Return of the Civ

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Return of the Civ
Basic Info

Return of the Civ is a Civ server, the third civ server to depart Minecraft for the standalone game Vintage Story. The alpha version of Return of the Civ was launched on April 7th, 2023 by KingOfTheMochas, with two beta maps following; The first beta map launching the day after the Alpha and the second which launched on April 14th, 2023, which as of April 26th remains the current main world. Return of the Civ was heavily influenced by the previous Vintage Story civ server, Vintage Civ, which, at the time of Return of the Civ's launch, was still live but had been devoid of updates, and resultantly, players, for about six months. The launch of Return of the Civ coincided largely with Vintage Story's major update to version 1.18, which changed Vintage Story significantly.


As of April 26, 2023

  • CAN Market
  • CivBastion
  • CivMods 2
  • CivLocks
  • CivLock Fix
  • Crop Config
  • DummyPlayer
  • HidePlayerName
  • Player Corpse
  • Remove Player Pins
  • ShackleGear 2
  • Simple Elevator
  • Th3Essentials
  • Workbench
  • Expansion
  • XLib
  • XSkills

Nations and Civilizations

Player groups include anything from small scale groups who have just established a settlement to larger kingdoms made up of dozens of players.

Name Leader Government Founding Date
Hedgehogs Verum_Dwarf Closed Republic 4/16/2023
Redthom EbonRed & Thomas_Jefferson Democracy 4/15/2023
Hold’s Folly, formerly Crosspeak KingOfTheMochas Unknown As Crosspeak, 4/15/2023
Defunct Groups
Name Leader Government Founding Date
Crosspeak Holdfast Strong-mayor 4/15/2023
Toby's Bay KingOfTheMochas 4/14/2023
Kapokia (1st beta) Miloski Collectivism 4/10/2023

Beta History

On April 14th, with the first beta's reset just a couple hours earlier, the second and supposedly main beta map launched, garnering a top concurrent playercount of 11 its first day up. With the map just getting started, many players explored and walked about aimlessly, looking upon the new 1.18 world generation. Separating this server from the other previous Vintage Civ servers is the presence of general chat and the lack of a proximity chat, radically changing the way players communicate ingame.

Though very short-lived, Toby's Bay was a town founded the very first day of launch by KingOfTheMochas, with Miloski joining soon after. Situated next to a bay of water and on a peninsula it was a warm settlement, in the Northern hemisphere -x, -y quadrant. Before disbanding, the two made it to the late copper age. By this point a few other settlements already been well established, including Crosspeak (now Hold’s Folly), Redthom, and the Hedgehogs.