Yoahtl-Laconia Wars

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The Yoahtl-Laconia wars were a series of conflicts between Yoahtl and Laconia, occurring from July 2017 until August 2018, often with outside involvement from groups such as Lexington, Rhodesia, and Hjaltland. Nox won each of these engagements

First Yoahtl-Laconia War

At the Start of the World, Laconia and Yoahtl were one and the same nation, but a few days after joining, Laconia left Yoahtl and created Mt. Doom, directly north of Axochitlan. Shortly after leaving, raiders began to plague Axochitlan, pearling WackyAki and DerektheMan and obbybombing many areas. Hjaltland and Yoahtl began to investigate the cause of the raiding, with tensions very high. Quauhtli_Mia decided to share this information with Laconia, and then errantly began to blame Laconia for the raiding.

Quauhtli_Mia encouraging Yoahtlans to raid Laconia errantly

Shortly after these accusations, WackyAki encountered a small obby diamond on the GoR bridge in Axochitlan. Believing the diamond was a storage site for raiders, He began to break the associated snitch and obby. Upon discovering that the diamond was a small storage placed by Laconia holding 14uu's pearl, he apologized and offered to pay reps. At the same time, Yoahtlan government official Quauhtli_Mia began encouraging people to raid Laconia, leading to these two events to be seen as connected.

On July 4th, 2017, Laconia made a post on the subreddit [1] citing Yoahtl's illegal raiding of Laconia over the altraiding accusations. Laconia pearled Quauhtli_Mia and WackyAki for raiding, and put them in their vault indefinitely. Initially Asakuun negotiated that Yoahtl could stay in Axochitlan, and in exchange they would grind out 2 DCs of emerald block stacks every week for Laconia. Bgbba then couped Asakuun and rejected these terms, and fled to Commonwealth land with all unpearled players.

A few weeks later, on July 25th, Lexington announced that the alt raiders were indeed Laconian alts[2] and pearled several Laconian ministers for altraiding on behalf of Yoahtl, and Sintralin ordered WackyAki freed and reps be paid to Yoahtl. At this time, the conflict is generally considered over.

Second Yoahtl-Laconia War


Third Yoahtl-Laconia War

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