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Tweet's skin upon joining- claimed the crown was from ruling a small nation on Civcraft 2.0. He later added a viking helmet.
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsStateless / Dead
Known For
  • ESTA Onboard Partner
  • Defecting to Ansgar, attempting to defect back to Norlund
  • Viking Modular
  • Producing propaganda books and out-of-game media
Main ResidenceThe End
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played onCivcraft 2.0
CivRealms 2.0

Tweetabix, also known as Tweet Biscuits, was a Player who joined CivRealms 2.0 on 10 April 2020, during the great Covid-19 crisis of 2020. He claimed not to have played Minecraft, aside from the occasional Overcast Network match [1], for over 6 years. As such, he struggled to use Discord and struggled to understand modern Civ culture.

Tweetabix liked to try and use the game in new ways, including developing minigames, creating the Viking Modular building code, which he described as "The server's most oppressive". He had been a member of both Norlund and Yggdrasil, but was exiled from both in time. He is currently dead and does not intend to return.

Name Country Dates Notes
Viking of Ansgar Yggdrasil 12 May 2020 - 30 July 2020 Joined as a dual cantonal citizen within Norlund, became solely citizen of independent Ansgar 6 June 2020.

Was exiled and refused to leave, being killed by King Grettir on 30 July.

Norlund Rocks CEO Norlund Never opened to the public
Kannin ESTA Onboard Operator Norlund 27 May 2020 - 6 June 2020 In collaboration with Tritonio of CivCorp
Citizen Norlund Flag.png Norlund 17 April 2020 - 6 June 2020 Arrived 10 April. Citizenship stripped 6 June on Discord (but remained on NameLayer groups for a few days)

Attempted to rejoin during July but only attained Residency and not Citizenship.


Tweetabix's username is a pun based on his two favourite things, the social network Twitter and the breakfast cereal Weetabix. His Reddit username is TweetBiscuits, a pun on "wheat biscuits".


Norlund Recruit

Tweetabix's house in Kannin, completed 18 April 2020

Tweetabix joined CivRealms for the first time on 10 April 2020. Immediately having asked in chat for a nation to join, Antea4204 invited him to join Norlund. He then rented an apartment in Kannin city centre from Cirex22. By the end of the first two days he had begun constructing a house in then-derelict West Kannin, because as a Recruit he did not yet have full access to Norlund's bastion network. Early on he worked for King Terry, laying snitches around Norlund and testing defensive mechanisms. He also got to know Pope Leobenet, who converted him to Vatican Papalism. He realised the strategic location of his new property and built it as a mixed use development with a shop front as well as a residential entrance.

On 15 April 2020, Tweet participated in the official opening of the Norlund Supreme Court, built by SirBoss. During the drinking session that followed, both Tweet and SirBoss fell into Kannin Lake, which at the time was not fenced off. King Terry personally rescued both players. Tweet realised the only way to walk straight was to ride a horse, and so mounted his horse, Hurr I'm a Hoers (recently given to him by Sixx), for the rest of the evening. During this evening, Sixx, King Terry and Tweet raced around Kannin, Veria and Tallum by horse, and discussed the creation of an international horse derby in Norlund.

King Terry made Tweet a Norlund Citizen on 17 April 2020.

On 18 April 2020, Tweet drowned whilst assisting SirBoss in the creation of Kannin Pier. His bed didn't work which gave him an opportunity to see some other parts of the server for the first time. He got back to Kannin in time for the official opening of the pier and to finish his house.

On 20 April 2020, Raptor vouched for Tweet to enter CivCorp, and on 23 April he visited CivCorp for the first time, describing it as “mighty” and “a real feat.” He also visited Varathia to purchase picks for himself and Antea.

Norlund Citizen

On 26 April, Tweet started supporting CivRealms on Patreon and got an aqua nick. Soon after this Tweet came up with the idea for Norlund Rocks. During a trip to CivCorp on 2 May, he joined Tritonio’s Maze club as part of his research into existing minigames and started a CivMint account for the first time. On 3 May, Tweet asked Pope Leobenet to say a prayer before he enchanted some boots. Having done so, Tweet then got Feather Falling on the boots. This is said to be an ecumenical moment for him.

On 10 May Tweet travelled to Zen to participate in the first Altercation at the Altar as further minigame research. The Pope warned him not to do so. Tweet was defeated in less than 30 seconds by MSPaintDaily, who was himself eliminated mere seconds later.

Joining Ansgar Vikings

On 12 May, Tweet did some terraforming in Ansgar for Sir Grettir, and later commented that all the stam the Vikings paid him to dig was recycled into the Viking XP Shop so he could repair his tools. Coincidentally and unrelated to this jibe, it was on this day Jarl Shamus invited him to become a Viking. Tweet chose the Old Norse name of Orvar Kiks, meaning Arrow Biscuits. Initially Tweet struggled with being a Viking as it meant abandoning the Christian Faith.


On 16 May, Tweet announced he had broken his computer trying to do upgrades on it. This resulted in a 2 week period of limited activity, with his house in Kannin surrounded by a quarantine tape warning players not to enter, lest they catch Computerovirus themselves.

During this period, Tweet stuck to the West Kannin area, focusing on beautifying the run down area just as SirBoss completed the Kannin Grand Central Station district of West Kannin. It was at this point Tweet started trying to sell his house for 15-20 stam valued by “an un-independent adjudicator” who remains suspiciously anonymous. SirBoss also gave him a shop in the new station area in exchange for helping to dig it out.

On 29 May, one day after completing the Onboard exchanges, Tweet announced he was clear of computerovirus. One day later, he built a Viking Helmet atop Kannin Castle to celebrate the ascension of Shamus, Jarl of Ansgar, to the throne of all of Norlund. He then completed the outer shell of the "Norlund Rocks" climbing centre and began building the inside climbing wall, with a view to opening the centre in time for Kannin's upcoming Carrot Festival.

The Secession of Ansgar

Tweetabix's house in Kannin, in the process of being rebuilt at Amerssingen, Ansgar.

On 2 June, Tweet realised that the amount of building materials he was hoarding were struggling to fit in the limited storage space at his house, even if he moved some into the shops and climbing centre. He decided to exercise his right as a dual cantonal citizen to build a base in the Ansgar canton, and built a huge wooden barrel near the Dutch city of Vlaardingen. This build was entirely unrelated to the coming Secession, as Tweet was not privvy to the inner workings of the Ansgar independence movement.

Over the next few days, politics in Norlund became much more complex and Tweet, being a citizen of Kannin as well as a Viking as well as knowing a bit about surveys, ended up as a deputation for the Ansgar rebels. During this time Tweet, as a Kannin citizen and Ansgar deputation, stepped up to the mark in order to ensure that the wording of a referendum form between Ansgar and Norlund as to the ownership of Kannin created "the best deal for Kannin citizens."

The Kannin Referendum Debate

A lengthy Discord debate began between Tweetabix and SirBoss on one side, representing Ansgar Vikings with a stake in Kannin, and Norlish government officials Groxlord and GetSkinny- neither of them Kannin residents. Tweet argued for:

  • the inclusion of a third option which would allow Kannin citizens to vote for something other than membership of either state. Despite this option's inclusion in the original proposal, Skinny wouldn't budge on removing it and Tweet wouldn't budge on including it. This significantly lengthened and intensified the debate. Tweet argued that the word "Abstain" would imply dismissal or non-involvement and would effectively disenfranchise people who may have preferred to vote for "another option".
  • exclusion of dual citizens from the Kannin referendum, arguing this was against the Norlund constution. This would disenfranchise Okx, who was gathering support in a private "Kannin" Discord server.
  • disputed several opinion-based points made by the opposition as attempts at slandering Ansgar's independence efforts.
  • Asked for a recess in the debate as Skinny refused to allow Tweet to go to sleep at 3AM UK time. Instead SirBoss was substituted.
SirBoss, when replacing Tweet overnight, successfully argued for the inclusion of Cirex22 and Edward Renhorn in the eligible voters register, believing they would be sympathetic to Ansgar's cause. Skinny thanked observer Gjum for his time- but not Boss or Tweet.
Goodness, it's not even 9am and Norlund are already using logical fallacies against us. -Sir Boss
As the debate continued through the next day Tweet argued for the inclusion of Tawa on the census, and for Groxlord to stop commenting in the Norlund discord on the ongoing case which he considered pre-campaigning. In particular Grox talked a lot about the Kran Plate going missing and the Viking Helmet. Ironically Tweet learned later that the Kran Plate had in fact been interfered with by the Vikings but he had not been informed of this prior to the debate.

When the referendum began Tweet began to campaign for Ansgar and the New Norlish Government decided this made him a traitor to the new state and stripped him of his citizenship- though, notably, this had never been a stipulation during the referendum debate, and it would have been difficult for Tweet to campaign at all during the referendum debate. Tweet, now riding astride his second horse, Scream Til Ur Hoarse, then distributed a book written before the referendum debate began describing the events as he saw it: The Secession of Ansgar, Volume One, in game titled "Secession Vol 1". Norlish government officials described the book as defamatory, untrue, and a work of the Ansgar state, but Tweet maintained that although the book has been read by the Vikings, they had no part in its writing, although it is worth noting that it was written inside the Longhouse bunker and printed on the Vlaardingen press. Tweet later added a cover to the book in Saren's Roleplay Pack.

About one day into the referendum, the Vikings decided that arguing with the New Norlund Government was becoming more effort than it was worth and realised that the rest of the server, including Kannin citizens, had become tired of the situation. The two parties effectively resolved the situation by the signing of a peace treaty which ceded Kannin land to the new Republic. Tweet was not happy about this as he felt all his work keeping the peace while trying to get a better deal for Kannin was lost.

Although Tweetabix often planned to write Volume Two, describing the Referendum and, later, the Bush War and its fallout, he never did. He moved his Kannin house to Amerssingen in Ansgar, a museum-perfect replica almost to the block. 10 days after the secession, Antea, then a faithful Norlish Guard but remaining sympathetic to Tweet, removed the un-reinforced Viking helmet from Kannin Castle- one of the key talking points in the referendum debate. Norlund also developed a new Kran.


With the rebrand of Ansgar to Yggdrasil, Tweet began to explore options for a semi-retirement. One option was to transition to a more regular presence at CivCorp, developing a mixed use residential, commercial and leisure facility in plot A3. However this plot, rented from TWINKIEminer, was later lost as Tweet and Joseph focused their efforts back on home turf.

He also competed in the second Altercation at the Altar at Zen, as a representative of the new state.

After this he attended the Alexandrian Victory Party, his first time in the south of the map. Antea was there, and was soon to join Yggdrasil as part of the Secession of Yoslan from Norlund.

Joseph constructed a replica Twin Towers in Yggdrasil, and gave Tweet a penthouse in the North Tower for helping with the build and providing some materials (specifically, mooshrooms). Tweet moved what little valuables he had into the penthouse and began construction on a small patch of land he had been granted north of the Towers. He also wrote two books, the Viking Modular Manifesto and Regulations. Shamus, now in semi retirement himself, urged Tweet to write a new book about Norlund.

The Construction of Xanadu

At the end of June, Tweet started to tire of the politics he had been a part of for over a month. He decided to leave every one of the CivRealms-related Discord servers he was in in order to focus on the construction of his final project, the town of Xanadu. This town was initially described as "the VM" informally by Yggdrasil members, because it was the first to use the Viking Modular code. However King Gray and others thought that by leaving Discord Tweet wanted to attack Norlund and sent a message to Norlund members saying that Tweet was going to attack them, stripping him of all the NameLayer access in Yggdrasil.

Tweet was distraught and had to beg to be let back into Yggdrasil, explaining it was a misunderstanding. However as part of this process he had to promise to build just a 79x79 area and hand over the groups to Joseph at the end of the month. Joseph also expressed a desire to leave a few weeks later and was not made to agree to similar terms. Tweet once again was able to continue building the VM town which he began to refer to as Xanadu, after the grand estate of Citizen Kane. However after his reinstatement as Valkyrie, King Gray created a new rank above that, the High Council, and soon almost everyone in Yggdrasil was on the new Council, but for Tweet and a number of dual citizens. Soon the role of Valkyrie was removed and Tweet lost all political influence within Yggdrasil.

The Norlundic Bush War

Tweet was left out of the Norlundic Bush War almost entirely. Overnight Joseph, Grettir and Shamus attacked Norlish infrastructure after Blackwater started to get stuck in, but Tweet was asleep. The next day he ventured into Norlish territory and ended up in a fight with Okx (via Okx alt “Awardable”). Tweet was under-prepared and just about managed to reach the border of Yggdrasil alive, where Antea met the pair and scared Okx off.

After this a peace conference was held in Tallum to crown the new Kings of both nations- King Leo in Norlund and King Grettir in Yggdrasil. Also due to the location of Xanadu on the border with Tallum, Tweet started talking to Pope/King Leo and friends in Tallum once again. As peace was achieved he asked to regain his Norlund citizenship, since GetSkinny was no longer a part of the Norlish government and his friend Leo was King, he thought this an improvement.

Tweet hired an apprentice, Plaxcaster, and pledged to give him at least 100 of his remaining stamina if Plax helped Tweet build Xanadu for a week before he retired. He attended confessions with Pope Leo and spoke openly about how he felt his end was coming and wondered would he still be able to get into Heaven after writing such a heretical book in which he dismissed God in favour of Odin.

However a DM with KannonKyle was leaked to Yggdrasil wherein Tweet expressed that he wanted to secede and bring Xanadu over the border to join Norlund again. Yggdrasil once again started complaining about Xanadu and said that because Tweet had expanded the town to include a border wall it was breaching their earlier agreement. In truth, the rest of Yggdrasil had never much liked Viking Modular and always wanted Tweet to destroy it. Tweet insisted that Xanadu would be his legacy.

Tweet refused to cede to the demands on Xanadu and was exiled. He would not cede his NameLayer groups, or destroy any of his constructions. After saying goodbye to his beloved horse, A Disturbance In The Horse, Tweet met with the new King of Yggdrasil, Sir Grettir, to submit to his final execution while Antea looked on.

The End.



On 25 April Tweet asked King Terry for planning permission to build a tower in Kannin. On 26 April he pondered if there was a way to “use a chest like a locker room in a gym.” After the death of Terry and subsequent wave of bureaucracy, Tweet claimed to have taken inspiration from Albert Dryden and began constructing the tower anyway. In this he was assisted by the Pope’s prayers, Koojkii who donated a good deal of terracotta, and KannonKyle who became a key investor. On 4 May Tweet worried that Crimeo’s piston chunk limit might imperil the infant project, which relies on sticky pistons to work. However, this was resolved and on 9 May Tweet suggested the possible future expansion of the Rocks franchise to other cities, or a dedicated theme park, and a publicity event titled “Rumble at the Rock.” The Rocks centre is not yet open to the public.

Following the Secession of Ansgar the future of the Rocks Centre became uncertain, although it would be legal for Tweet to run it under the terms of the Peace Treaty. However, on 20 June Tweet returned to find that the centre had been completely razed to the ground.

After the presentation of proof, former assistant to the project bhieex3 admitted to having taken the building down without consulting Tweet- technically a violation of the Peace Treaty. However Tweet instead asked bhieex to "pay reps" by helping build the World Trade Centre in Yggdrasil.


In May, Mirakles invited Tweetabix to the Civcraft Museum Server, where he recalled an old project from the Commonwealth on Civcraft 2.0, the Footgolem Stadium. Mirakles agreed to start a pumpkin farm in order to host footgolem games in modern day Norlund. Mirakles also expressed an interest in building a holiday park and it is possible this and the theme park could become the same project.


Also during May, Tweet began to experiment with a new form of building code he named Viking Modular, after Bjarke Ingels’ VM Buildings in Copenhagen. He said that the “idea is to create the most repressive building code in CivRealms, creating perfect modular housing.” Currently two versions of VM are in development, one based around 3x3 units and one based around 5x5 units.

The week of Yggdrasil's inception, Tweet began to scout a location- at last- for the VM building project.


When Tritonio expressed interest in expanding his Onboard exchanges Tweetabix invited him to Kannin to build exchanges with him there. This enables long-distance remote currency exchange between Kannin and CivCorp, backed up by Tweetabix and Tritonio. Tweet charges a fee for his end of the service. To publicise the new exchanges, Tweet ran a raffle in that one random early customer of the Exchange would receive a much higher amount of ESTA than they paid in Stamina.

Tweet closed the Kannin Onboards when Ansgar seceded. The station shop was sold to Antea. He intends to open Onboards elsewhere.

Media (old)

Tweet makes comics about the goings-on of the North West and has uploaded a handful of videos.

One subreddit post made over 70 points.

He also made a blue advertisement for Esorscher.

  • 15 April - comic - Drunk on the Docks
  • 28 April - comic - Trial of Rossy2013
  • 29 April - comic - Long Live the King
  • 10 May - video - 26 Seconds of Altercation at the Altar
  • 14 May - video - Semper Victorius (recording from 15 April)
  • 19 May - comic - Shamus for King
  • 21 May - comic - Holding out for a Hero
  • 22 May - comic - Norlund Group Pic
  • NorlundGroupDoodle.png
  • Norlundnames.jpg
  • DrunkDocks.jpg
  • RenhornRossy.jpg
  • TerryDead.jpg
  • KingShamus.jpg
  • BossOkx1.jpg
  • BossOkx2.jpg

Bibliography (In Game)

In Game Title Full Title CLA Number Availability Notes Online Viewer Link Ghostwriter File
Onboard Guide V1 Onboard Guide Version 1 NA Kannin/ on request NA Yes
Secession Vol 1 The Secession of Ansgar, Volume One 930 Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries NA Yes
VM Handbook 1: Manifesto Viking Modular Building Code Handbook Volume 1: The Manifesto Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries Yes
VM Handbook 2: Regulations Viking Modular Building Code Handbook Volume 2: The Regulations Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries Also available in a more detailed form as a PDF Yes


Internal of the Tweetabarrel


  • The Tweetabarrel, nr. Vlaardingen. A huge wooden barrel on the shoreline for storage. A pipe system is used for access from Norvansgard, Amerssingen, and the Polder of Vlaardingen.
  • Kannin House reconstructed in Amerssingen.
  • Penthouse in World Trade Centre, Yggdrasil
  • Xanadu


  • Tweetabix rented an apartment from Cirex22 when he arrived in Norlund, but Cirex has never asked for further rent payments.
  • Tweet's house in West Kannin is a mixed use three storey development with ocean views and unparalleled transport links. It features a roof garden, a ground floor shop entrance, a horse stable, and a retractable balcony window.
  • Norlund Rocks Kannin Tower- unlawfully destroyed by bhieex3 following Peace Treaty.
  • SirBoss also gave Tweet the residence of a shop in the Station District of West Kannin in which he runs a small Onboard machine and several shopchests. Now owned by Antea.
  • Bhieex gave Tweet shop space at the Carrot Cracke, also in West Kannin, where Tweet runs a larger Onboard machine.

Politics (old)

Infrastructural views

Tweetabix favoured keeping the Norlish tax system, citing politicians such as Clement Attlee and Tony Benn, whose “state not charity” mantra led to the funding of the British NHS.

He believes Civs should prioritise rail transport over horse transport, which is more readily accessible for wealthy players and creates inequality.
If its anything like IRL though, the leafy suburbs (not sure where they are in Norlund tbh) will decide they will be using boats to get everywhere and commandeer more than their fair share of public money for the construction of roads on which to ride their chelsea tractors, sorry boats
However Tweet has also supported private railway tunnels for competition purposes.

Tweet supports density in buildings, saying there is no need for Civs to replicate the unsustainable Y-axis based suburban model of American cities, especially when Gold Lifts make it more efficient to travel vertically than horizontally.

Started the Verian Big Diggers Union out of protest of volunteering to dig in Veria’s “big dig” station build but not having bastion access- and therefore being subject to unsafe working conditions.



After the death of King Terry, Ahrimanne approached Tweetabix to breed a rabbit king. King Theodore IV was successfully bred in a secret Norlund location and presented to the public on 30 April, when Tweet gave a speech parodying Ronald Reagan’s famous age wisecrack:
I am not worried about that Old Man Mammoth being a tyrant. No, I am worried because he is old! I am worried that he will die on the throne in a matter of weeks, and then we shall have the second great constitutional crisis of our lifetimes. What Norlund needs is stability. A King that all can trust. A King that all can physically look up to, a King that is, always, always online and never Logs Off. A King that is not a thinker, but a doer, a doer of great jumps and squeaks, a King who understands exactly what our principle export, the humble Carrot, means to us Norls. A King... that is a Rabbit.
Tweet then proceeded to paint carrots onto quotes of Eamon de Valera, first President of Ireland.

Soon after Jarl Shamus repaired the blast furnace, Tweet decided an active King was better than a constitutional figurehead and began to support Shamus for King.


I just went out for a bike ride, had to cross this horrible dual carriageway and there was a box in the middle probably dropped off a lorry or something. i squinted to look at it and tried to press middle mouse to zoom like with optifine

bread and cats, land and freedom, posts and cereal… these are the demands of Tweet Biscuits

Twinkie, what a daft name, literally who would name themselves after a food stuff