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The Vexlic Creed is the summation of the various beliefs espoused by the followers of the Vexlic Texts. The Vexlic Texts are not strictly analogous to the Vexlic Creed, as significant portions of the Vexlic Creed are learned from oral history of Vexlic Wisdom, and much of the Creed involves transcribing information into copies of the Vexlic Texts.

The Vexlic Creed is the state religion of Bobanga.

The Vexlic Texts are a series of wisdoms authored (some in text, others orally) by the Professor Ray Vexler PhD, which grant wisdom and information to his followers. Key parts include rejection of the solely material, embrace of brother man and the supremacy of apedom.



Ray Vexler

Vexlic Texts

Texts can be bought from the Vex Shop at plot A2 in CivCorp for a stamina each. Alternatively talk to a local librarian about sourcing the book.

Basic Temple Economics

This book provides the framework for economic organisation of a country.

Guide for Prospective Scholars

This book teaches prospective scholars how to live their day to day lives.

Vexlic FAQs

This book answers some basic questions about the Vexlic Creed.

Vexlic Cosmology

This book describes the cosmology of the universe according to the Vexlic Creed.