▩ 29/40 Mob
LordofMarzipan ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒◆◆ 01/40 Legendary Player
Lusitan Wine ▩◆ 37/40 Item
Meditat Ziggurat ⎚⎚❂❂ 36/40 Legendary Building
Obsidian Lining ❂❂⚒⚒ 21/40 Item
Potion of Harming ▩⎚❂ 13/40 Item
Potion of Healing ▩⎚ 09/40 Item
ProgramMC ❂❂▩ 40/40 Legendary Player
Red Boots ▩▩▩▩ 34/40 Equip Item
Red Sheep 07/40 Mob
Shardore Tower ❂❂▩ 17/40 Legendary Building
Simple Iron Raider ⚒⚒ 38/40 Player
Sintralin ⎚⎚⚒◆◆ 33/40 Legendary Player
Small Magma Cube 16/40 Mob
Spider Jockey ❂❂⚒ 10/40 Mob
TangentialThreat ❂❂❂▩▩ 02/40 Legendary Player
Water Trap ❂❂ 11/40 Building
Wolf Tamer ▩❂⚒ 22/40 Player
Yoahtl Olympic Stadium ❂⎚◆ 35/40 Legendary Building
Zombie ❂❂▩ 06/40 Mob
Unb3 P2 Bow CivTCG Card
An equip-able item card from the Beginner Set.

Beginner Set

The second CivTCG set was aimed at newer players and has more basic designs and all cards only have one material type making it easier to create mono-type decks. The Beginner Set has 45 cards total, 9 of each material type, each type with one rarer 6 cost card. The Beginner set cards can be identified by their Ⓑ symbol on the card.

Card List
Card Name Cost Set Number Type
A Great Wall ❂❂❂❂❂ 35/45 Building
Ancient Iron Pickaxe ⚒⚒ 02/45 Equip Item
Angry Wolf ⚒⚒⚒ 04/45 Mob
Badly Aimed Arrow ❂❂ 29/45 Item
Cave Zombie ❂❂❂ 33/45 Mob
Communist Hippie ▩▩ 13/45 Player
Confused Trio ❂❂❂ 30/45 Player
Desert Rabbit 28/45 Mob
Dumb Chicken 10/45 Mob
Floating Endereye 37/45 Item
Gold Pyramid Beacon ⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚ 44/45 Building
Golden Skeleton ⎚⎚⎚⎚ 43/45 Mob
Happy Chappy ⚒⚒⚒ 05/45 Player
HCF Oldfriend ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒ 07/45 Player
Helpful Player ▩▩▩ 16/45 Player
Iron Axe 01/45 Equip Item
Lightning Storm ▩▩▩▩▩▩ 18/45 Item
Lil' Pig ▩▩ 14/45 Mob
Locked Wooden Door 11/45 Building
Lonely Polar Bear ❂❂❂❂❂❂ 36/45 Mob
Maltovian Shield ⚒⚒⚒ 06/45 Equip Item
Nipplerock Warrior ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒ 08/45 Player
Nitwit Villager 38/45 Mob
Oak Boat 12/45 Item
Obby Pit ❂❂ 31/45 Building
Pet Iron Golem ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒ 09/45 Mob
Potion of Weakness II ⎚⎚⎚ 41/45 Status Item
Prot Merchant ◆◆◆◆◆◆ 27/45 Player
Prot Pinata ◆◆◆ 24/45 Player
River Blaze ◆◆ 21/45 Mob
Rusty Sword Collector ⚒⚒ 03/45 Player
Secret Griefer ◆◆◆◆ 25/45 Player
Singing Noteblock 19/45 Building
Small Bunker ◆◆ 22/45 Building
Small Fossil ⎚⎚ 39/45 Item
Snow Mountain Base ❂❂❂❂ 34/45 Building
Sovereign Tea 20/45 Status Item
Spectral Arrow of Doom ⎚⎚ 40/45 Item
Strong Commander ◆◆◆◆◆ 26/45 Player
Swamp Witch ⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚ 45/45 Mob
Torch Lift Field ▩▩▩ 17/45 Building
Trade Treaty ◆◆ 23/45 Item
Two Damaged Stone Swords ❂❂ 32/45 Item
Unb3 P2 Bow ⎚⎚⎚ 42/45 Equip Item
Weak Skeleton ▩▩ 15/45 Mob
A Game of Thimble CivTCG card
A Promo Set card portraying the Olympic Sport of Thimble

Promo Set

Promotional cards made for CivTCG are labelled as their own set, unlike other sets promo cards don't list how many cards are in the set. Currently there are 32. The Promo set cards can be identified by their ㏚ symbol on the card, also the names of the cards tend to be coloured. The Promo set is currently the only set with reprints, for example reprints of Shardore Tower and Meditat Ziggurat. Unlike other sets, Promo cards can't be bought normally, all are obtained in different ways, for instance the A Game of Thimble card is earned from playing a game of thimble in Meditat when Lodish is around.

Card List
Card Name Cost Set Number Type Obtained by
Shardore Tower ❂❂▩ 1 Legendary Building Secret
CivMall ⚒◆◆ 2 Item Ordering at
Meditat Ziggurat ⎚⎚❂❂ 3 Legendary Building Secret
A Game of Thimble ❂❂❂ 4 Item Playing a game of Thimble in Meditat
Mystery Potion ⎚◆ 5 Item Defeat Lodish in a best of 3 against 3 specific decks
CivTCG Freebie ⚒▩▩ 6 Item Found all over CivClassics in unlocked chests
Neosaur ◆◆◆◆◆◆ 7 Legendary Player Have Yoahtl citizenship
Loungebob ⚒▩▩◆ 8 Legendary Player Secret
Shtim ⚒▩❂ 9 Legendary Player Participating in Games held in Pacem
reffelruz ⎚⎚❂❂ 10 Legendary Player Being welcomed or taught Civ plugins by reffelruz
xFier ⎚⚒◆ 11 Legendary Player Code or help with a Civ client mod
awoo ◆◆◆◆▩ 12 Legendary Player Pearl a member of Lexington, Anguish, NATO or Ransakistan
Law of Yellofishy Alts 13 Item Have your main and an alt in Westminster at the same time
mike0war ⎚▩◆◆ 14 Legendary Player Secret
Falvyu ❂⚒⚒⚒ 15 Legendary Player Secret
Mightyoddish ❂❂❂❂ 16 Legendary Player Own a shop in NYC
Infra_ ◆◆▩⎚ 17 Legendary Player Secret
5pointO ❂❂❂❂❂ 18 Legendary Player Secret
PergySkeel ❂❂❂❂ 19 Legendary Player Secret
Wingzero54 ◆◆◆◆ 20 Legendary Player Secret
bgbba ⚒⚒⚒⚒ 21 Legendary Player Help build a part of the GOR (as confirmed by Yoahtl)
bgbba Post ⚒⚒ 22 Item Post a comment on a bgbba1 reddit post
deyan ⎚⎚⎚ 23 Legendary Player Secret
Xavter ❂❂❂▩▩ 24 Legendary Player Secret
TheOrangeWizard ▩▩▩▩⚒ 25 Legendary Player Secret
Jah Day Celebration ⎚◆ 26 Item Attend a Jah day or buy one at Jah Park Icenia
ComradeRick ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒ 27 Legendary Player Took part in the fall of Hallow
ObtainableSpat ❂❂❂❂❂❂❂ 28 Legendary Player Took part in the fall of Hallow
Gregy165 ⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚⎚ 29 Legendary Player Took part in the fall of Hallow
tankbuster44 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ 30 Legendary Player Took part in the fall of Hallow
shadedoom ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ 31 Legendary Player Took part in the fall of Hallow
Coalition Assault ❂⚒⎚▩◆ 32 Item Helped destroy a NATO vault
shapha2002 ●⚒⚒⚒⚒◆ 33 Legendary Player Secret
Civ Scholar ⎚▩ 34 Player Participating in a Civ gameshow or quiz
Mystery Alt ●●⚒⎚ 35 Player Secret
Oniii_Chan ❂⎚▩ 36 Legendary Player Secret
CivWiki ??? 37 Item Start and write a well written page on CivWiki or have 50+ edits
CivMail Delivery ??? 38 Item Purchase it via CivMail

Duels Set

The Duels set was released on the 10th of November 2019, It consists of 27 cards, including the Swiftfizz card won at the first CivTCG Tournament. Duel set cards can be identified by the ⚔ symbol.

Card Name Cost Set Number Type
Black Sheep ⚒⚒◆◆ 1/27 Mob
Cart of Death ⚒⚒⚒⚒ 2/27 Item
Constant Rain ▩❂ 3/27 Item
Forgotten Dropchest ⚒⚒◆◆ 4/27 Item
Healthy Pig ▩▩▩ 5/27 Mob
Huge Oak Tree ▩▩▩▩ 6/27 Building
Jungle Creeper ▩▩⚒⚒ 7/27 Mob
Major Lava Griefing ▩▩▩◆◆◆ 8/27 Item
Melman the Giraffe ❂❂ 9/27 Legendary Building
Mob Limit ⎚⎚⚒⚒ 10/27 Item
Obby Bomb ❂⚒ 11/27 Item
Ocelot ▩▩ 12/27 Mob
Olympic Gold Medal ⎚⎚ 13/27 Equip Item
Prot Zombie ▩▩◆◆ 14/27 Mob
Saren_Solaris ⚒⚒⚒⚒ 15/27 Legendary Player
Shiny Fossil ⎚⎚❂ 16/27 Item
ShoPork ⎚⎚⚒⚒ 17/27 Legendary Player
Smuggled Guardian ❂❂⚒ 18/27 Mob
specificlanguage ❂❂ 19/27 Legendary Player
Splash Potion of Speed ▩◆ 20/27 Item
Suspicious Newfriend ◆◆ 21/27 Player
SwiftFizz ⎚⎚⎚◆ 22/27 Legendary Player
The Great Overland Rail ❂❂ 23/27 Legendary Building
Travelling Salesperson ◆◆ 24/27 Player
Watch Tower ❂◆ 25/27 Building
Wear Out ⚒⚒ 26/27 Item
Well Fed Zombie ▩⎚⎚❂ 27/27 Mob

Yoahtl Theme Deck Set

A 9 card set based on Yoahtl. The cards use the ☪ symbol. This was the first of the smaller and complete nation sets.

Card Name Cost Set Number Type
City Trench ❂❂❂ 1/9 Building
An NYC Challenge ❂❂❂❂❂ 2/9 Item
NYC Tool Shop ❂❂❂❂ 3/9 Building
Book Sale ⎚⎚❂❂ 4/9 Item
Boomer Golem ❂❂❂⚒⚒⚒ 5/9 Mob
NYC Tunnels ⎚❂❂ 6/9 Building
Villager with a Stick ⎚❂ 7/9 Mob
Yoahtlian XP Merchant ⎚⎚⎚❂❂❂ 8/9 Player
BorderTage ⎚⎚❂❂ 9/9 Legendary Player

Gensokyo Theme Deck Set

A complete deck based on the nation Gensokyo, cards from this set are bought together and use ☯ as their set symbol. This set was the first to use the ● material symbol, which signifies it can be paid with any basic material, this was later seen in cards of the Promo Set.

Card Name Cost Set Number Type
Building Supremecy ●●❂❂◆◆ 1/9 Item
Cobble Generator ❂◆ 2/9 Building
Inspired Highrise ❂❂❂❂◆ 3/9 Building
Gensokyojin Architect ❂❂❂◆ 4/9 Player
Movie Night ❂❂❂ 5/9 Item
Shy Weeb 6/9 Player
Taozishi Hotel ❂❂❂❂ 7/9 Building
Veteran Weeb ❂❂◆◆ 8/9 Item
Topaz4293 ●❂❂◆ 9/9 Legendary Player