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The Barony of Resimere
Flag of Resimere
Flag of Resimere
Flag of Resimere
Claims Map
Location-5681, 9938
Capital cityAnkara
SettlementsVale, Brewer's Point
TerritoriesEichenfeld, The Cloud Islands, Gingko Island
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Baron
Preceded byResimare (Devoted)
Motto"Don't even worry about it."

Resimere (formerly Resimare) is a barony originally founded in Devoted by CallMeBur, and lead by Mister_Minesalot. Set in an archipelago, Resimere consists of six island regions in the -,+: Ankara, Eichenfeld, East and West Vale, Gingko Island, and the Cloud Islands. The capital region, Ankara, was given to Resimere by Vale at the beginning of its time on CivClassic. It is an autonomous town of Yoahtl, enjoying the protection and infrastructure of the mainland.

Resimere is inherently industrious and highly values land development, driven by the lack of industry and an economy early on as well as the plentiful biomes that are featured within its borders.

The town has one land border with Airhaven and two water borders with Falstadt and the Antipodean Union.


First Age

Foundation of Resimare

Obtainment of Eichenfeld

Age of Ruin

First Activity Decline

Joining Yoahtl and New Leadership

Age of the Phoenix

City Planning Reformations

Modernization of Resimere

Annexation of Vale

Brewer's Point Dilemma

Golden Age

Recruitment Campaign and Population Increase

Annexation of Gingko Island

Beginnings of the Resimerian Experience Industry

El Caro Rail Dilemma

Age of Hibernation

Second Activity Decline

Looting of Vale





Foreign Relations


Resimere's relationship with their overlord country of Yoahtl is fairly stable, with Resimere remaining a subject of Yoahtl for at least a year. However, some culture differences have caused occasional unrest among the Resimerian populace in the past. A common grievance within the country is the perceived lack of caring and support for regions outside of New Yoahtl City, Yoahtl's capital. As such, Resimere prefers to trade and converse with provinces outside of the capital, viewing them as more welcoming and friendly.


While Airhaven is no longer present within the server in any substantial way and as such there are no current relations, relations between the countries have historically been pleasant, with Airhaven gifting the province of Eichenfeld to Resimere in the latter's early history. Despite the lack of Airhaven claims in current times, Resimere still respects the previous stated borders and laws of the country.


The relationship between Southshire and Resimere is not particularly deep, however the two countries are friendly towards each other, with Southshire allowing Resimere to use their factories in the event that a Resimerian one has broken down. Resimere also sells many goods to Southshire, transporting them via the Ankara-Southshire rail.



Antipodean Union



Experience Industry

Experience production is one of the most important sources of Resimere's income. Following the expansion into Vale territory, multiple large scale farms were constructed among the varied biomes, giving Resimere everything required to create experience. Due to lootings during the Age of Hibernation, the Resimerian experience industry is currently not operating, causing a massive blow to the country's income.


Logging is also a valued source of income to Resimere, as the multiple tree farms scattered across the country have been botted for many months and sold on various markets. Logging has been frequently used to recover lost funds after raids.


The Resimerian mining industry used to be an important and prevalent aspect of Resimere's economy until the annexation of Vale, in which the drastic rise in crop and experience production caused mining to phase out of the national income. Draining of local diamond veins by enterprising mainland Yoahtlan miners has also severely stunted the industry. Now, mining only happens when building materials run out, or if an underground expansion is under construction.


Direct selling of crops to foreign experience markets has also been fruitful, the main market being the Yoahtlan XP Exchange. Though in modern times, most crops are used for experience production or are sold in Resimerian stores across the map. Much of the farmland for crops (not including wheat) are reserved for government members and workers, although some farmland is available for citizen use.



Resimere often excavates railroads to neighboring friendly countries in order to tie the quadrant closer together and to provide easier access to foreign markets. Although the digging crew usually consists of one person at a time, work ethic causes the rails to be finished quickly. Resimere also features many internal railroads between its islands, although the only station that is currently open to the public is in Ankara.

Station Destination Nation ETA Status Notes
Ankara Etherium Etherium
New Yoahtl City Yoahtl
Southshire Southshire
Eichenfeld Resimere Internal
Vale Resimere 2:33 Internal
Gingko Island Resimere Internal
Eichenfeld Airhaven Airhaven Reroute to Ankara planned
Vale Brewer's Point Resimere Internal


Agricultural infrastructure in Resimere is colossal and plentiful, as well as efficient. Many islands are filled to the brim with large tiered farms producing many different crops in order to supply Resimere's experience industry. Constant agricultural research ensures that Resimerian farms are up to date and are as productive as possible.