Treaty of Tenochtitlan

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The Treaty of Tenochtitlan (Bobangan Conference) was the March 2020 agreement between the Coalition and Bobanga during the aftermath of the Ez2 War. It concerned the partition of Bobanga's borders, dividing Bobanga into mandates of the victors, and addressed Bobanga’s reparations and the prosecution of war criminals. It also led to the reaffirmation of Yamato's jurisdiction to Puerto Vexler and establishment of two new nations, Eslenti and Cantina.


After the end of Ez2 War (February 2020), and the resolution of the earlier Moloka and Unitas decisions[Need to ask respective people about what happened there], Carbon by the Puerto Vexlar Declaration of 25 February 2020 had assumed supreme authority over Bobanga by pearling DarkyDu.[Did someone delete the reddit post about this, I can't find it to link it] In the Bobanga Conference from 17 March to 22 March 2020, representatives from the nations involved agreed to and adopted the Protocol of the Proceedings, 22 March 2020,[1] signed in Tenochtitlan. The signatories were Convoy Leader of Carbon, City Councilor Albyrt of Alexandria, President VolutionFs of Anvard, Lord Admiral Jamesie of Yamato, King Fitian of Miletos, Interim Leader Irok.Iradicus of Bobanga, Ian_X12 of Eslenti, and Riskunky of Cantina.



Jamie part of Teno

Teno became Bobanga? Jamie split into Yamato? Port Paradis is still Yamato?

Anvard not being recognised by Bobanga

DarkyDu building right in the Centre of Anvard - Southend

Anvard pearling Darkydu

Darkydu freed - Anvard recognised

Ez2 joins Bobanga

Bobanga raided by Ez2

Ez2 released

Ez2 takes over Bobanga - Ez2 empire

Ez2 takes over Molaka

Ez2 war

DarkyDu joins Ez2

Coalition break Ez2

Sexgrelim attacks Albyrt in Alexandria and gets pearled

Yamato retakes control of Port Paradis

Bobanga partition


In the Treaty of Tenochtitlan, members of the Coalition agreed to the Protocol of the Proceedings.[1]

1. Establishment of a Council of Foreign Ministers

The Council was tasked with the preparation of a partition agreement for Bobanga, to be accepted by the Government of Bobanga once a government adequate for the purpose had been established. Other representatives were invited to participate when matters directly concerning them were under discussion. At the end of the Conference, the Treaty was to be posted to the CivRealms Subreddit.[2]

2. Reparations from Bobanga

This section covers the partition of Bobangan territory into mandates, and the allocation of mandates to Alexandria, Anvard and Miletos as reparation claims.

3. Redefinition of the Bobangan Border

The section covers the redefinition of the Bobanga border.

4. City of Puerto Vexler

Carbon and Yamato declared that they would support the reaffirmation of Puerto Vexler and the adjacent area to Yamato jurisdiction at the conference. Additionally, a proposal to revert the official name of the city to Port Paradis was declared.

5. Northernmost Rainforest Mountain.

The Conference rejected the Varathian proposal for border expansion to the Northernmost Rainforest Mountain within the Northern Mandate. A consideration for Varathian-owned farms within the Mandate had been deferred to a later meeting between Alexandria and Varathia.

6. War Criminals

This was a short paragraph that covered previous discussions at Crystal Cove and the subsequent Carbon Trials:

The Four Governments have taken note of the discussions which have been proceeding in recent weeks in Crystal Cove between Carbon, Alexandrian and Yamato representatives with a view to reaching agreement on the methods of trial of those major war criminals for crimes under the Puerto Vexler Declaration of 25 February 2020. The Four Governments reaffirm their intention to bring these criminals to swift and sure justice. They hope that the negotiations in Crystal Cove will result in speedy agreement being reached for this purpose, and they regard it as a matter of great importance that the trial of these major criminals should begin at the earliest possible date.

7. Establishment of the Nation of Eslenti

The Conference agreed to a proposal from Ian_X12 regarding the establishment of the nation of Eslenti as patronage for war efforts.

8. Establishment of the Nation of Risunsky and Sons

The Conference agreed to a proposal from Risunsky regarding the establishment of the nation of Risunsky and Sons as patronage for war efforts. The nation has since been renamed to Cantina.

9. The Island of the Public AN.

The Conference examined a proposal from Risunsky regarding the transfer of the Island of the Public AN to Risunsky and Sons. The Council agreed, with consideration of its usage and declaration as a publicly accessible AN portal, shall transfer to Risunsky and Sons under the condition that open access is retained to players who use the portal.

10. Ratification

The agreement has been ratified by the following members of the Bobanga Conference on 22 March 2020:
  • Irok.Iradicus, Leader of Bobanga
  • Convoy, Leader of Carbon
  • Albyrt, City Councillor of Alexandria
  • VolutionFs, President of Anvard
  • Fitian, King of Miletos
  • Jamesie, Lord Admiral of Yamato
  • Ian_X12 of Eslenti
  • Risunsky of Risunsky & Sons





Future territorial changes?