One Day War

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Oklahoman - Molokan War
Part of Oklahoman & Auroran History

FuzzyMittz fighting Pirater in Braxos, Moloka
DateJanuary 1st - 2nd 2019 (1 day, approximately 7-8 hours)
Braxos, Unitas, Mcloud, Zexenia
Result Oklahoman & Zexenian Surrender

Aurora Oasis

1 supporter (pearled before war)

Moloka 7 armed (2 pearled and freed during Battle of Braxos) 1 supporter (pearled before war)

United Republic

2 armed


Aresot (non combatant pearled, later freed)


5 armed (3 present in Braxos)


2 armed

Carbon (Not officially partaking in the war)

3 armed
Commanders and leaders




During War




Carbon (Not officially partaking in the war)

  • Beepus_Boopus
  • MrLostMickers
  • Yobungamos


  • FuzzyMittz
  • Stepo
  • Farifafa
Casualties and losses
Three pearled before war, later freed and two pearled and freed during the Battle of Braxos 9 pearled (5 Oklahoman, 2 Zexenian, 2 Carbonite) , bunkers and vaults disabled, Oklahoma and Zexenia occupied by Molokan Commonwealth

The One Day War also known as the Oklahoman-Molokan War was a military conflict on CivRealms 2.0 involving the Commonwealth of Moloka and her allies and a joint coalition of Oklahoma and Zexenia. The war lasted approximately 8 hours resulting in total decisive victory for the Molokan Commonwealth and Varathia.


Pearling Incidents

On January 1st, RefreshedIbis was privately bountied and pearled by a Carbonite (Vanax45/Beepus_Boopus). The pearl was transferred to Oklahoma. Oklahoma attempted to extort[citation needed] RefreshedIbis, claiming he had hired TWINKIEminer as a lawyer and demanding 100 stamina for his release. The UCSR excommunicated Oklahoma from their alliance, and talks of an invasion begun.

Because of Aurora's relations with the UCSR and Ibis, Aurora was invited to the talks. Moloka and Unitas were also invited. Yellofishy and Alpha_gale traveled through Oklahoma to get to the western jungle, when Yellofishy & Alpha were pearled. Oklahoma claimed there was a "private bounty" on the two. Moloka had arranged for a meeting, as Oklahoma agreed to return the pearl but this led to the standoff in Unitas.

Skirmish in Unitas

Following Oklahoma's statement of wanting to free Yellow's pearl, a Molokan escort force was dispatched to collect the pearl. Molokans were suspicious of the sincerity of Oklahoma's leadership given past hostilities and was prepared for engagement. Molokan forces crossing Unitas accidentally encountered a large combined force led by Zexenian and Oklahoman leaders FuzzyMittz and TWINKIEminer, accompanied by a Carbon mercenary. (Unclear whether Yobungamos was present at the time)

Following an initially uneasy standoff, battle began when Carbonite mercenary Beepus_Boopus attacked Maxpowerboy, starting a battle. Oklahoma would eventually be forced into scattered retreat.

In this battle the coalition gained the pearl of Moloka's leader Kalipso_Angel and sent it to Zexenia while Moloka captured Oklahoma's leader Twinkie_Miner's pearl and one other coalition fighter and vaulted it.

Sacking of Oklahoma

With the withdrawal of coalition forces towards Zexenia Oklahoma city was left open and virtually undefended, a fact the Commonwealth took full advantage of and subsequently began wanton looting and sacking of the city.

During the entry of Molokan Commonwealth forces into Oklahoma, Invader1337 was caught isolated in the city and subsequently pearled as an enemy combatant.

Siege of Zexenia

Following the total sacking of Oklahoma the Commonwealth forces set towards Zexenia to begin a siege of their sky-city to free Kalipso_Angel.

The siege initially was slow given the difficulty of breaking the city bastion, once this obstacle was removed a flaw was then discovered with the entrance to the sky-city being vulnerable and able to be hijacked for use by Commonwealth forces. This allowed Commonwealth forces to enter into the sky-city uncontested as the defenders realising their impending defeat opted to flee with as much loot as they could escort.

Once the defenders had left the sky-city was ransacked and the liberators scaled the tallest tower in Zexenia, Sky-Vault broken and Kalipso_Angel's pearl was freed by Maxpowerboy.

Killing of Aresot

Following the successful siege of the Zexenian sky-city Moloka had believed that the war was for all practical reasons over and was attempting to establish communications with the enemy for their formal surrender.

This was however not true as the coalition forces were regrouping and preparing for an attack against Braxos, a fact that would only become clear once Aresot (an until now neutral party) was murdered just outside of Unitas. Aresot responded to this by entering Varathia into the conflict and by providing crucial information about the army and their movements to Moloka.

Battle of Braxos

Following the pearling of Aresot in neutral claims Molokan Commonwealth forces hastily withdrew from Zexenia's sky-city believing the army was better armed and had greater numbers then their own, during this retreat all that was not lootable in Zexenia was smouldered in ashes in a scorched earth retreat.

Upon making entry into the city they were faced by a numerically inferior Molokan force, seizing on their opportunity before reinforcements made it they looted some parts of Braxos and slaughtered all livestock found. The arrival of reinforcements however forced them into more balanced engagement which went poorly, with Molokan forces excellently utilising Braxos' canals and urban areas to their advantage.

Many would end up pearled with many more killed but not pearled, all Molokan losses incurred during the battle were freed shortly after the death of the last coalition fighter, all their loot on their bodies seized by the Molokan government including obsidian, potions, armour and tools/swords.


Following the decisive defeat of coalition forces in Braxos, Zexenia offered unconditional surrender which was closely followed by Oklahoma. Moloka drafted a treaty which provided for financial reimbursement over war losses, temporary occupation of the defeated nations lands and the ability to arbitrate the future borders of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's refusal to surrender the relevant groups their vault was held on forced a Molokan break of their vault, which resulted in the remaining people which Moloka wanted freed being released.

The war and the treaty has failed to stabilise the region, with the Western lands still being a constant source of instability to both Moloka and the greater server.