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The Proper t of the Church of t, most commonly built out of 9 full blocks.

The Church of t is the physical presence of the belief in t as a semi-organized religion. t is one of the oldest religions, if not the oldest religion, in the Civcraft series of servers and is present in the current latest iteration, CivClassics. It is primarily found in the lands of the Prussians but has briefly spread to other groups from time to time.


The belief in t slowly appeared and evolved in Civcraft 1.0. Prussians would log in or enter a new area and would type a "t" into chat to notify others of their presence and receive a "t" back from anyone who heard them. It functioned as a ping, but quickly grew into a cult icon as whole chatlogs began to fill with nothing but t's. The practice would spread around the Civcraft servers at times.

The Church of t grew out of this practice and its linked belief in Prussian culture. Constructing churches and other holy buildings were a key part of the Prussian aesthetic, as they sought to immitate a vague 1800s central European construction theme. The t happen to look like a Christian cross and was thus adopted in its place, being adorned above the altar and in other places along with other Prussian paraphernalia.

A smaller form of the t made out of 3 stair blocks and a slab.

The religion and Church continue to exist, though in a quieter state as its primary believers are less active in CivClassics currently.

Beliefs and Doctrine

The belief of t and the Church of t have no structure greater than the practice of t-ing and building nice holy constructs in which a proper or small t is to be housed. Anyone who t's in good faith is a member.