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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
Known ForPVP prowess in service to New Danzilona and Mir
Main Residence New Danzilona
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

JPEGz (also known on his combat alt as HeliosVictus) is a Civcraft 2.0 player and prominent PVPer. Starting the server in early March 2014, he first lived in New Leningrad (capital of the future FSR) and was a member of its militia before moving to New Danzilona around a month later.[1][2]JPEGz quickly joined the newly founded Danzilonan Security Force and was one of its most important leaders, especially when it came to building defensive infrastructure and trading for combat materials. He was actively involved in the defence of NDZ starting from the Recharge War and throughout the subsequent summer until he took a break from Civcraft following the Riverford War.[3]After a tentative return so he could participate in the Titan War, JPEGz became a founder of the first iteration of Mir in the spring of 2015 and dedicated most of his remaining time on the server to it.[4]When JPEGz helped the World Police defeat Nox in the Nox War on November 13, 2015, JPEGz retired from the civ genre but remains in the Danzilonan online community where he makes occasional appearances.



JPEGz first settled in New Leningrad where he was met by Comrade Bolledebolle, but ceased spending time there due to its little activity. After much wandering JPEGz finally found a new home in New Danzilona.[5] Naturally charismatic he befriended the existing population but special mention should be made to his friend and wingman Trackball. Trackball took JPEGz under his wing and taught him the art of mineman pvp. At one point all JPEGz knew could be traced back to his friend and confidente, Trackball. JPEGz flourished in New Danzilona, passing from strength to strength.

New Danzilona

After settling down in New Danzilona JPEGz didn't hesitate to get stuck in. He constructed a vault, defended the town from raiders, and generally improved the public impression of what was oft considered a regional town at best. Perhaps special mention should be made to Fort PNGz, his home - his castle. Situated just off the coast from New Danzilona it is accessible via a path of stepping stones placed in the shallow strait separating it from the mainland.[6] The fort is notable for being an inverted tower design, featuring many double diamond reinforced doors which heavily restrict access to the depths. It famously held the fabled armour of It_Needs_Bees until the dread pirate Papa Pound and his wayward friend Lysika Lantariel broke into it, liberating the armour from a dispensor next to Jpegz's bed. Needless to say JPEGz was not impressed.

In July 2014, JPEGz took charge in the dispute between NDZ's market manager, the Lorax, and the rest of the city. JPEGz initiated a recall of the Lorax before it was called off due to the Lorax's resignation.[7] Further information: New Danzilona#Economy

JPEGz joined the DSF in the defence of Riverford against Gensokyo in September 2014, but left Civcraft and NDZ for a time after being denounced by the DZF government. He returned in early 2015 and subsequently helped end the second phase of the Aeginan independence movement.[8][9]

The Heisenberg Crisis

When America broke the Orion vault Jarl Heisenberg was released against the orders of Papa Pound by Rallag. Upon his release Jarl raided Commonwealth and then travelled through Mount Augusta where he fell into a ravine and was pearled by Thoths Librarian. Thoths then ran with Jarl's pearl to New Danzilona where JPEGz took it into custody, in Fort PNGz. This led to the famous America stand off which was perhaps the first sign of infighting. Allies and members of America, Njpalms, Turbocactus and Rallag respectively arrived at Fort PNGz to retrieve the pearl.[10] Meanwhile Celoxia and Lysika_Lantariel were on route from the America vault to also retrieve the pearl, though their intention was keep Jarl pearled - not to release him. Unfortunately JPEGz was unwilling to hold out while his Fort was griefed and so handed the pearl over to the lads immediately. Had he held on to it it is quite possible that America would have disolved into infighting that night.

The Lands of Mir

JPEGz travelled for some time until an old friend, the wayward Lysika Lantariel approached him. Lysika pursuaded JPEGz that he would find a place to call home in the frozen lands of Mir - the former realm of the Forsaken. After joining and building up Mir, he joined in its defence during the Mir-Chanada War, using his PVP prowess to win most fights before strategically "packing it up."[11]

End of Civ Career

JPEGz was active at the end of 2.0 and took part in NDZ's EOTW celebration party.[12] He chose not to return for Civcraft 3.0 and has not played on a civ server since.