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The Saviors Flag. Purple represents the Royality and ambitions, while white represents purity and safety.

Saviors City was a community founded by MSPaintDaily that lays on the coast of Savaguard.


Saviors City was settled by MSPaintDaily. Legends say that during his exploration of the area, he encountered a small island with a tree on it. This was almost a "sign" that the city was destined to be settled there. However getting started was not easy. Scorpions and wolves thrived in the area while getting settled, and many hours were spent making the land suitable for building. However, soon the town would start to recruit. It soon began to recruit many people to the server. Builders from Norlund also came to help develop the city. They would set the foundation for the overall aesthetic of the city. Soon the city became thriving and saw the most active players on a given time, which was 10 players. At the time of writing, Saviors had around 25 official residents, but only 3-5 are active, contributing members. Saviors, as of writing, was still developing and still recruiting new players, but had halted to try to catch up on other issues.

Participation in Savaguards-Accelerada Conflict

Due to the Savaguard's frustration of Accelerada selling land that they saw as, Inactive players auctoning land they never used. So the whole Kingdom of Savaguard was going to take it with force. The Saviors upon hearing the news said "I will fight for the kingdom", A Dual of Saviors Elite Guards. Those being MSPaintYT and MaineFisherMan would travel alongside the king in the Conquest of Accelerada. They however saw no combat and served as scouts and watchers. This would be the only conflict Saviors would participate in as of writing this.

The "Old" Saviors

The Old Saviors or Peliposi use to be the Saviors City. But collapsed for several reasons. Mainly due to inactive players, No motivation to keep the Empire going, no political power internationally and factories constantly being down or needing repair when those cost couldn't be covered. Saviors City soon fell into a state of almost poverty. Its only income or source of Stamina was farming small amounts of wheat and selling boats every here and there. Since the Inca AN which was Saviors only AN was booby trapped ores were essentially harder to find now. Old Saviors still exists but is now considered a ghost town.


Government layout and structure.

While old saviors was just another Monarchy, Saviors now have moved to a Democratic Republic shaped government. While Higher positions such as the council are awarded by your contribution to our city. However we have some positions that can be voted for completely. Such as Elected Advisor and Foreign Diplomat.

Elected Advisor is to help the Council in Decision making and acts as the middle man between Non Council Members and Council Members. While doing their best to bring new ideas and projects to the Councils table. This position is entirely voted on by the people.

Foreign Diplomat is to bring trade, buildings and other international attention to the city itself. Their job is to get people to come and bring shops and buildings to increase the city's notice and prestige. This position is also entirely voted on and can be anyone willing to go to elections. They do NOT need to be Saviors nor Savaguards. Just people who feel up to the task.

Buildings and Culture

On of the amazing streets in Saviors City, Also one of the first roads and buildings to be made here.

Saviors are well known for their building style, Which consists mostly of terracotta, clay and wood like materials. We also have scorpions which while annoying to deal with while terraforming, makes some of the best stew in town! They also have a tradition of recruiting whenever possible and as such. The Saviors believe in the New Western Religion and their patron god is Abius, with DeChatillon as the high priest.