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Stamina is an important unique resource on CivRealms. It is used for many things:

  • Fueling "prison pearls" to keep enemy players imprisoned.
  • Draining fuel from friendly prison pearls.
  • Building and repairing certain factories needed to progress along the technology tree.
  • Paying the 1.5 stamina penalty for dying (if you die with 0 stamina, you are temporarily banned until the next day or until someone spends stamina to revive you). New players get a discount on the death penalty their first day.
  • Currency, by most players.

You can get stamina in three ways:

  • Just logging on nets you 2 stamina per day.
  • Voting for the server (/vote and follow links) will reward up to 2.5 stamina per day.
  • You can trade stamina with other players for anything you like, by using stamina in its physical item form (enchanted golden apples).

Stamina exists in both virtual and item forms. You have a virtual account balance that you can check with /stamina. You can withdraw from this balance and turn stamina into physical apple items by typing /stamina [# to withdraw]. You can only withdraw stamina if it would not make your balance dip below 25. You can re-deposit withdrawn stamina into your virtual account by eating the apple items.

Other Stamina Related Commands

If another player is stamina banned (died with 0 stamina), you can spend 5 stamina to /revive [name] to transfer the amount to their account. This only works when their balance is negative. If nobody revives a player, they will still be unbanned the next day due to their normal login stamina bringing them back above 0.

To fuel a prison pearl with stamina, hold the pearl, and type /repair (full) or /repair [limited # of stamina]. You can also type /siege [list of names separated by spaces] to choose to spend up to 5 stamina a day to drain 2.5 stamina of fuel from pearled friends. See Siege for more information.

/main will change which account the server thinks is your "main" account, which is where your login stamina will go when any of your accounts logs on.