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A number of non-civ servers have been important to the history of civ, or involve civ in some way, here they are listed alphabetically.


A famous anarchy server with a long and detailed history,[1] many players inspired by stories of 2B2T end up looking for a server with a rich history but with less anarchy, will end up on Civ servers. Some Civ servers when advertising would call themselves anarchy or semi-anarchy leading to new players logging on assuming you can cheat, that the server would have the same rules as 2B2T.


A server started by Tritonio in 2021[2] after CivRealms 2.0 went down, it has some similarities with Civ servers such as griefing being allowed, no mending and plugins meant to incentivize cooperation.[3] Instead of a prison pearl system players can cast long term curses, a curse being 5 negative potion effects that last for 3 hours, and curses can be stacked.[4] The IP is and requires Java versions 1.7.x-1.20.x to connect.[2]


The precursor server to the very first Civ server, Civcraft 1.0.


A nations server and offshoot of Important non-civ servers#Loka that Cortesia Del Mar played from December 2019 to October 2020 before coming to Civ. Cortesia Del Mar, alongside a large portion of the server's playerbase, quit it en masse in response to "administrative opacity", "unimpressive developmental [sic] receptiveness to criticism" "problematic expectations of surveillance and control", and "vindictive authoritarianism" from the server's administration. The server closed indefinitely a month afterward.

Civilization Wars

A towny server Eclipse played before joining CivClassic 2.0.


A museum server hosting old Civcraft maps Devoted 3.0, CivClassic 2.0 and AncapMinecraft, set up after the shut down of CivClassics. Connect with either or the old CivClassics address. Not to be confused with the actual civ server called CivLegacy that was open in the middle of 2020.


After leaving the server Xephos, Yoahtl would play here before moving onto Meloncraft and eventually Civcraft.


A pvp training server used by some civ players.


During the Infinity war, NATO recruited from the Geographica server and some other Geo-pol servers, a lot of these players became known as Zoomers.


More commonly referred to as HCF, it was a PVP focused server[5] that invaded Civcraft 1.0 and that many Civ players originate from. More invasions followed over the years, with HCF sometimes teaming up with MineZ.


A pvp training server used by some civ players. Run by S4NTA and TheJKH.


A longstanding nations server nearly as old as all of Civ, focused on large scale international battles with 1.9 potpvp. Many Civ players, such as S4NTA and oko, play or have played there, as its combination of geopolitics and pvp leads Loka to compete with Civ for similar player demographics. There is not, however, substantial pvp exchange between Civ and Loka, due to their differing combat configs (1.8 and 1.9, respectively).


A server Eclipse played before joining CivClassics.


The server Yoahtl was on before moving to Civcraft.[6]


A zombie survival minecraft server that with the HCF invaded Civcraft 2.0.


A large, pay-to-win Towny server, on which Bloom and Cortesia Del Mar originated. RebirthCraft shut down in February 2018 after being sold to incompetent owners. Following this shutdown, Bloom proceeded immediately to CivClassic 2.0 by April 2018, while Cortesia Del Mar did not arrive until December 2020.


Originally a 1.16 Bunker PVP server ran by Kaloa HG, ownership was transferred to Capri and the server was updated to 1.18, with this update the server faced stability issues before ultimately being deleted.


A civ inspired server by operationguyMCS after playing CivClassics, it had a heavy emphasis on nation building like most civ servers but didn't use civ plugins[7] and most of it's members were from a website called Scratch a coding community for children.[8] After returning to CivClassics operationguyMCS would help found Capeland. ScratchCiv would shutdown after a doxxing problem but it still has an official wiki found here.


A pvp training server used by come civ players. Run by squareblob.


A nations server with a space theme, facilitated by 15 "planet" worlds and Movecraft "starships", played by Cortesia Del Mar from September 2018 to September 2019, and EngineeringBean for an unknown but longer period of time. The server environment was dominated by constant warfare and terrorism, against which Cortesia Del Mar led a major alliance, before ultimately quitting due to extensive administrative corruption. The server shut down in December 2021.


A nation building focused server[9] that some people from MTA played setting up a new MTA before most of them were banned.


A factions server that SPQR originated from before finding Civcraft 1.0.