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Tweet's new skin based on Sean Connery in Highlander
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsStateless
Known For
Main ResidenceThe End
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played onCivcraft 2.0

CivRealms 2.0


Tweetabix, also known as Tweet Biscuits, was a Player who initially played on CivCraft in 2013. After many years away, he arrived in CivRealms during the 2020 Covid lockdown.

He created a new skin for CivReign, but is yet to play it following the launch issues. He can currently be found playing Tritonio's new server, Amalthea, which is not a Civ server.


Tweetabix's username is a pun based on his two favourite things, the social network Twitter and the breakfast cereal Weetabix. His Reddit username is TweetBiscuits, a pun on "wheat biscuits".

History (CivRev3)

On CivRev3, Tweet spawned in Africa. Janet called for him to meet her at the desert biome, which soon became Ma Kapesi. Tweet was therefore the second citizen of this, the most active nation on CivRev3.

History (CivReign)

There can be only one!

With his head still attached to his shoulders, Tweetabix was reborn for CivReign.

History (CivRealms)

Tweetabix's skin on CivRealms was the same as used ten years ago

Norlund Recruit

Tweetabix's house in Kannin, completed 18 April 2020

Tweetabix joined CivRealms for the first time on 10 April 2020. Antea4204 invited him to join Norlund. He then rented an apartment in Kannin city centre from Cirex22. By the end of the first two days he had begun constructing a house in then-derelict West Kannin. Early on he worked for King Terry, laying snitches around Norlund and testing defensive mechanisms. He also got to know Pope Leobenet, who converted him to Vatican Papalism. Utilising its strategic location, his property was a mixed use development with a shop front as well as a residential entrance.

On 15 April 2020, Tweet participated in the official opening of the Norlund Supreme Court, built by SirBoss. During the drinking session that followed, both Tweet and SirBoss fell into Kannin Lake, which at the time was not fenced off. King Terry personally rescued both players. (Video)

King Terry made Tweet a Norlund Citizen on 17 April. On 18 April, Tweet drowned whilst assisting SirBoss in the creation of Kannin Pier. His bed didn't work which gave him an opportunity to see some other parts of the server for the first time. He got back to Kannin in time for the official opening of the pier and to finish his house.

On 20 April 2020, Raptor vouched for Tweet to enter CivCorp, and on 23 April he visited CivCorp for the first time, describing it as “mighty” and “a real feat.” He also visited Varathia to purchase picks for himself and Antea.

Norlund Citizen

Tweet wanted to go into business. He declared he would build a Norlund Rocks climbing gym in Kannin, and began to research existing minigames. During a trip to CivCorp on 2 May, he joined Tritonio’s Maze club as part of his research into existing minigames and started a CivMint account. On 10 May Tweet travelled to Zen to participate in the first Altercation at the Altar as further minigame research. Tweet was defeated in less than 30 seconds by MSPaintDaily, who was himself eliminated mere seconds later. (Video)

On 12 May, Tweet did some terraforming for Sir Grettir in Ansgar, a canton north of Kannin where the Vikings lived. Shamus invited him to become a Viking, an increasingly powerful group within Norlund.

Computerovirus and CivMint

On 16 May, Tweet announced he had broken his computer trying to do upgrades on it. This resulted in a 2 week period of limited activity, with his house in Kannin surrounded by a quarantine tape warning players not to enter. During this period, Tweet stuck to the West Kannin area, focusing on beautifying the run down area just as SirBoss completed the Kannin Grand Central Station district of West Kannin. SirBoss gave him a shop in the new station area in exchange for helping to dig it out.

When Tritonio expressed interest in expanding his Onboard exchanges, Tweetabix invited him to Kannin to build exchanges with him there, in a space he obtained in bhieex's Carrot Crack. This enables long-distance remote currency exchange between Kannin and CivCorp, backed up by Tweetabix and Tritonio. Tweet charges a fee for his end of the service. To publicise the new exchanges, Tweet ran a raffle in that one random early customer of the Exchange would receive a much higher amount of ESTA than they paid in Stamina.

On 30 May, Tweet built a Viking Helmet atop Kannin Castle to celebrate the ascension of Shamus, Jarl of Ansgar, to the throne of all of Norlund. He then completed the outer shell of the "Norlund Rocks" climbing centre and began building the inside climbing wall, with a view to opening the centre in time for Kannin's upcoming Carrot Festival.

At this point, Tweetabix held the following properties in and around the Norlund capital:

  • House/ Shop, Main road into West Kannin
  • Boutique at Kannin Grand Central Station
  • Franchised CivMint Exchange at Carrot Crack, Kannin
  • Apartment, Central Kannin
  • Norlund Rocks gym, Central Kannin

Tweet was much liked at this point within Norlund for his drawings and videos.

The Secession of Ansgar

Internal of the Tweetabarrel

On 2 June, Tweet was struggling for storage space in Kannin. He built a new base in the Ansgar canton, and built a huge wooden barrel near the Dutch city of Vlaardingen. This build was entirely unrelated to the coming Secession, as Tweet was not privvy to the inner workings of the Ansgar independence movement.

The leaders of the Viking canton of Ansgar declared a split from the nation of Norlund. The new Ansgar government claimed that, because they had invested so much of their own resources into neighbouring Kannin, they should be able to claim it as part of their new territory. The New Norlund Government would not secede their capital, so a Referendum was proposed. Tweetabix had a foot in both camps, being a citizen of Kannin as well as a Viking, ended up as a deputation for the Ansgar rebels. He wanted to ensure that the wording of the Ansgar-Kannin referendum form ensured a good outcome for Kannin citizens.

The Kannin Referendum Debate

A tortuous 24-hour Discord debate began between Tweetabix and SirBoss on one side, representing Ansgar Vikings with a stake in Kannin, and Norlish government officials Groxlord and GetSkinny. Tweet argued for:

  • the inclusion of a third option which would allow Kannin citizens to vote for something other than membership of either state. Despite this option's inclusion in the original proposal, Skinny wouldn't budge on removing it and Tweet wouldn't budge on including it. This significantly lengthened and intensified the debate. Tweet argued that the word "Abstain" would imply dismissal or non-involvement and would effectively disenfranchise people who may have preferred to vote for "another option".
  • exclusion of dual citizens from the Kannin referendum, arguing this was against the Norlund constution. This would disenfranchise Okx, who was gathering support in a private "Kannin" Discord server.
  • disputed several opinion-based points made by the opposition as attempts at slandering Ansgar's independence efforts.
  • Skinny refused to allow Tweet to go to sleep at 3AM UK time. Instead SirBoss was substituted.

    Goodness, it's not even 9am and Norlund are already using logical fallacies against us. SirBoss

Tweetabix published this video during the debate.

About one day into the referendum, the more senior Vikings tired of arguing with the New Norlund Government. The two parties effectively resolved the situation by the signing of a peace treaty which ceded Kannin land to the new Republic.

Tweetabix's house in Kannin, in the process of being rebuilt at Amerssingen, Ansgar.
Results of the Secession:
  • Tweetabix was stripped of Norlund citizenship and lost access to his Kannin properties.
  • Tweet was named a Valkyrie, an inner circle of Vikings that led the new Yggdrasil.
  • Antea (at the time on the Norlund side) removed the viking helmet Tweet had built on Kannin Castle.
  • Vikings were removed from Norlund NameLayers.
  • Norlund introduced a new version of the Kran currency, due to Viking interference with the old Kran master-plate.
  • Norlunder bhieex destroyed Norlund Rocks by 20 June, and it was later replaced by a mansion for Lord Grox.
  • Tweet wrote a book called The Secession of Ansgar, Vol 1. Norlish officials called it defamatory, Shamus encouraged its printing. A second volume was never released.
  • Tweet moved his Kannin house block-by-block to Amerssingen, an area of Ansgar on the cliff above Vlaardingen.
  • Tweetabix, tired from arguing and dissappointed by the concessions, considered retirement from CivRealms.
  • Ansgar acquired new land south of Norlund's Tallum and, after merging with Solaria, became Yggdrasil.
  • Gray of Solaria became the new King of Yggdrasil, with Shamus as his right hand man. Shamus concentrated on building the vault Asgard.


Tweet, now solely a Viking citizen of Yggdrasil, competed in the second Altercation at the Altar at Zen, as a representative of the new state. (Video)

After this he attended the Alexandrian Victory Party, his first time in the south of the map. Antea was there, and was soon to join Yggdrasil as part of the Secession of Yoslan from Norlund. (Video)

Tweetabix, Joseph and other Vikings invested their time digging out and building the great vault of Asgard. Joseph, constructor of Vlaardingen and later King of Yggdrasil, constructed a replica Twin Towers near Asgard, and gave Tweet a penthouse in the North Tower for helping with the build and providing some materials. Tweet moved what little valuables he had into the penthouse and began construction on a small patch of land he had been granted north of the Towers, near Tallum and the Norlund border.

Viking Modular and Xanadu

Xanadu as seen from a minimap.

Tweet had been thinking about creating a new building code, which he named Viking Modular.

"the most repressive building code in CivRealms, creating perfect modular housing.”

He developed a new Modular Building Code, publishing two books in PDF and ingame form: the Viking Modular Manifesto and Regulations. This was inspired by the VM Houses of Copenhagen. Having acquired land from the new state, he began to develop the town of Xanadu, which would form a proof of concept for Viking Modular.

In VM terms, Xanadu was one "Superbloc" with a defensive wall (the addition of which later caused controversy in Yggdrasil). The south and south-west blocs were one level lower than the rest. Most of it was built in a Wooden style, with Stone roads. However the southern bloc featured a mini replica of the Twin Towers, which still worked in the VM code. The south-west bloc had a Nether style.

At the end of June, Tweet started to tire of politics. Overnight he left every CivRealms-related Discord server, in order to focus on the construction of his final project. Xanadu was initially described as "the VM" informally by Yggdrasil citizens, because it was the first to use the Viking Modular code. Because of the Discord leaving spree, King Gray and others thought that Tweetabix planned to attack Norlund and sent a message to Norlund members saying that Tweet was going to attack them, stripping him of all NameLayer access in Yggdrasil.

Tweet had to beg to be let back into Yggdrasil, explaining it was a misunderstanding. However as part of this process he had to promise to build just a 79x79 area and hand over the groups to Joseph at the end of the month. Tweet once again was able to continue building the VM town which he began to refer to as Xanadu, after the grand estate of Citizen Kane. However after his reinstatement as Valkyrie, King Gray created a new rank above that, the High Council, and soon almost everyone in Yggdrasil was on the new Council, but for Tweet and a number of dual citizens. Soon the role of Valkyrie was removed and Tweet lost all political influence within Yggdrasil.

The Norlundic Bush War

Tweet was not consulted or involved with the Norlundic Bush War. Overnight Joseph, Grettir and Shamus attacked Norlish infrastructure alongside Blackwater. The next day, Tweetabix ventured into Norlish territory and ended up in a fight with Okx. Tweet was under-prepared and just about managed to reach the border of Yggdrasil alive, where Antea met the pair and warned Okx away.

A peace conference was held in Tallum's Vatican City to crown the new Kings of both nations- King Leobenet of Norlund and King Grettir of Yggdrasil. As Xanadu was so close to the Norlund border and Leo's Vatican City, Tweet and his former Pope, Leo, began to talk again. Tweetabix soon asked to regain his Norlund citizenship, on condition that GetSkinny was no longer a part of the Norlish government.

Tweet hired an apprentice, Plaxcaster, and pledged to give him at least 100 of his remaining stamina if Plax helped Tweet build Xanadu for a week before he retired. He attended confessions with Pope Leo and spoke openly about how he felt his end was coming.

Leaked message with Norlund PM led to execution

Tweetabix messaged KannonKyle, saying that he wanted to secede and bring Xanadu over the border to join Norlund again. KannonKyle then leaked this message to Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil started complaining about Xanadu and said that because Tweet had expanded the town to include a border wall it was breaching their earlier agreement. In truth, the rest of Yggdrasil had never much liked the Viking Modular idea and always wanted Tweet to destroy it. Tweet insisted that Xanadu would be his legacy.

Tweet refused to cede to the demands on Xanadu and was exiled. He would not cede his NameLayer groups or constructions. After saying goodbye to his beloved horse, Tweet met with the King Grettir to submit to his final execution, with Antea as witness.

The End.

Tweetabix's Pearl was held in the vault of Asgard, which he, with the other Vikings, had helped to dig. Months later, Norlund and Yggdrasil actually allied with other Northern nations against Blackwater and the U.S.A, who spent some time trying to crack Asgard. A number of Norls actually gave their lives to defend this vault. Eventually after around a month, it fell, and the fighting moved on to the Heaven vault. The nations of Norlund and Yggdrasil never recovered.

History (CivCraft 2.0)

[Redacted Asian Town]

In the summer of 2013, the player now known as Tweetabix brought a group of Project Ares / Overcast Network players into CivCraft following an forum thread. They established the small city state of [redacted], named after the Overcast map and its sequels. It was a peaceful place for a while, with an Asian style of construction.

The inhabitants built their leader a statue made of stone. Some thought it was an eyesore, some liked it. So a spleef arena was built, and two members- one for and one against, spleefed for it. The for side won and the statue stayed... for a while.

Unfortunately the town was griefed mercilessly, and with little understanding of reinforcement, the wool and wood heavy town was burned to the ground. The inhabitants regrouped and designed and built a new underground town. Unfortunately this was tunnelled into and destroyed as well, and the Overcast followers lost heart and resigned from Civcraft.


After some time digging a hole for pay in a forgotten nation, Tweet ended up a regular citizen of Commonwealth. Destitute, he holed up in a tiny, frost-bitten cave in the slum district of Ironside. Nevertheless, he became one of the first Commonwealth citizens to invest in a fully-tuned piano, designed and built by GTAIVisBest.

Later, he began to construct a Retirement Home for Civvers near the Shopside District. In order to raise funds for this project, he built a Footgolem Stadium, in which two players compete to hit snow golems into goals using snowballs.


Tweet makes comics and videos.


  • 15 April - comic - Drunk on the Docks
  • 28 April - comic - Trial of Rossy2013
  • 29 April - comic - Long Live the King
  • 10 May - video - 26 Seconds of Altercation at the Altar
  • 14 May - video - Semper Victorius (recording from 15 April)
  • 19 May - comic - Shamus for King
  • 21 May - comic - Holding out for a Hero
  • 22 May - comic - Norlund Group Pic
  • 23 June - video - That's why they call it the End
  • 30 June - comic - What are you in for?
  • norlund group doodle
    norlund group doodle
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    norlund group doodle with names
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    Carrot King pt2
  • What are you in for?
    What are you in for?


Tweetabix created a new skin based on Sean Connery's role in the film Highlander.



In Game Title Full Title CLA Number Availability Notes Online Viewer Link Ghostwriter File
Onboard Guide V1 Onboard Guide Version 1 NA Kannin/ on request NA Yes
Secession Vol 1 The Secession of Ansgar, Volume One 930 Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries NA Yes
VM Handbook 1: Manifesto Viking Modular Building Code Handbook Volume 1: The Manifesto Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries Yes
VM Handbook 2: Regulations Viking Modular Building Code Handbook Volume 2: The Regulations Yggdrasil / CivCorp/ CLA Libraries Also available in a more detailed form as a PDF Yes

The CivRealms books are available as Ghostwriter files.


The CivReign books will be available as Stendhal files.


"I had to cross this horrible dual carriageway and there was a box in the middle probably dropped off a lorry or something. i squinted to look at it and tried to press middle mouse to zoom like with optifine"

"bread and cats, land and freedom, posts and cereal… these are the demands of Tweet Biscuits"

"Twinkie, what a daft name, literally who would name themselves after a food stuff"