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Anguish was a nation formed at the start of the map directly north of Mir (then known as Charon) by former members of the town of Ruin on Devoted. They lived in peace with Mir for a significant amount of time despite being a mere 500 blocks away. The Mir-Anguish border was one of the most heavily fortified areas on the server despite not being a vault - both sides dug moats to bedrock and placed massive amounts of snitches along the border. However, despite this the borders were respected, no instances of conflict or griefing were ever recorded up until the Somber War when Anguish took the side of Lexington.

Flag of Anguish

When Anguish joined Lexington in the Somber war Mir also joined, on the side of Hjaltland, deeming themselves targets of Lexington/Anguish. Mir declared its intentions with a surprise attack on the Anguish vault - forces from Mir and Hjaltland broke the vault taking advantage of incomplete snitch coverage.

Some months later Anguish reclaimed the vault (Mir failed to maintain snitches in the vault and any grief was cleaned). For about a month Anguish and Lexington forces led strikes against the northern Mirian moat, never breaking it and losing several notable pearls in the process, including John Fairfax. Eventually Mir and Hjaltland launched a second attack on the vault, utilising Frensin's new sky bridge technique for the first time. The Anguish vault was broken and properly disabled this time.

Various members of Anguish were pearled during the Somber War and most ended up in the Mir vault. Several months after the end of the war they were released on condition they pass all Anguish groups to Mir, thus forever ending any chance of reclaiming their land. This was done, both sides respected the deal and Anguish is now a part of the Mirian Star Empire. It has since been colonised by Mirian settlers.