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Confederation of Chanada
DemonymChanadian, Channer
Capital cityChanada Hub
• Governing Body
Chanadian Senate
Foundation date23 January 2015
Officially dissolved1 Novermber 2015
Succeeded byChanseatic State

Chanada, officially the Confederation of Chanada, was a transcontinental Confederation, situated at the crossroads between the Southwest and the Southeast of Civcraft 2.0. It encompassed the FAGT Sea, and bordered Beneshire and Abyssima to the North, The Isle of Arran and The KaiserinReich (CKR) to the West, and New Danzilonia, Little Latvia, Yoahtl, Atolia, Churchill, and Blackcrowne to the East.

The Chanadian Confederation proclaimed its statehood in January of 2015 and became the first unified Pan-Chan state on the server, encompassing all 4chan and 8chan states. The country was initially just a alliance organization but quickly turned into more of a Confederation, and has a higher degree of federalization as its predecessors. Chanada was founded during the brink of the Titan War, so Titan was not able to join until the war had ended.

Chanada's foremost religion and philosophy was Catpeterism, but during the Catpeter-Wulfkhaine War and Immelol's attempted secret merger of Chanada into the HKE, it collapsed with /Pol/ynesia renouncing it, leaving only Spazzy_Genius as the main practitioner of the religion. It was replaced by Christianity, of the Catholic and Orthodox varieties. Although Wulfkhaine later petered (lel) out and died as a city, the effect of the Catpeter War are still felt through /Pol/ynesia's rejection of the religion.

History of Chanada

Originally, it was more of an ideal, Chanada is a de jure alliance between the *chan cities, promising military protection and economic cooperation to each other. Each city is largely autonomous, mostly as there is no de facto government. Occasionally the nations get together in a Chan Meeting to discuss the future of the alliance and other moves in the realm of international affairs.

The first attempt at a united chanada was by Hanztu. HanTzu's diarchy, proposed control of the cities of Viridian, The International Islamic Republic of Intis -including Clacton-, Akihabara, and the city of Titan. HanTzu's rule over the majority of Chanada ended five days after his acquisition of Titan, sending hopes of permanent union into a limbo.

On the 13th of January, 2015, Camokool of Polynesia proposed the formation of a de facto Chanadian Union, and a thread was started on 8chan. The proposed Federal Government would consist of two representatives from each city and an elected speaker for Chanada. The elected speaker never materialized, although the plan to have two votes per city held true.

On the 25th of January a meeting in mumble involving many high ranking members of various factions and towns in Chanada, made a decision to unify Chanada under a common constitution, although no constitution was ever produced. Various attempts to bring a constitution into force have been met with failure.

However, it became clear in time as /V/iridian died, /A/kihabara declined, and Titan went six feet under that two votes per nation was unrealistic and not representative of the true power of nations. To bring attention to the issue, Immelol created the nation of Immelol Island, which prompted voting reform from bgbba, Sgt_Munter, Tigen, and others present at the time. In response to the new criteria created, which still stand, Atlas was stripped of its voting power, /A/kihabara lost one vote, /V/iridian had to reabsorb Immelol Island to retain its two votes, and Titan was stripped to one. This was later shrunk further, with only Tazmily, /K/ountry, and /Pol/ynesia having two votes and /A/kihabara having one, despite the increasing number of Chan states.

War and conflicts

The Titan war effected Chanada (mildly) as the alliance had just been formed. one year after the war, the question of why chanada did not get involved was asked by none other than ChrisChrispie himself, after seeing MonsieurWTF, he asked this question: "How involved was Chanada in the war? And why did Chanada at the time not come out in support of Titan." To which MonsieurWTF replied "Chanada was concious of the war and did have partial involvement, but not direct involvement to supporting or funding Titan HCF. The main reason Chanada never actively came into support for the war is that it would only lead to harassment against them, due to their close proximity and Titan being painful to siege."[1]

The Mir-Chanada War was a conflict that erupted in August 2015. It arose during a general time of tension for the server, where several lesser conflicts had left behind a desire for combat in the hearts of many. It was the second major war of 2015 since the Attack on Titan in March. For the main course of the war, with eradicating Mir from the land, Chanada had announced as a Chanadian victory. However, tensions post-fighting remained, and a 'proxy war of sorts' arouse. The war was officially called to an end after the collapse of Chanada (November 1st 2015).

The Wulfkain'ian Christians vs Catpeterists, and finally the Catpeter liberation armies (CLA) conflict/skirmishes can be found here on the Catpeter wiki page


On the 27th of October, Chanada saw the secession of 4 member states - 3 of which went on to form their own coalition, Tazmily (The new /v/ town), Titan (Old /b/ town and FAGT), Neverwhere (FAGT). Cian, which is predominantly a /bane/ town also seceded from the union. On November 1st, Chanada was officially dissolved, and the remaining territories granted independence, absorbed by Polynesia, or turned into protected homesteading land.

By the 1st of November, Chanada's eastern land was annexed by the newly formed Lux federation. The remaining western lands of chanada had also been annexed by ImmeRictig - the fuhrer of /pol/ynesia. The few remaining active states are under vessel of /pol/ynesia, are: Neustria, and Tygrus.

Former members of the Union

Nation Flag Join Date Representatives Votes Representing
/V/iridian Founder Arathalon No Votes /v/
/Pol/ynesia Polynesia Founder immerRichtig Two Votes /pol/
Akihabara Akihabara Founder Centipede777 One Vote /a/, /jp/
FAGT Founder rydenstrife Seceded N/A
Versailles / Tazmily Versailles Founder Joshjosh Seceded N/A
Spainland TheSavySJ No Votes Rick1011 and Friends
Kountry Kountry 4/13/2015 Syncrates Two Votes /k/
Tygrus Falloutman / The_bob_namg No Votes /tg/
Neustria 08/18/2015 Marxyz, Panzala No Votes French Channers
Atlas Unknown MobAction No Votes Nobody


Chanada was the first country within CivCraft to practice Catpeterism as its state religion. This would change, however, in May of 2015. A small civil war was fought within Chandada. Chanada does not currently have a state religion.

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