Timeline of CivRev

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This is a timeline of events on CivRev.

Timeline of CivRevolution
Full Date Category Event
April 2021 Administration CivRevolution project was started.
16 November 2021 Administration Alpha was opened to public.
1 November/16 November 2021 Settlement Icarus founded.
16 November 2021 Administration CivClassic server goes down for an extended period of time, activity greatly picks up temporarily.
16 November 2021 Settlement Nations founded on soft-SOTW: Bergburg, Saint Lola, Waswya, Wacc, Narra, Hurtsey, Columbia and more.
17 November 2021 Conflict The Wagner Group raids Old Narra and Hurtsey.
17 November 2021 Settlement Khalkholm was founded after Waswya was abandoned.
8 December 2021 Administration CivClassic announces that it will shut down[1], mass exodus begins to CivRevolution.
9 December 2021 Settlement Fortuna founded, overclaiming most of the SOTW nations.
9 December 2021 Settlement Provisional State of Lambat founded.
9 December 2021 Settlement The Hyperborean Confederation is founded after Columbia is overclaimed
10 December 2021 Settlement Lambat moves to northern Medi Sea and establishes New Lambat City.
10 December 2021 Community First unofficial webmap, RevMap, launched.
11 December 2021 Conflict Savaguard raids Icarus and pearls citizens for the first time.
11 December 2021 Sava Crisis Savaguard raids Icarus and pearls citizens for the second time. Icarus immigrates to Panama.
12 December 2021 Settlement Sovia publicly announces its existence.
December 2021 Conflict KyleRittenhouse raids the Jomsvikings, pearling their players and vaulting them under their capital.
14 December 2021 Conflict IGN KyleRittenhouse (Zachattack), Savaguard defenders pearled by Fortuna following a series of raids and pearlings[2].
15 December 2021 Conflict KyleR1ttenhouse raids Khalkholm, causing it to be abandoned
16 December 2021 Settlement The people of Khalkholm move to an undisclosed location to settle
17 December 2021 Sava Crisis Savaguard raids Icarus, starting the Icarian-Savaguard war
19 December 2021 Sava Crisis Icarus IRO bombs new Savaguardian fort
19 December 2021 Sava Crisis Savaguard demands groups for the grief
20 December 2021 Sava Crisis Savaguard signs treaty to give groups in exchange for stolen goods
30 December 2021 Conflict December incident
31 December 2021 Community People figure out the map seed, Fortuna quits.
1 January 2022 Community Most of the server quits.
23 January 2022 Administration CivRev2 alpha releases.
8 March 2022 Administration CivRev is merged with CivReign.