The Sava Crisis

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The Sava Crisis was a conflict between the two powers of Icarus and Savaguard on CivRev.

Icarus-Savaguard War
Date11th Dec - 20th Dec 2021
Result Narrow Savaguardian victory
Icarians leave original home
  •  Icarus
  • Supported by:

    Commanders and leaders
  • Invader1337
  • Icarus (First Republic) CredixYT
  • Icarus (First Republic) IceBoy_Board
  • Icarus (First Republic) Deo
  • Strength
    ~9 fighters ~8 fighters
    Casualties and losses
    None 2 pearled (later freed), one starter-bunker captured

    The conflict started on the 11th December 2021 when Invader, the king of Savaguard, repeatedly raided the Icarian Capital Trantor. The peaceful brewers Dbug and Glerk were both pearled. The Icarians came out from their homes when he had left after raiding a second time and started a mass-evacuation from the city. They scattered around the world until on the next day when Saint Lola offered them refugee status in their city of Panama. Time went on and 5 days later they decided to flee from society and settle at the southern worldborder. Unfortunately Savaguard had already claimed that land without the Icarians knowing. They made up a deal on how they would split the land and everything seemed peaceful. Then the king of Savaguard, Invader, who was still annoyed by the Icarians being neighbors with him and his people, decided to occupy their capital, New Trantor. The Icarians, who had almost no gear after the previous raids gathered their stuff and fled. The Prime Minister led Icarian soldiers in an attack to stonebomb the Savaguardian fort.

    Invader1337 and Deo after making peace outside New Trantor

    Invader was furious and repeatedly threatened the Icarian soldiers for the NameLayer groups for the grief in exchange for peace, which was met by shitposting from Icarian citizens. The Icarians glad having their revenge refused to take the offer and returned to a life as refugees in nations such as Lusitania, Sovia and St. Lola (in their previous home of Panama). When Invader and 3 other soldiers "visited St. Lola on a shopping trip", the Icarians found out and geared for a guerrilla style ambush. Lolan citizens said the soldiers had been looking for Icarians. The Lolans, afraid of being pearled, said where the Icarians resided, with their position compromised, the operation was abandoned for a later date. They fled Panama to Lusitania and then to a new home at -3k -3k. Impatient with CredixYT for not withdrawing from the war Deo, a member of the cabinet, decided to take the situation in his own hands and gave the namelayer groups to Invader in exchange for stolen goods. With that action done the war ended. Savaguard and Icarus relations were stable after that.