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This page describes current long-term editing projects for CivWiki.


Civcraft wiki importing

The original Civcraft wiki was imported to CivWiki under the CivcraftImport and Civcraft2Import namespaces. The original Civcraft wiki used a different software and format than CivWiki, so these articles will need to be cleaned up before being moved into the main namespace. The eventual goal is to move all of these articles into the main namespace.

Maintenance pages

Go through the maintenance special pages and clean them up. What needs to be done depends on the category.

  • Special:WantedPages - research and create the wanted article. Only create the article if you have a decent quality start — don't create a blank or stub article here just to get it off the list.
  • Special:WantedFiles - figure out why the file is missing, and fix it. Many of these are because articles from the Civcraft wiki migration link to files that don't exist in the main namespace yet. These files will need to be moved from the Civcraft namespace to the main namespace.
  • Special:BrokenRedirects - determine the correct redirect location.
  • Special:DeadEndPages - these pages usually have some hyperlinks that can be added to a relevant page.
  • Special:LonelyPages - there is usually some other page that should be linking to this page, but isn't.
  • Special:DoubleRedirects - double redirects should almost always be replaced with the final, "true" redirect location.
  • Special:RottenLinks - find a live link and replace it, or upload the relevant content into the wiki (replacing the link) so it doesn't rot again.
  • Special:UncategorizedPages - add the relevant categories to these pages.