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A mole in cassock and surplice.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Nara
Main Residence11 Kitakansen Ave, Shiroyama, Nara
Former CitizenshipsNorlund
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms
Iterations played on

Norlish pastor & controversialist (CivRealms, March–May 2020)

Henderwicz roleplayed as pastor of St. Martin's Church, a small Reformed church in Tallum, Norlund; and as operator of North Star Books, a small publishing and printing house also based in Tallum.

He was author of several noted in-game books:

  • "Leobonet's Error" (Full title: The Errors of Pope Leobonet In Nine Headings, With Their Refutation.) A religious tract refuting the heterodox teachings of Pope Leobonet.
  • "Visitor's V0tgil" (Full title: A Visitor’s Vötgil Phrasebook For Travel & Trade Among the Yoslanders.) An English–Vötgil phrasebook for use in communication with the inhabitants of Yoslan.
  • "Norl.Ch.Arch.1/2" & "Norl.Ch.Arch.2/2" (Full title: The Church Architecture of the Kingdom of Norlund, An Introductory Guide.) This two-volume work featured brief appreciations and detailed text-art plan and elevation views of five notable church buildings:
    • Irithyll Chapel (constructed by a little-documented ancient civilization);
    • Church of St. Euphemia, Laketown (Papist);
    • Church of St. Odilia, Kannin (Papist);
    • St. Martin's Church (Reformed);
    • Church of St. Adrian, Yoslan (Papist).

A volume of his collected sermons (two of which are still extant, here and here) was planned, but never released. Late in his career, he was often engaged in polemic against the Lucrum Church.

Naran builder & mapmaker (CivMC, January 2023–present)

Henderwicz is a member of the Naran Builders' Guild, and an active builder in Shiroyama.

In advance of the Seventh Olympics, he produced a hand-drawn street map of Shiroyama.