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Ravenist is a player who started on CivUniverse and was a citizen of Monument in the far northeast. He then joined CivClassic and was warmly welcomed to the Eon Empire by FE_Flags. When Eon became a dominion of Imperial Truidence he campaigned for Eon's second IT senate seat, promising his only goal is to be friendly. Ravenist tied with The_druid for the seat, but Druid conceded resulting in Ravenist officially becoming Eon's second IT senator. 5 days later he established the Eon clan, Limbo, whose goals are to promote friendly interactions with and between the other clans of Eon through fair trade, barter and collaborative projects, and to help clan members pursue personal growth.

Ravenist's Skin as of October 2021
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • IT Senator (Former)
  • Limbo's Clan Leader
  • CivRev Border Mapper
  • UNC Representative
Main ResidenceSanctum
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on


Project Stone

Monument's Constitution


Limbo Clan

  • A clan of Eon established by Ravenist.


Eon's Constitution



  • A nomadic one man nation with the goal of never breaking a block without the proper stone tool.

Southern Worldborder

  • An exploration of the CivRev southern worldborder.

Admin Island

  • A visit to Admin Island due to a brief glitch in the worldborder plugin allowing you to go past it.