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Avalon was a nation on CivRealms 2.0 that was formed in November 2020 by 4788888 (Salmon Dinner) and SenpaiSmasher.

"Today is a good day to die."
SadUmbrella takes The Creed of Avalon.
The flag of Avalon.
Activity levelHigh
Capital citySanctuary
SettlementsOysterhouse Fan Club
GovernmentThe Council of Friends
• Chancellors
4788888 and SenpaiSmasher0
• Praetors
audaciiity and SadUmbrella
Foundation date10 November 2020
MottoSi vis pacem, para bellum
National anthemGo Go Power Rangers



After nine months playing on CivRealms and following the end of the Great War, former Borealian Salmon Dinner decided to bring one of his longtime friends onto CivRealms, SenpaiSmasher0. Because the Borealian Socialist Republic was downsizing and his former mentor, BennyZ, was taking a break from CivRealms, Salmon Dinner thought that the end of the war brought with it the opportunity to create something new and different. Collecting the resources he had left over from the war, Salmon set up a temporary base of operations in the mountains of Napistan and waited for SenpaiSmasher to log in and join him.

On 10 November 2020, Salmon and SenpaiSmasher formally created the Council of Friends and began planning their nation. At first, they could not decide on a name, but after remembering an Arthurian legend about the mystical land of Avalon, SenpaiSmasher suggested the name to Salmon. The two agreed on it and began inviting more friends to join their group. At that time, the only stipulations were that the nation would be led by Salmon and SenpaiSmasher, and that their maxim was "Today is a good day to die." The group's focus would be on building, harvesting resources, mercenary work, eventually hosting fun events, and maintaining the server's health.

SenpaiSmasher0 Pearling Controversy

It is important to note that Because SenpaiSmasher had lost access to his previous account, Pumpernickle6767, he had to buy a fresh account to play with Salmon Dinner. When SenpaiSmasher first logged in, World Police mistakenly thought that he was someone else and Capri and 1drop pearled him as he walked towards Napistan. There was some drama between Salmon Dinner and the World Police for several days after the incident. However, the World Police and Avalon became allied afterwards and Salmon Dinner reconciled with the World Police.

The G.I. Generation

After the pearling controversy had been sorted out, Salmon Dinner and SenpaiSmasher continued to recruit close friends to the server. At first, he recruited members sparingly while still gathering enough materials to supply every new member with Protection IV Armor. The original members of Avalon are Salmon Dinner (4788888), SenpaiSmasher0, audaciiity, SadUmbrella, and Jace_bellerenn. This first group would later become known colloquially as The G.I. Generation among Avalonians. The G.I. Generation is responsible for setting up the framework of Avalon and navigating the spontaneous, evolving political climate following the Great War.

The Liberation of Boria

Six players stand in a marble temple taking a screenshot together.
Avalonians pose alongside the Borians following the Liberation of Boria.

On 23 November 2020, Kannon of Norlund and the Imperial Federation contacted Avalon to possibly hire them for a military contract. After agreeing on the details of the operation with Kannon and Caesar (Cassius_Flavius), Avalon decided to pursue the contract.


Needs to be completed.


On 28 November 2020, four Avalonians arrived in the New World and traveled to Boria to meet with independent volunteers on the contract. Under the command of Salmon Dinner, the group positioned itself just outside of Callisto, the home city of gordona22. CjTheking12345 then baited gordona22 into logging onto the server to fix a factory, and the group pearled him just outside of his bunker. audaciiity received the pearl and gordona was moved to a small bunker in Boria. Avalon stored gordona's armor, tools, and valuables in a chest alongside the pearl, allowing Caesar (Cassius_Flavius) to conduct diplomacy per the contract. Having fulfilled the contract, Avalon began sailing back to the Old World. The pearling of gordona22 would later be known as the Liberation of Boria by the members of the Imperial Federation. The rights of Borians were once more protected by the state and given access to equal opportunities as other IF members.

A video of the Liberation of Boria was posted by Salmon Dinner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDsGkSyJT8k


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Needs to be completed.


The Council of Friends

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Assassin's Creed

"Then take this armor, and through the powers of your fellow Brothers and Sisters of Avalon, let it be bound to your skin."

SadUmbrella takes the first Oath of Avalon.

Avalon takes heavy inspiration from the Assassin's Creed video game franchise in its military culture and training of new recruits. When a new member joins Avalon, they are required to take a creed in front of their fellows. At the end of this ceremony, and the new members is given a set of Protection IV Armor which the other members bind to their skin by punching it. The Creed, also known as the Oath of Avalon, has remained unchanged ever since Salmon Dinner and SenpaiSmasher first inducted SadUmbrella into Avalon.