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Official Flag of Ossenkirch
Old Map of Ossenkirch
Capital CityStolstad
GovernmentSocialist Capitalism
FoundedJune 10th, 2018
Motto"The Coziest Regime On This Side Of The Quadrant"
Location6100, 4300 [1]
DemonymOssenkirchian, Ossenian, Ossies

Ossenkirch was a small nation located in the +, +. (Plus Plus) It consisted of it's capital, Stolstad, the basin city of Rekaland, and the farming town of Dynapos. All are cushioned between mountainous terrain, cliff faces, plains, and large overhangs. It existed east of Lyra, southwest of Pripyat, and northwest of Vitelia.


The name Ossenkirch comes from a combination of the Russian word for "Fall" (Осень, pronounced "osen") and the German word for "Church" (kirche). "Falls Church" is the name of the founder's irl hometown. The Russian-German combination naming scheme is also used in naming towns and buildings.


Ossenkirch was located on a mountainous, dry plains island, high above sea level. (~50 blocks). The island is scattered with jungle and oak trees, and the terrain is abundant of massive cliffs, overhangs, and canyons. Unfortunately, due to it's biome, oak trees and seeds take much longer to grow. Some trees, such as spruce, are impossible to grow there. Despite this, trade with Lyra, which has an abundance of spruce, made it possible for Ossenkirchians to incorporate more spruce into builds. On the flip side, wheat grows very quickly. With the construction of the Uber-Farm in Stolstad, wheat became a large export and source of food (as bread) within Ossenkirch.


The economy of Ossenkirch was very basic.



Wheat and in conjunction, hay bales, were the main export of Ossenkirch. Due to the construction of the Uber-Farm in Stolstad, automatic mass wheat production was made easy.

Oak Wood

With the construction of a mass tree farm in Dynapos, oak wood, logs, and saplings also became a large export of Ossenkirch.


With the new abundance of oak wood, charcoal production was much easier, and was traded with nearby nations.


Spruce Wood

Ossenkirch imported stacks of spruce wood from the nearby ally Lyra regularly.


The biome that memeaf found, before anything was built.

Ossenkirch was mostly peaceful, and had made alliances with several nearby nations.


Ossenkirch was founded by user Toxicy, on June 10th, 2018, after leaving Yoahtl. Him and user memeaf found the mountainous plains biome, and settled in.

Early Alliances

Within the first week of it's existence, Ossenkirch made alliances with the aforementioned Lyra and Pripyat.

"Saving Private Chandi" Incident

Chandi95 meeting with Marcus_Flaminus

On June 20th, 2018, government official Chandi95 accidentally trespassed into England, and was pearled. Despite there being no warning that England was restricted, he was held for nearly 3 weeks. Eventually, he was released on the conditions that we would deliver a book with his apology to The Order Of St. Marcus. On July 11th, 2018, he met with a member of the Order, user Marcus_Flaminius, at the Voting Tree in Mount Augusta. The transaction was a success, and he returned home with no parade in his honor.

The Seven Minute War

Citizens byeolsatang, Tornado89, and Acalypheae.
founder Toxicy and citizen Acalypheae with their newly liberated donkey, Kevin.

On July 8th, 2018, four raiders entered Dithmarschen and pearled BolleDeBoll, Commissariat of Foreign Affairs in Maltovia. Being so close in proximity, user Toxicy made his way over to Dithmarschen and was also foolishly pearled. Respawning, he headed back to Dithmarschen, this time accompanied by citizens byeolsatang, Tornado89 and Acalypheae. Ahead of them was government official memeaf, along with citizens from Vinland, who eventually tracked down and pearled the raiders, freeing Toxicy and BolleDeBoll. The raider's home settlement was found, and was temporarily occupied by Ossenkirch, Vinland, and Maltovia. Citizen Acalypheae specifically liberated a donkey from it's assumedly abusive previous owners, giving it a new home in Stolstad, and the loving new name, Kevin.

Formation Of SESU

After the events of The Seven Minute War and the Nazi bombing of Threepton, citizens and government officials within the Plus Plus thought it was high time to create an official alliance.



Religions and Beliefs

Dirt! ism

Based on a statue built by government official byeolsatang, Dirt!ism is based on the worshiping of the worst- I mean best result from cracking open Fossils: Dirt! A statue of Dirt Dirting Man (or most known by his nickname, just simply Dirt Man) is located at the entrance of the Uber Farm in Stolstad.

The Dirt Dirting Man Statue, built by byeolsatang and shortened by Toxicy.

Cities, Outposts and Settlements


Stolstad's Town Hall, night.

Stolstad was the capital of Ossenkirch, and the oldest city. It includes a town hall, mass storage system, rail station, Uber-Farm, and a bakery. The majority of the population lived in Stolstad. (~14, mostly the more active citizens.)


The local police force was the SSPD (Stolstad Police Department.)


There were direct rail connections to Lyra and Pripyat. Lines to Dithmarschen, Threepton, Rowa, and Kaga were planned.


Dynapos, before the tree farm was put in place.

Formerly an abandoned melon farm with a small cobblestone hut. Annexed on June 19th, 2018, Ossenkirch planned to turn it into a farming town by the coast. It was used as a massive oak tree farm, and produced most of the nation's charcoal. The melons have since been removed.


A Rainy Rekaland, Ossenkirch.

Formerly Riverland, an abandoned settlement a couple hundred blocks east of Ossenkirch. On June 20th, 2018, several Ossenkirchians occupied the town and took it over. Ossenkirch planned to rebuild and grow the ruined town, and keep the old buildings intact to preserve them. Only around 4 citizens live in Rekaland.