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From the Featured Article

An overview of Anburon, Imperial Truidence's capital city.

Imperial Truidence was a monarchy and republic on CivClassic well known for their participation in the UDF and Nordic culture. Located near 0,0, the country was founded in 2019 with Emperor Bez being its leader, establishing a nation quickly in the marsh and forest area. It was accepted into the first iteration of the United Northern Congress and upon its collapse, was one of the founding members of the United Defensive Front along with nearby Icenia. Despite having several changes in government throughout its lifespan, the country remained a stable force within the region, and began to build military defense late within CivClassic’s life.

Despite being memed for the formation of a “frisbee”-like grass structure in its initial town, the country eventually constructed major builds including Coram Castle, St. Bez Cathedral, and Barad Dur. The country also controlled several other cities including Northland, Inis Moin, and Ban Ard. Since the beginning of the country, a religion was founded named Bezism, originally committing to serving a duty to serve the Truidencian state rather than the more mystic devotion it formed late into the server’s life. Today Imperial Truidence’s successor state, the Holy Truidencian Empire, is once again active on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Colorful buildings along the coast in Lambat.
  • CivMC made a major update, upgrading the server to 1.20.4. Although there were some minor bugs, the update went relatively smoothly. For a mods list & upgrade guide, check Mods.
  • Cokeandmentos was pearled after attempting a raid in Nassau. They were originally pearled after raiding in the Imperial Federation, and were sentenced in Winterbourne.
  • Highroll was pearled by Shadno after accidentally using a horse macro and entered Icenia's vault.
  • Truidencia would become active again after a year, focusing on building and constructing their capital.
  • Monument Bank is opening their eighth bank branch in Vinland.
  • Pacem introduced a new constitution with a Council of States.

What is Civ?

Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

We document these servers, the mechanics that drive them, and the rise and fall of their players and civilizations.


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