Bobangan-IWW War

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The Bobangan-IWW War also know as the Third Anvard Jungle war was a conflict fought in early may of 2020 between the Vexlic State and the Industrial Workers of the World Alliance. The war resulted in the defeat of the IWW and the annexation of Anvard's Territory in the southern jungles. Although never officially joining the war Volunteers from Carbon and Savaguard were heavily involved on both sides.

Bobangan-IWW War
Date1st May 2020 - 3rd May 2020
Result Bobangan Victory


Savaguard volunteers

Carbon Volunteers


File:Otonabee Falg.png Otonabee

Carbon Volunteers
Commanders and leaders




Casualties and losses

None Pearled

Property Damage


  • goldencrunchcrms
  • Narwhal_19
  • The_CCC_Rises (Moosebobby)
  • lvlyryn
  • ExcaliburSword
  • Comrade_Gus
Property damage


When Tenochtitlan was founded, it claimed some land which included Anvard. Later, Anvard was settled, and a brief war happened between Anvard and Bobanga. Alexandrian volunteers helped defend Anvard from Bobanga and the country was kept independent.

When the Ez2War began, the Ez2Crew pearled the Bobangan leadership, and Anvard attempted to claim parts of Bobanga. However, the Ez2Crew refused to accept their claim, and defended Bobanga's territorial integrity. During the Ez2War, Anvard bastioned more territory in occupied Bobanga. After the war during the Bobanga Conference and the ensuing Treaty of Tenochtitlan, Anvard annexed part of the Bobangan territory.

Example of propaganda released on the subreddit by DarkyDu before the Bobangan-IWW War.

In mid-April, discussions began between Eslenti and Bobanga regarding the reclamation of the Bobangan homelands in the southern jungle. For a couple weeks, the Eslenti army lead a brief raids and reconaissance missions on Anvard, killing some sheep and breaking some doors. During this time period, DarkyDu also released propaganda disparaging the contentious Treaty of Tenochtitlan on the subreddit. Secretly, Eslenti and Bobanga were preparing for a full-scale invasion of Anvard.

May 1st

The May Day Invasion

On May 1st, International Labor Day, Bobangan and Eslentian forces landed in Anvard, the invasion date being picked out of irony. The known group was made up of DarkyDu, TradeWars, SirCrowley, and IanX12. They broke into a number of secure buildings and scouted out the territory, forcing Anvardian citizens to logout. An IWW scout, goldencrunchcrms, was patrolling the region and was pearled by Bobangan forces, the first casualty of the war. The Bobangan forces went on to occupy the Anvard Castle, and declared victory. The occupation of both Anvard and the southern territories began. Bobanga and Eslenti unified in the Federation of Bobanga, and the Bobangan demands were published in Discord and the subreddit.

Bobangan propaganda released during the war to garner international support for the Bobangan Federation.


The Anvardians had heard of a rumored attack from Bobanga, but were caught completely off-guard by the Elsenti-Bobanga cooperative attack. After the May Day Invasion, several Anvardians remained in occupied Anvard and were at a high-risk of being pearled. IWW agents 4788888 and Narwhal_19 led an extrication operation from the jungle and brought the Anvardians to the IWW embassy in Alexandria. Bobangan forces pursued the Anvardians/IWW to Alexandria, breaking open the IWW embassy and pearling Narwhal_19. No Anvardians were pearled, and 4788888 was able to move the rest of the Anvardians out of the city and to a safe location for the rest of the war.

May 2nd

Attack on Napistan

On May 2nd, disturbed by the IWW's involvement in the Anvardian-Bobangan conflict and their aid in extricating Anvardian citizens, Bobanga prepared to invade the IWW homeland in Napistan and declared war on the Wobblies.

Propaganda poster released on the subreddit by DarkyDu following the Battle of Bremerhaven.

The Battle of Bremerhaven

Bobangan marines landed in Bremerhaven, where they broke into Narwhal_19's house. They were encountered by IWW and volunteer soldiers, and fought back. A brief spat of fighting ensued in the Battle of Bremerhaven, and The_CCC_Rises was pearled along with lvlyryn.

Pearling of ExcaliburSword and Raid of Tolstoy

Two IWW soldiers attempted to head south to Anvard to defend the territory, but were intercepted by a Bobangan mercenary, who slayed ExcaliburSword. The IWW forces scattered. Meanwhile, a Bobangan Marine convoy hit Tolstoy, damaging the public storage and later retreating after discovering an attempted attack on Bobanga.

Counter-Strike on Bobanga

Later that day, a group of IWW agents gathered in Bremerhaven to discuss the possibility of a propaganda counter-strike on Bobanga. IWW agents 4788888, Red_Medic_Leader, heyduckhi, Nirvanguard, Comrade_Gus, and EmDubleYou sailed from Bremerhaven to raid Tenochtitlan and Dar al-Vexler in an attempt to gain international attention that would stop the war.


Image from the IWW raid on the forbidden Bobangan city of Tenochtitlan.

The IWW group first hit the forbidden city of Tenochtitlan, sailing across the lake and landing in the largely unprotected city. The group thought at first that there may have been some important items or buildings in Tenochtitlan, however, they did not find anything that was very valuable and left.

Bobangan Cocoa Farms

The IWW agents moved on quickly to nearby Bobangan cocoa farms, many of which were unprotected. Several cocoa farms in the region were griefed and left denuded, the cocoa burned or moved off-shore.

File:IWW war propaganda1.png
Example of El Sapo propaganda released by members of the IWW during the Counter-Strike on Bobanga.

Dar al-Vexler

After raiding Tenochtitlan and Bobangan cocoa farms, the IWW agents still felt that they needed to make more of an impact in order to draw the attention of the international community. The group decided to head to Dar al-Vexler, where DarkyDu would likely be logged out, and try to get an international response which would end the war. At Dar al-Vexler, the group griefed storehouses and factories until DarkyDu logged online in an obsidian bunker and asked the group to negotiate. No real negotiations occurred so the group left Dar al-Vexler before backup soldiers could arrive from Eslenti.

Screenshot from DarkyDu during the Occupation of Bremerhaven. It was posted on the IWW discord as a warning for players to stay logged out.

Raid on Bremerhaven

After the IWW's propaganda counter-strike, Bobangan and Eslenti forces rushed into Bremerhaven along Savaguard volunteers to end the war. Bremerhaven was overrun by invaders who griefed farms and houses and killed animals. A notable casualty of the invasion was the griefing of the CivRealms Library Association library and university, a campus constructed in an international effort to preserve knowledge. The invaders attempted but failed to break into the Bremerhaven bunker, ending their attack once ceasefire talks began. The only casualty was Comrade_Gus who logged in during the invasion and got pearled.

May 3rd

Treaty of Anvard

On May 3rd, the parties met to discuss peace, and the Treaty of Anvard was signed:

Anvard/IWW will:

  1. The cessation of occupied Anvard to Eslenti and the Vexlic State.
  2. Minor payments of reparation in the form of stamina and/or XP from Anvard/IWW to Bobanga, 32 eblocks.
  3. The creation of the Protectorate of Anvard, a territory in Bobanga.

Bobanga will:

  1. Unpearl all combatants.
  2. Return armor and weapons.
  3. Pay reparations to cover city damage, 32 diamonds.


  • DarkyDu, Chairman of the Bobangan Federation
  • coolking1500/KrustyPirate, Union Organizer of the IWW
  • VolutionFs, Leader of Anvard