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Exile Pearl is an open source plugin which allows killing a player to exile or imprison them, placing restrictions on their gameplay. Exiled or imprisoned players are often referred to as pearled players.



A player (the "damager") who kills another player (the "victim") while having an ender pearl in their hotbar will exile the victim and bind them to the pearl, turning it into an "exile pearl". If multiple people damaged the victim, the pearl is awarded to either the person with the most damage or the last person to damage the victim, depending on the server's config. If a damager's inventory has no space to accept the new exile pearl, the next damager in line is awarded the pearl.

A player can not be bound to an exile pearl twice. Trying to bind an exiled player to a pearl will show the coordinates of their current exile pearl.

A player who is bound to an exile pearl is often referred to as a "pearled" player.


Pearls require upkeep costs, or they will break and free the bound player. The material used as upkeep costs depends on the server, but is typically Essence. Adding upkeep to a pearl is called "fueling". Pearls can be fueled for up to a week at a time.

In order to fuel an Exile Pearl, craft the pearl in your inventory or crafting table with the upkeep material. It may be useful to check the resulting percentage the pearl will be filled to before confirming.

If a pearl ever runs out of fuel, the pearl breaks and the player it is bound to is freed from exile.


Example of pearl fueling. 64 Player Essence will be crafted into this exile pearl that is currently at 16%

Restrictions on Pearled Players

Pearled players are subject to limited gameplay mechanics. They cannot come within 1000 blocks of their pearl if it is inside a container (such as a chest).[2]. Pearled players also cannot:[3]

  • Light fires
  • Use potions
  • Throw pearls
  • Engage in PvP with another player
  • Place TNT
  • Enter bastion fields. An exiled players who enters a bastion field will be teleported outside of it unless the bastion's namelayer group has the BASTION_ALLOW_EXILED permission enabled
  • Damage bastions
  • Damage reinforced blocks
  • Place snitches

However there are ways around some restrictions. For example, although exiled players cannot damage other players with weapons, they may still damage them with fireworks, falling anvils and more.

Note that in contrast, on some servers like CivMC, pearled players are sent to the nether dimension and are afforded completely normal gameplay. The only limitation on pearled players is that they cannot exit the nether to the overworld.

Freeing Pearls

Exile pearls can only be freed by either running out of fuel, or by holding the pearl and typing /ep free. The former is unlikely to happen if the group holding the pearl is attentive, so usually the only avenue to getting a pearl freed is to convince the group holding it to free it, or travel to the pearl's location and forcibly take and free it. Note that since pearled players cannot come near their pearl, they cannot participate in freeing their own pearl and must get others to do it for them.

Prison Pearl

On some servers, pearls are able to be upgraded to "prison pearls". Players bound to prison pearls are sent to the end dimension and are not allowed to travel back to the overworld (or any other dimension).

Prison pearls are more expensive to maintain: upgrading an exile pearl to a prison pearl has an initial cost, and prison pearls also have a higher upkeep cost.

Command Reference

Command Description
/ep locate Locates your exile pearl
/ep free Free an exile pearl
/ep broadcast <group/player> Broadcasts your pearl location to a group or another player
/ep accept Accepts a pearl broadcast request
/ep silence <player> Stops pearl broadcasting from a player
/ep summon Summon a prisoner
/ep return Returns a summoned player
/ep confirm Confirms a summon request
/ep upgrade Upgrade an exile pearl to a prison pearl
/suicide Usable by exiled players only. Use for when a pearled player gets stuck (eg. in reinforced blocks that they cannot destroy because they are pearled). They player will be killed after 180 seconds.