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Civtest Alpha
Basic Info
Start Date26 March 2020
End Date31 October 2020
Discord(Closed to messages) Civtest
Minecraft Version5.3 (Minetest version)

Civtest was a Civ server based in the free voxelgame Minetest. There was only an alpha version of the server, a full Civ release while planned never ended up happening.[1] The alpha launched 26 March 2020,[2][3] and went down 31 October 2020[4] initially only temporarily but the server never went back up.

Civtest Changelog

There were a few nations in Civtest such as:

Civtest based events:



  1. R3KoN (2021-08-26). “Hey everyone, somewhat belated but it's been a year since Civtest existed in any meaningful way, and it doesn't look like it'll be revived anytime soon, so there's some explaining to do. First we'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in the project in some way. I never thought Civtest would be good enough for people to actually play and contribute to, and it still surprises me that people post in ⁠<No Access> (even if it's just RIPs ). As the de-facto 'head' admin and dev of Civtest, real life has caught up to me and I don't have any free time (or headspace) to spearhead the project, and I likely never will. Game development is hard enough, let alone with administrative load on top of it. I'm sure the other devs feel this too. Therefore this will be a "final" update, at least until we have major news: -” – via Discord (#announcements). Civtest. Retrieved 2024-01-10.
  2. R3KoN (2020-03-26). “everyone The Civtest Alpha is here! 🥳 Server IP:, Port: 30000 (default) To connect, download the Minetest 5.1(.1) 5.3 client: Please read the Rules: Getting Started Guide (IMPORTANT): FAQ: See the reddit announcement: As usual, discussion goes in ⁠No Access. Put gameplay questions in ⁠No Access -- I (or someone else) will respond. Off topic goes in ⁠No Access (nuked for my own sanity). If you find a bug, it's best to contact me (R3KoN, R3 in-game) in ⁠No Access or via Discord/in-game DM. Alpha is a longer-term server release. I have no plans to bring-down or reset it. The server map was reset after Pre-Alpha. ...and please, invite your friends!” – via Discord (#announcements). Civtest. Retrieved 2024-01-10.
  4. R3KoN (2020-10-31). “Civtest down? Yup, temporarily. See:” – via Discord (#announcements). Civtest. Retrieved 2024-01-10.