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Wayrest, a town made for pearled players within the Nether on CivMC.

ExilePearl is a Civ plugin that allows players to exile and imprison other players within a ender pearl, limiting their gameplay to another dimension, usually the End. Originally known as PrisonPearl when introduced during Civcraft, the plugin is known as the main mechanic for player-enforced justice within Civ. In order for players to continue keeping a player bound within the pearl, fuel is needed, usually within the form of essence on modern Civ servers; otherwise the player is freed from the pearl.

Devoted 3.0 introduced an alternative called ExilePearl, which the plugin is named after today. It provided an alternative means of punishment by not allowing players to be present within a certain radius of their pearl, although upgrading pearls to proper prison pearls were allowed. Exiling was adopted by later servers like CivClassic, it was not a popular mechanic, and the prison mechanic has been the sole force. CivMC pearled players play in the Nether rather than the end in previous iterations; due to its survivability some portals, cities and emergent gameplay has formed among pearled players. Although the plugin has been controversial especially in large wars, it is well-known among Civ players as an effective means of player-delivered justice. (Full article...)

Current Events

A snowy evening along Winterbourne Harbor.
  • Icenia approached SPQR and Volterra for an alliance; while they reached an initial agreement, upon notification into the Elysian Pact, mass disarray occurred as NameLayer and discord groups were purged.
  • As other Elysian Pact members recovered from the situation, Estalia and Pavia, for different reasons, began to negotiate their departure from the alliance. Results have yet to be made.
  • SlothInASuit was raided of estimated wealth up to 4,000 diamonds by Kibbles and SquidHasTheBad, who are currently wanted by Icenia for their participation in the Grasslands Gambit.
  • Monument Bank announced two new international locations in Nara and Baile, which can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Pripyat opened a new rail station that connects Mount Augusta, Danzilona and Nara.
  • Vintage Civ are continuing to develop their newest iteration, and gave small updates to the PvP and weapon system.

What is Civ?

Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

We document these servers, the mechanics that drive them, and the rise and fall of their players and civilizations.


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