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Location6700, 400
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityFreedonia (Current Varen City)
TerritoriesWest of Caledonia's heartland
GovernmentAnarcho-Communist Collective
• ???
Foundation dateJune 11th, 2017
Succeeded byTierran Freedonia, Brotherhood of Steel, Caledonia, Vuoto/Plagadonia

Freedonia was a nation in the +,+ that was founded by Joshua_Graham on June 11th, 2017.[1] Their claims were later expanded north and south on June 15th,[2] and then on March 3rd, 2018 they claimed part of a nether island, and by this time they had built Varen City as evidenced by the map that was attached to the post.[3]


In 2017, Freedonia, an anarcho-communist collective was created by Joshua_Graham, an oldfriend who also played on civcraft. The nation reached an unknown number of people until it went inactive in around September 2018.

In February[4], Graham returned, and modern Freedonia was born. He traveled across the map, eventually finding Tierra de Conciencia (TdC), where he met YourAverageRick and Godomasta. Due to Godo screwing up the rail station in Ravine City's water drop, Graham died of fall damage. He let TdC keep copies of his book, Rhapsody in Red: The Miracles of Communism.

Tierran Freedonia

A land dispute between Carpathia and Aznazia left Freedonia under occupation by Tierra de Conciencia, under the name of Tierran Freedonia until YourAverageRick's departure. It is attested to by reddit posts from May 14th,[5] to July 26th.[6] The actual time it existed is not fully known.


Freedonia was located in the +,+ quadrant at 6700 400.

Notable Landmarks

The Comrade Dome - A spleef arena

Bookchin Apartments - Apartments for people living in Freedonia