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Hellenism is a religion practiced on a number of Civ Servers, most notably in Astonia, Laconia, Jolington, and Astonia (CivRev).

It is based on a popular conception of Greek mythology, and it has two major sects on Civ, Astonian and Laconian.

It is rivaled by Bezism, Orthodoxy, Indoja, and Yoahtlan shamanism.

Astonian Hellenism

Astonian Hellenism focuses on the Cult of Dionysus, and focused on the worship of alcohol and intoxication. It also venerates rain, lightning, lakes, vines, and considers the landscape around Jolington and Christopia to be a holy site (due to containing vines and holy lakes).

It was first supressed in the First State of Astonia by Indoja theocrats forcing the conversion of the native tribal Astonian population. After a long period of war the Third State of Astonia was established, far from Indoja influence.

Other religious conflicts occured with the Bezists of Imperial Truidence, when they destroyed holy sites on the island of Decatur, later known as Downer Astonia.

Laconian Hellenism

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