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The Monument Bank
Logo of the Bank
Headquarters Pavia
Number of Locations4
Key PeopleCreepi0n (Director)
BritishWanderer (Director)
Thraldrek (Director)
ArtificialDriver (Director)
Number of Employees8
ParentMonument Group
Asset Management
Trading Commodities
ProductsHolding Accounts
Coordinates+720 -3030 Pavia
Revenue1,250d (October 2023)
Operating Income679.92 (October 2023)
Net Income679.92 (October 2023)
Assets48,446.14 (October 2023)
Historical Data
Established in14 April 2023
Contact Data

The Monument Bank is a Pavian multinational financial services company headquartered in the City of Pavia. It is the largest bank on CivMC by client deposits, clients and total held assets. Monument Bank is the only bank on CivMC to be publicly traded, through their parent company, Monument Group.

With 53,541.64 diamonds in total assets[1], the Monument Bank is the largest bank on CivMC.

Corporate History

Monument Bank was founded on April 14, 2023[2], as part of a new service offering by the Monument Group and quickly outgrew its original planned operating space. Within just its first two weeks of establishment, the Bank already managed 12,442 diamonds in total assets and was serving 23 unique clients. [3]

The Group would restructure the Bank as its own division a month later and lay out new internal financial rules, including that of monthly financial disclosures to the general public.

The Monument Bank quickly became the second highest-revenue division of the Group, just behind Monument Goods. [4]

In May 2023, the Bank would become automated with the addition of Bertha the Bank Clerk, allowing Clients to automatically transfer funds and schedule withdrawals/deposits without the need for staff.[5]

On November 12 2023, Bertha would undergo a rewrite which would culminate with a myriad of changes to interest, account fees and further additional features.[6]

In February 2024, the Directors of Monument Bank would announce the completion of the long-awaited Bank Tellers addition, with subsequent branches being constructed in Nara[7] & Baile[8]. These branches allowing Clients to withdraw, deposit and open accounts across the globe, served by local bank tellers.

Financial Data

All numbers in diamonds - Quarterly Months are not included as these are part of the Parent Company's financial statement.
Month April '23[9] May '23[10] June '23 July '23[11] Aug '23[12] Sept '23 Oct '23[13] Nov '23[14] Dec '23 Jan '24[15]
Revenue 162 483 497 550 1,117 851 1,250 792.70 676.60 826.41
Net Income -8.59 394.90 382.23 378.23 885.98 515.70 679.92 263.61 67.94 207.46
Assets (Incl Liabilities) 12,442 16,357 22,764 28,954 32,900 44,759 48,446 50,085 51,081 53,541
Equity 449.41 1,209 1,409 1,454 3,017 3,289 4,520 5019.46 4212.9 4860.61
Headcount 3 3 3 3 3 6 7 7 7 7


The corporate structure of the Monument Bank is that of a tight-knit group of Directors and employees - Decisions which do not require parent company approval are usually dealt with internally via verbal agreement of the Bank Directors. All decisions made by the Directors of the Bank must be communicated to the Board of the Monument Group for advisory counsel.


Creepi0n - (C.E.O of Monument Group)

BritishWanderer - (C.F.O of Monument Group)

ArtificialDriver - (C.T.O of Monument Group)

Thraldrek - (Advisory Position, Board Member of Monument Group)

Other Notable Individuals

Orestraya - (C.S.O of Monument Group)

Cissonius - (Manager of Client & Investor Relations)

Ahme - (C.M.O of Monument Group)

Gobblin - (C.O.O of Monument Group)

Paagf - (Advisory Position, Board Member of Monument Group)

Bronnakus - (Nara Branch Bank Teller)

CatistStudy - (Baile Branch Bank Teller)


The Monument Bank has provided the funding for multiple endeavors. In October 2023, the Bank became the funder for the International Hockey League prize pool and became the official sponsor of the games.

On November 6 2023, the Bank would partner with CivWiki on the Editing Palooza 2023, to encourage more individuals to edit CivWiki. [16]


The Bank is headquartered in Pavia, and its main offices reside at 1 Main Street, City of Pavia. It also owns the building next door, Monument Bank Trading Hall, however its offices on the second floor remain unused.

In September 2023, the Bank opened its first international branch in Shiroyama, Nara. This branch became usable on the 8th of February 2024 when it was announced that Bank Tellers was completed and Clients could now use the branch to conduct services.

On the 10th February 2024, the Monument Bank opened its second international branch, and its third office in Baile.