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The Thalassocracy
GovernmentDoge Republic
FoundedJuly 20th, 2018
AbolishedAugust 26th, 2018
Serene DogeMaxpowerboy
LocationSoutheast sector of the world
Preceded by
Federal Republic of Georgia
Risk Republic
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Vítelia

The Thalassocracy was the Continuation of the Risk Republic, The Thalassocracy had abolished the One-Man Dictatorship of the previous state & had opted in for a Democratic Republic inspired by the Old Republic of Venice. The Thalassocracy united with Pruthenia to form the Kingdom of Vítelia


Succeeding the Risk Republic (07/20/18)

Following around a month after the Fall of the First Republic, Maxpowerboy the former Dictator came back & re-settled the area, he slowly started bringing in friends & old citizens, & managed to sign on 6 Players. During this time Thaegon, an island belonging to an Ancient Civilization was claimed by the new Republic. Alongwith a nether island & a Vital island west of Rowa.

Growth & Integration of Rowa (07/25/2018)

Using the ancient technology from the old Thaegonian civilization, The Thalassocracy boosted its economy greatly. During this time the de-facto leader of the Provisional Government got more friends & players from his group as citizens, swelling the population up to about 12. They finally structured the government, which was had much needed improvements from the rather archaic Old Risk Republican Dictatorship.

Also during this time, the Nobles of Rowa asked to The Thalassocracy to sign a Treaty which would integrate Rowa into The Thalassocracy as a Province. Rowa did this so they would not be taken over by the Maltovians when they would inevitably flee from +,+. The Thalassocracy took an oath to preserve Rowan culture & history as the condition to integration. The Government is currently looking to settle citizens in Rowa's Provincial capital, Krowa.

Integration of Georgia & The Establishment of the Bruxis Fruit Company (07/27/2018)

Nation Infant Fatality is a very common thing in CivClassic, +,+ is no different. With the amount of new nations springing up in 2018 there were bound to be some that would dissapear, this is shown with Rowa, but as some expected the 3rd

Georgian Republic to fall, only to make a 4th one, they instead decided to apply for Statehood in the Thalassocracy. The Federal Senato accepted this deal & Ratified a treaty on the terms of Statehood, including autonomy & a Local Georgian Senato &

Cittá Doge with special title. Just before this ratification though, Maxpowerboy was elected as Serene Doge of the republic, its founder & former benevolent dictator of the Risk Republic. With a speech on how he wouldn't crown himself a perpetual Dictator.

At this time the Federal Senato also elected its first Senator, Trinitiss. After the Election of the First Senator, the Serene Doge chartered the Bruxis Fruit Company in the Territory of Bruxis, reserving the entire territory for Farming large fields.

The Bandit War (08/14/2018)

Around the 12th of August, a Band of raiding Marauders illegally trespassed Thalassocritan land despite being asked to turn back, they built a large fort on the south Rowan Island, dubbing it the "Rowan Stronghold", masquerading as "Rowans".

Despite never having lived as actual citizens in Rowa. A Spy was sent in to investigate what the Bandits where doing, they apparently made contact with the Maltovian leader Raven, inviting Raven into their discord, which alarmed the Spy & caused concern for Maltovian Malice in Rowa. The Spy captured evidence of the Bandits raiding Thalassocritan Bunkers, stealing emeralds from the old Rowan Czar's treehouse, & razing farms. Around two days later, three Thalassocritans geared up & headed to the Bandit occupied Island & started the Battle for Mount Rowa, killing & pearling iNightly, one of the Bandits who engaged in raiding the Thalassocritan Bunker. iNightly & the Ringleader of the Bandits samrules14 engaged in talks, in how to figure out the situation.

They came to an agreement to Release iNightly as he was just following orders of his leaders, in exchange for pearling the Ringleader Samrules14 & the 2nd Ringleader Macguy73. The two Marauders were sentenced to maximum 3 months exile pearl.

Union with Pruthenia & The Formation of Vítelia (08/26/2018)


The Millitary after the Risk Republics Wheat Rebellion is just an Unorganized Millitia, although recent moves have been made to outfit the population properly.


The Republic

The Thalassocracy has figured out its structuring of the government, but is still drafting the constitution, come back later.