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The Duchy of Grainview
Location-1333, 333
Activity levelDormant
Capital cityGrainview City
SettlementsIceland, Fortune Island, New Christopia
Foundation dateDecember 11, 2021
An image of Grainview taken 12-19-21.

Grainview, officially the Duchy of Grainview, is a nation on CivRev led by Thejmqn. The capital city is located at -1333, -333 to the west of spawn and Fortuna. It is currently known for its high amount of new players and its focus on farming. Grainview was originally founded as a farming colony of Fortuna, but gained independence after the nation was plagued by raiders. As of January 2022, Grainview is dormant due to CivRev's low player count.


Grainview was founded on December 11, 2021 by Thejmqn as a farming colony for Fortuna. The capital was originally going to be founded at -1200, -133, but it was moved to -1333, -33 when it was discovered there was more land on the other side of the Grainview Bay. At first, Grainview relied completely on Fortuna as the only resident was Thejmqn. However, on December 12, a large farm was made which became one of the server's biggest wheat farms and gave Grainview a profitable crop. On the 13th, Thejmqn began recruiting new players to join Grainview and the population began to grow. This caused the first proper buildings to be built and a the first railroad on the server was built from Grainview to 0,0 by Pentirin. The population continued to grow the citizens became rich by using the Grainview swamp to find diamonds under clay patches. Also on the 18th, Grainview suffered a setback when an unknown player on the alt "whatislife" raided Grainview and killed multiple Grainview citizens. The Fortuna military was called in, but they were unable to catch the raider.

Grainview quickly rebuilt from the raid and continued expanding the main city. Farming colonies were also established at this time to allow for independent Grainview XP production. The most notable of these was Iceland, located in the desert near Icarus used to farm cactus. All other crops, excluding nether wart, were farmed in the main Grainview farms. Grainview continued to be reliant on Fortuna until the 25th of December when Fortuna proper was attacked by the nation of Savaguard. Grainview remained untouched by these raids and gained de facto independence. Grainview allied itself with the other major Fortuna vassal of Hurtsey for protection and assisted Hurtsey on the 28th of December by helping pearl a Hurtsian political dissident. To celebrate the pearling, a party was held in Grainview where fights occured in the traditional fighting pit. On the 31st of December, Fortuna officially dissolved and Grainview gained de jure independence, but also at this time CivRev lost activity due to disagreements with the administration. Most Grainview citizens also stopped playing because of this incident and the nation became dormant.