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SpacemanSpleef, or Spaceman_Spleef(IGN), is a usually friendly mediumfriend, known mostly for his usual incompetency. Only a few people have heard him speak a good amount, and he usually stays away from VC's. He is best known for his many citizenships, being the former Acadian MoFA, and being head of SPLEEF Corp.

Spleef's MC Skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
Main ResidenceVaries
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Spanish(small amounts)
  • German(at random, done poorly, and mostly for jokes)
  • Tahar ("Actively" learning)
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on

Notable Escapades

  • He has reportedly listened to the entire soundtrack to Hamilton in a VC once, and was reportedly disappointed no one joined him to rock out.[1]
  • Built a 60+ block tall tower to take the title from Ashton Tower in Acadia(Spleef's Notes: I'm proud of this one)
  • Partook in the CivUniverse Coalition War
    • During the March 14th, 2021 Cincinnati Vault raid, he reportedly screamed "Leroy Jenkins"[2] into his mic, which was muted at the time, before running into the battle and getting pearled within five seconds(Spleef's notes: at least i have chicken)
    • During the March 15th, 2021 vault raid, during New Vegas' skybridge attempt, he assisted Bloof_ in making and organizing potions, mostly filling bottles with water, and dubbed himself "The Waterboy"
  • Lost an election while out of town by a coin flip
  • Almost got themselves pearled because of an iceroad into a vault's snitches(Spleef's notes: In my defense, i like exploring)
    • He has done this twice as of Nov. 1st, 2021 (Spleef's notes: IM SORRY GUYS)
    • Since then he has been more cautious around vaults, and has not set them off since.
  • Has lost as of May 30, 2021, Two seperate exploration logs to unknown deaths (Spleef's notes: I really need to use /logout more)
  • Finally got to rock out to the entire soundtrack to Hamilton with FE_Flags on June second, 2021(Spleef's notes: POG)
  • Took an 8 week break over the summer of 2021 and after returning had to be told what happened approx. 3.875 times. What had happened? A lot (check out the Acadian page for more info about the TNSC conflict)
  • One of his goals on CivClassic 2.0 was to gain as many citizenships as he could
    • His final count was 19
  • Became the first person to win an Acadian Election against an Incumbent (MoFA)
  • Also has as of Sept. 16 2021, the most number of revisions on a players wiki (Spleef's notes: Mainly due to my general incompetency and editing things like one at a time instead of doing big things)
    • As of 31 July 2022, Spleef was out classed by RainOfPain125, and AmandaCC, making him in 3rd place in that regard.
    • He took second as of 5 October 2022, passing ahead of AmandaCC
  • As of 9 March 2024, Spleef had the most categories for any page on CivWiki
  • Was the first "outsider" to become a citizen of the City of England (Spleef's notes: Whoopee!)
    • For approx. 3 minutes(Spleef's notes: aww man)
    • He got it back(Spleef's notes: WOHOOO)
  • Was awarded 3 medals for his service in The Great War (CivUniverse 1.0) from Acadia[3]
    • The Medal for National Defense
    • The Purple Heart
    • The Medal for Meritous Service
  • Was given the tile of Honorary Dutch by the Dutch-Acadians
  • On CivMC became a perennial candidate in Mount Augusta elections
  • Also became a perennial candidate in various Imperial Federation elections


Note: This Section is WIP

Early Days

Spleef first joined CivUniverse on Febuary 16th 2021, and used his OTT to teleport to Cortwade, and joined Acadia. Shortly after this, he left Acadia (but kept his citizenship) and founded the Republic of Lunalia.[4] Less than a month later Spleef worked with Pandastical to form the Hyperborean Confederation on CivUniverse. During this time he also participated in the Great War and was pearled by Gregy165, who had earlier in the server pearled a petty raider of Lunalia and gifted some wealth to the small nation. Shortly after this he was freed by Kicky, as Spleef's pearl had been abandoned on the ground instead of being put in a chest. After the end of the war, Spleef ended up meeting FE_Flags, with whom Spleef elected the Tsar, Grumpywalnut, for the Northern Remnant.


At Flag's insistance, Spleef joined CivClassics shortly before EOTW of CivUniverse. He joined Icenia, and became the governor of Nexton, although that went relatively poorly for everyone involved. He built the "Governors Mansion" out of Blue and white concrete, which was considered by several to be one of Spleef's best builds, although it was still atrocious. Spleef ended up leaving Nexton for Acadia, once again joining the buildfriend nation. When Spleef reached Acadia, it was still relatively undeveloped, so Spleef built a Tower house on a hill near New Turing, as well as building the SPACEBar and selling brews. During this time he also started trying to become involved in Acadian politics. He worked with Aelfred to form the National Defense Party, later becoming the National Visionary and Defense Party. He started rising up through the Acadian military, eventually becoming one of the top officers to not be on the maena lamen, the military council.

During his time on CivClassics, Spleef got very involved in Civ History. He founded the ACGG to try and help preserve the various old cities, while also cleaning up various obby bombs and similar destructive measures, to best show how these looked at there hayday. Unfortunately, due to a few various factors only one city was ever fully completed, with both Holy Tree and Vanhoover becoming annexed by Acadia.

Another thing Spleef started doing was collecting as many Citizenships as he could, although his most important was still Acadia. He was one of only a few Acadians to hold a Dual citizenship with anywhere, with JuniorTide and FE_Flags being some of the other few. He ended up getting 19 before EOTW

As time went on, Spleef ended up repeatedly being elected to the Minster of Foreign Affairs position and built onto the work of his predecessors. He helped run the Plus Minus Concordant, as well as was a part of the ill fated National Council system.


On CivRev, Spleef originally formed Columbia on an island near 0,0, and built a literal hole in the ground for his house, but with some light suggestion (read: thinly veiled threat) from Shadedoom, he abandoned Columbia and reformed the Hyperborean Confederation with a few basic structures, and named a mountain after the old capital. However, not long after this CivRev essentially died and he stopped playing.

Interserver Period

For the time when there was no server, Spleef was winning civ (for obvious reasons). During this time, he stayed in communication in the discord servers for Acadia and Columbia/Petrichor, with plans to play with them on the coming server.


On CivMC, Spleef brought back the Hyperborean Confederation and started expanding the nation on Deluvia. Within the first few months of the server starting, he became a Maester of the Maester Alliance. He also has ran for several candidacies in Mount Augusta. In January of 2023, Spleef announced the dissolution of the Hyperborean Confederation, and a temporary leave of absence from playing on civ servers. He started playing again as a member of the Imperial Federation, a former ally, where he was a senator for the state of Halland for a time. In October 2023, he brought back the HC, on a much smaller scale in Vanaheim land, in an attempt to regain the land from HassDaMahn. After posting a video of the removal of the Vanaheimian flag on his youtube channel, he was pearled by Kibbles on behalf of Hass, who had placed a 198d bounty on his head. After serving a short pearl sentence, Hass and Spleef came to an agreement, where Spleef stopped trying to take over Vanaheim, and Hass recognized the smaller claims of the HC. In mid January 2024, Spleef negotiated the Treaty of Port Turing, ensuring peace with Cyania, and establishing the Republic of Bayfront.

Titles and Aliases


Former Titles


  • Spleef
  • Spaceman
  • Space
  • The Waterboy
  • Lord Waterboy

Former Citizenships






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