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Skin of KingOfTheMochas
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Yoahtl, Kindread Clan
Known For
Main ResidenceAltepetl, Yoahtl
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played on

KingOfTheMochas is a player who is currently a member of the Council of Yoahtl. He served as the fourth and final mayor of Mount September on CivClassics, and only chair of the CivClassic Bar Association. He was formerly a member of the Jazz Committee of Kallos prior to his banishment.

KingOfTheMochas has previous known associations with New Veritas on Devoted 3.0, Bobanga, Brissur, Polaria, and Rhodesia on CivRealms, Paris on CivUniverse, and Adina, Kallos, and Mount September on CivClassics. He was briefly the leader of Polaria, and was the second King of Paris. He was also the Colonel of Infrastructure for the Far Seas Alliance against the New World Pirates in the Barbary War on CivRealms. He was elected Judge of Mount September on June 18th, 2021, and elected Mayor on September 17th, 2021.

He is known for being a grinder and a poor PvPer. He enjoys RP, Civ politics, and elawyering.



Supporting Raiders on CivUniverse

During his tenure as a member of King Yaahya's royal council on CivUniverse, KingOfTheMochas was instrumental in Paris's plan to provide Zoomers, many of whom were members of Paris and some of whom who were not, with prot and other gear to serve as a check to New Vegas's growing supremacy on the server. Some of those who were provided with gear by Paris ended up using the gear to raid unsuspecting newfriend nations, and even some at-the-time allies of Paris, including Montana. The situation was a major factor in Montana leaving Paris and aligning with New Vegas.

Eventually, New Vegas became aware of Paris, and her ally Sovia (CivUniverse), supplying individuals with prot who used it to raid, which climaxed in Shamus, a royal council member at the time, streaming Paris snitch hits, including those of wanted individuals, with New Vegas in voice chat. This resulted in BobTheBuilder being pearled by New Vegas on the rail between Paris and Sovia, and New Vegas invading Paris, with Yaahya eventually abdicating the crown and KingOfTheMochas ascending to King of Paris.

KingOfTheMochas claimed that no more raiders would be funded under his rule, but this was largely disbelieved, and New Vegas and Paris skirmished numerous times during KingOfTheMochas' rule. Paris fractured into numerous lordships and reformed following KingOfTheMochas' inactivity and return, respectively.

Kallos-Minemaster Incident

During a period of low activity in Kallos, KingOfTheMochas became active in Mount September, while still retaining his position on the Jazz Committee of Kallos. Due to Kallos's inactivity, the conflict of interest had no significant effect until a conflict arose between Minemaster933, a citizen of Mount September, and Kayla, a fellow Jazz Committee member. Minemaster, who had months ago won monetary damages against Kayla in Mount September court that had not been paid, placed a bounty on Kayla until she paid the debt. Unwilling to compromise or pay, Kayla placed a counter-bounty on Minemaster, which in turn escalated until a bounty of more than 600 diamonds was on Minemaster, and bounty hunters of all stripes were pacing the streets of Mount September. Kayla vowed to not drop the bounty on Minemaster until he dropped the bounty on her, which he stated he would only drop if he were paid the debt owed to him.

KingOfTheMochas, having an interest in both sides prevailing due to having a "foot in both ponds", took it upon himself to de-escalate the situation. Having had produced well more for Kallos than the amount that Kayla owed Minemaster, he decided he would use diamonds from Kallos's national coffers to pay the debt. Upon doing this, Minemaster dropped the debt on Kayla without involving her directly. Upon learning this, Kayla quickly found out the Kallos bunker was missing an amount of diamonds equivalent to the amount she owed Minemaster, and put two-and-two together that someone paid the debt in her stead. Upon accusing whoever took the diamonds of "betrayal", KingOfTheMochas quickly admitted to it and offered to pay Kallos back out of his own pocket, if Kayla thought it was a problem. Upon delivering her his own diamonds, KingOfTheMochas was immediately kicked out of Kallos, notably without consulting Kicky, the de-jure leader of Kallos, who was seldom active at the time. Many referred to this series of events, along with a reorganization of Kallos's roles the following night that placed Kayla as the chairperson of Kallos and a subsequent emergency closing of borders, as a "quiet coup".

The reactions to KingOfTheMochas' "solution" to the incident are mixed. Some, including members of the Augustan Federation and the Coalition of Eastern States have referred to him as a "chad", a "legend", and "ha[ving] a brain and a heart", while reactions from Kallos and SATO-aligned nations have ranged from calling his actions a "betrayal" to calling him an "ex-Kallos traitor turned slutty cheerleader".

UDF Iceroad Incident

See also: Mount September Ice Road Conflict

The incident regarding the ice road beneath Mount September was a contentious one, with many facts disputed. Although Bgbba seemed to believe KingOfTheMochas is inherently tied to the incident, his only known connections were telling Icyski to "stop" when he was repeatedly hitting snitches (mere minutes before NebulaSSR would whack him with a shovel) and referring to the age of the ice road as legally "irrelevant" in regards to its property rights.