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Civ servers have many unique mechanics and plugins, which encourage nation building, cooperation, trading, player-enforced rules, and conflict.

For a deep dive into some specific mechanics on this list, please also see The Civ Breakdown.

Core Mechanics

Nearly every Civ server have these five mechanics present in one fashion or another for grouping, player-driven justice, and grief prevention.

  • Citadel - reinforce blocks to make them harder for others to break
  • NameLayer - create groups of players to manage permissions and access to structures
  • Bastion - protect areas from blocks being placed or reinforced
  • Snitch - receive messages when somebody walks near a snitch block
  • Exile Pearl - kill someone to exile them, heavily restricting their gameplay

Often Included Mechanics

These mechanics and plugins are commonplace in Civ servers, but servers could omit one or more mechanics and still keep the spirit of a civ server. They are important, but not crucial, to the civ experience.

  • Orebfuscation - hidden blocks are rendered as junk, to prevent x-raying
  • HiddenOre - vanilla ore spawns are removed and replaced with random spawns as you mine
  • Chat - chat can only be seen by people near you by default
  • Factory - a tech tree of special multiblock structures which can greatly improve efficiency of crafting
  • Enchanting - enchanted items are much harder to obtain and require large amounts of infrastructure
  • Realistic Biomes - crop growth times are much longer and crops only grow in certain biomes
  • Item Exchange - chests can be turned into shops, allowing for asynchronous trading
  • Brewery - alcoholic drinks can be brewed, some with side effects
  • Essence - daily logon reward used for factories and other recipes
  • Kira - discord-minecraft relay which allows seeing some parts of what is going on in-game, without being logged in

Minor Mechanics

These mechanics are sometimes included as additional enhancements and features for Civ players. A server could omit some or all of these and still be considered a civ server.

  • Vanilla Tweaks - balances vanilla gameplay around civ mechanics by removing or tweaking some vanilla mechanics
  • Spawning - players spawn randomly in the world, potentially at predetermined "new player friendly" locations
  • NameColors - donators can change their name color
  • Chunk Limits - redstone related blocks can only be placed a limited number of times per chunk
  • RailSwitch - allows automated rail switching
  • Arthropod Egg - mobs can drop spawn eggs when killed with a Bane of Arthropods enchanted sword
  • Combat Tag - players cannot log out during combat without a penalty
  • Elevator - allows for vertical travel between elevator blocks
  • CastleGate - allows for redstone-activated retractable vertical gates
  • One Time Teleport - new players can teleport to a player of their choice once within the first 24 hours
  • Miscellaneous Commands - miscellaneous commands that have a small to zero impact on gameplay