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Flag: File:/towns/flag of poland.png Commonwealth Flag:File:/towns/flag of the commonwealth.png Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth: File:/towns/coat of arms.png


The Commonwealth of Polska, The Holy Lands and The Crown of Ojama Town, The State of Hanover, and the Grand Duchy of Litwa is a small nation located in the central Northern regions of the map (Polska Proper, Hanover, and Ojama Town) and the deep -,- (Litwa). The Nation is currently controlled by the Members of its council (ign in italics) Baron xanderpig von Ojama, Cesarz dekecoy of Polska, Grand Duke JackFlame5 of Litwa, High Judge DaMiffinMan of the Supreme Quart, and Govenor evilltroll of Hanover. Each member of the council (excluding the High Judge) is the regional head of a Region of Polska.


Polska was founded as a kingdom in the ruins of the City of Hanover, however after seeing a sign the Polski then fled North to Polska's present location. Fearful of griefers in its weak state the Polski entirely communicated through skype or pm. After 2/3 of Polska went on a "Crusade" from Polska to Prussia pillaging minor towns between 2 of its founding members were pearled, leading to a largely one sided rivalry with Prussia. After announcing its presence to the world many of the local newfriends joined the town.