Nox (Civcraft 2.0)

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The Kingdom of Nox
A birds-eye view of the quaint town of Nox (Vault blacked out for security measures)
Location+,- Quadrant (1438, -1103)
Activity levelAt one point around 15 people
• Leader
Foundation date2015
Preceded byLibertas

The Kingdom of Nox, formerly known as Libertas, was a nation ruled by Sintralin.

The Origins of Nox - Libertas

During the the Titan War, the town of Carson experienced a civil conflict of their own, one between a party consisting of The_Jakebob and Eldoorn, and the other containing Itaqi, clone2204, and cradragon (none of these three lived in Carson, however they were closely affiliated to the citizens, as they were actively aiding them in the Titan War). The argument was over the criminality of clone2204, who had been recently slated for the holding of catpeter.[1] The drama occurred when Eldoorn and Jakebob attacked clone on the CIC, who was defended by cradragon and Itaqi, bounties were then placed and arguments ensued.[2] With that, Jakebob and Eldoorn left Carson behind, and formed a new group dubbed "Libertas" with sintralin and XxTBxX3726.