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Capital CityVacari
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
KingArkenX the Great
Location6610, -200

Brennau was a constitutional monarchy in the +,- quadrant of the map, led by ArkenX. It was mainly populated by oldfriends.


Originally called Aznazia, Brennau was founded during the first months of CivClassic by RayVochi. The nation eventually rose to a large population, but went inactive due to most members having school and other commitments to attend to. Once Joshua_Graham first left the server, he (may have, no hard proof of this) relinquished Freedonia to Aznazia. The nation was revived in April of 2018, with the return of Carpathia. It then died(?) and returned in early 2019, made known when ArkenX contacted YourAverageRick because Rick used an outdated map that showed that Carpathia owned Aznazia. It was renamed to Brennau by Arken.

Original flag of Aznazia
Alternate flag of Aznazia


Brennau was situated in a plains biome, similar to the Brotherhood's capital. It was bordered by the Brotherhood of Steel, Carpathia, Appomattox, and Caledonia. Their capital was the city of Vacari, but they had small villages scattered around their territory, such as Jubayl.


Brennau had been a constitutional monarchy since the days of when it was named Aznazia.

Foreign Relations

Brennau was friendly with all neighboring nations, and was an ally of the Brotherhood of Steel, with frequent commerce between the two.