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This article covers the history of the nation of Lambat in detail.


Lambat's CivClassic 2.0 history spans from January to December 2021, roughly a fourth of the server's lifespan. The country existed in a period known as The Long Peace, a time of relative stability in the aftermath of the Infinity War.

CivClassic 2.0

Before Lambat (Nuevo Luzon)


The region known as Nuevo Luzon in late CivClassic 2.0 history was once occupied by several nations. Appomattox is considered the most prominent due to its standing remnants, particularly the settlements of Antietam, Tabatia, and several other structures scattered north of what would become Lambat. The cultural heritage of Appomattox is said to be based on Confederate America, which can be attested by the names of its former towns regions (e.g. Gadsden, Antietam, Cleburne). References to the Confederacy were gradually taken down by the future Lambatan government.[1] Appomattox also held claims to the Duskwood Islands.


The nation of Arztotska used to be situated in the general Lambat City area. Its most notable ruins include Port Grestin and a Socialist-style housing block on the foot of Mount Makiling (Cape Antegria). Arztotska is a reference to the video game Papers, Please, and as such is reflected in the names of former Arztotskan locations (e.g. Impor and Grestin).

Pre-Constitution Period

Free State of Lambat (January 13 - February 13)

Dissolution and Cortesian custodianship

Constitutional Period

Second Republic (February 13 - May 4)

Sack of Lambat
Construction Boom and Territorial Expansion

Third Republic (May 4 - December 18)

Kaprediem Presidency
Population Growth
International Diplomacy
Duskwood Integration
ArtificialDriver Presidency
Economic growth and liberalization
Political Polarization and Reform
Raiding incidents
End of CivClassic 2.0
CES Departure and DEAL Membership
Decline and end of server

CivRevolution 1.0

Predecessor states

Narra and Wacc

State of Lambat

Period of Activity

Decline and demise

Limbo era


Exodus from the southeast

Settlement and restoration

Generic War