War to End All Wars

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The War to End All Wars, the New Vegas War, or the JSDF-New Vegas War, was main, final, and only major conflict on CivUniverse. A coalition of most remaining active major nations formed the Joint Self Defense Front to counter the increasing imperial presence of New Vegas and her allies/protectorates. The JSDF disabled Jackpot, New Vegas's vault, and pearled most of their combatants, with the remaining going into hiding. Following the war, the server entered a period of peace and inactivity that eventually led to the end of the server.

The Great War
DateMarch 3 2021 - March 16 2021
Much of the server, largely the western half of the main continent
Result The annexation of New Vegas by Hebun Shima and puppeting the new state of Ladvia

Joint Self Defense Front

New Vegas


Archon Empire (some)

With support from:

Plexia (until March 4)