2013 Revolution

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2013 Revolution
Date20th of April 2013 - 26th of April 2013
* World Police Vault
Result Release of RKWildCard, shift in server power away from World Police
2013 Anti-World Police Server-Wide Uprising
HCF militias breaking into the Myrian vault
Dates 20th of April 2013 - 26th of April 2013
  • World Police Vault
  • Myra
Result Release of RKWildCard, shift in

server power away from World Police

  • The World Police Conglomerate
  • Anti-World Police militias
  • Pro-HCF militias
Leaders and Commanders




~25 ~32
12 1

2013 Anti-World Police Server-Wide Uprising

The 2013 anti-World Police server-wide uprising was a large revolution that occurred for approximately one week between the 20th and 26th of April 2013, as a result of the World Police imprisonment of RKWildCard and previous history. The revolution, although itself short, had long-lasting implications server-wide, not only on the international level but also on the regional level, especially for the city of Myra and the Nether. The various causes of the revolution had also been set in motion for many months.

Lead-up to the crisis

Creation of the World Police

In the months following the first HCF invasion of 1.0, the server was organized into various resistance militias, including the Augustan Free Fighters, the Pro-Ancap Brigade and the more organized LSIF. Due to the threat of the HCF PVPers, many of these militias were pressed into conglomerated forces, and finally a formal union of forces fighting against the HCF was created, named the "World Police".

World Police troops fighting in the first HCF war

World Police after the HCF

Once the HCF of the first wave had been successfully fought back, and the HCF vault destroyed, effectively ending the war, the World Police became the dominant military and political force in the server. Finding a large amount of weapons and armour left behind by the HCF forces, they quickly became an extremely strong, centralized force, and began the process of consolidating control of the server.

The Gimmick Brigade

As the World Police continued solidifying their power on the server, a small amount of their core members started to overstep their power with a list of alts that would later be known as the "Gimmick Brigade". This group started attacking innocent civilians in the post-HCF attacked server. Eventually, the Gimmick Brigade was outed, and any popularity that was remaining for the World Police disappeared. This, combined with many random pearlings by the World Police, led many to harbor a sense of resentment towards them.

Pearling of RKWildCard

On the 19th of March 2013, a World Police expeditionary force launched a raid on Blackstone Keep, a small village with historical ties to the HCF during the original invasion. Pearling the leader of the village, RKWildCard, they placed him in Myra, the capital city of the World Police Conglomerate.

Beginning of the Uprising

In the month after the pearling of RKWildCard, as it became clearer and clearer that he would not be released, his pearling became a rallying cause for various disgruntled groups, including the anti-World Police militias and the Gondolin militia. By mid-April, many members of the armed groups had begun storing potions and prot to move towards centralized locations. Many pundits sensed an attempted vault break would occur.

Involvement of the HCF

During this time, HCF groups began to get involved in negotiations with rebel leaders. The pan-Gorge militia of HCF players, the same militia that had been part of the original HCF invasion, were the ones involved. Already having been in close talks with RKWildCard before his pearling, they agreed to supply armed men, prot, and potions to an anti-World Police uprising if one did occur.

Militias Raise Troops

On the 19th of April, militias of all participating towns drew together and set out to different staging points. Some staging points where in Fellowship while others were in Gondolin and its surrounding areas. Civcraftian militias involved in the uprising logged off in these staging areas while a large amount of HCF players also logged on and traveled to the staging areas to log off. Members of the World Police issued an internal alert, and heightened security in the city of Myra.

Beginning of Hostilities

On the 20th of April, almost all anti-World Police forces began to log on in the various staging areas around the server. Prot reserve were opened and distributed to militias who did not have combat loadouts, and runs to the CivPVP server were made to test the combat abilities of various players. In Camp Fellowship, militia coordinator Supposed distributed prot to various members of the Fellowship militia, the Bereza militia and the New Augusta militia, including GTAIVisbest who became the first New Augusta militiaman to obtain prot in the New Augusta militia. In Camp Gondolin, LeFluffyFace coordinated between the Civcraft militias and the HCF militias.

Clearing of the Nether

At 3:00 PM EST, a small detachment of the Gondolin militia began evacuating the affected areas of the Nether of all civilians, bystanders and obsidian-mining bots, in an attempt to reduce civilian casualties in the combat-prone areas.

The Gondolin Armed Forces evacuates a nether tunnel

Large parts of the Prussian Intercontinental Rail System (PIRS) were shut down, as well as many rail stations themselves barricaded. The PIRS Red Line, leading to Myra, Danzig, and Nine was IRO'd and shut down by the various militias to stop reinforcements from reaching Myra easily. The PIRS Green line to Tigerstaden was also affected, although the obsidian placed was quickly broken by an obsidian-mining bot. IRO roadblocks were erected in many nether tunnels leading to the 0,0 area, with signs discouraging entry to all civilians. Nether paths leading to the city of Myra and down the Red Line were barricaded. By 4:30 PM, the government of Myra was aware of the developing situation in the nether and raised its alert level, indicating an imminent attack on the city.

Militias enter the Nether

At approximately 5:30 PM, after a large majority of the Civcraft and HCF militias had prepared, armed, and readied themselves, the order was launched by general LeFluffyFace to enter the Nether and regroup at Bay City, a quiet seaside town located near the official World Police vault. Militias entered through the Fellowship, Gondolin and Augustan portals and took various routes to mobilize towards Bay City. The Fellowship-New Augustan militias, upon nearing their destination, surprised a World Police soldier by the name of Allio567 who was investigating the IRO roadblocks in the nether tunnels. The soldier ran as the militia forces broke off to give chase down a disused rail tunnel. Allio567 managed to get away by pearling through a 1x1 wide opening in the tunnel roof and escaping to freedom outside radar range. This event would later become known as The Great Juke and would be referenced multiple times by pro-World Police forces to demoralize the anti-WP militias. Video recording of the event was recorded by Allio567 here. 20 minutes later all militas had arrived at Bay city. The troops hung around the Bay City area to use the potion bunker of BoringNumbers123 and resupply their regeneration potions. Eventually, the militias started leaving Bay City and began to make their way to the vault area, located in a plains biome near a coastline.

Arriving at the vault

The militias began arriving at the vault at around 6:00-7:00 PM, securing the area on the surface and destroying a small world police shack containing hoes and shovels. The entrance to the vault was found, and the militias flooded the vault chamber, placing down food and resupply chests for use. Meanwhile, HCF militias patrolled the surface to warn the group in case of an attack by the WP forces.

The Vault Break

Supplied by efficiency V picks, the militias began to settle down in the vault area and break through the outermost layers. Players from the Gondolin militia did most of the digging, while HCF players such as LeFluffyFace and his entourage guarded the staircase and helped set up a haste II beacon.

Presence of MoppaHongKong

<WRAP right 400px>

MoppaHongKong seen helping the vault breakers.


The presence of a renown griefer by the name of MoppaHongKong at the scene of the vault break stirred much controversy. A segment of the population of Civcraft not affiliated with the revolution denounced it as a "New HCF invasion" due to collateral damage. Eventually, after a few days, the Revolutionary Transitional Council (RTC) forced MoppaHongKong to clean up his grief in Myra and disappear from the public eye for a small amount of time.

Presence of other reputed griefers

As attested to by snitch evidence collected by the World Police, a large amount of wanted griefers had infiltrated the revolutionary forces, including

  • Boweee
  • MoppaHongKong
  • FizzyJuice95
  • chris752w
  • reido_speedo

Most of the wanted griefers did not attend the vault break, with the exception of MoppaHongKong who was estimated to have mined a quarter of the DRO himself.

Presence of Gorge

<WRAP right 400px>

Gorge (under an alt) attending the vault break.


Gordge, an infamous HCF warlord renown for his brutal tactics during the first invasion, was also seen briefly at the vault break, leading a supplementary HCF combat group. Most of the group remained logged out for the duration of the vault break, however, as the threat of a counter attack waned and eventually disappeared.

Desecration of the vault

As progress continued to be made, and space from which to hit the correct DRO blocks lessened, many vault breakers turned to desecrating the vault with anti-World Police graffiti. Most of the graffiti placed was immature and vengeful, however there were a few political signs as well. By the end of the vault break the amount of signs placed was so large they had covered the entire vault. Many of the signs were also stone or iron reinforced.

Snitch spam attack

At around 10:30 PM, a suspected World Police spy arrived near the vault and claimed to want to "open his chest inside the vault". He was quickly pearled. However, the spy had allegedly noted the names of everyone present at the vault break, including the HCF militia who had intercepted him. A few minutes after his pearling, the members of the Civcraft militias and HCF militias were hit with a large amount of snitch spam. Unable to ignore the messages using the preciousstone plugin limitations, many of them were kicked from the server repeatedly and lagged out, including vault breaker GTAIVisbest who was reported to have been "[...yelling in the mumble absentmindedly about TabbyChat"]. The snitch spam was taken as a sign of an impending attack by World Police forces, and the militia gathered on top of the vault, ready for battle. After 15 minutes went by, the threat of a counter attack was lifted and the revolutionaries began counter-snitch spam operations inside the vault area.

Counter attack by World Police

About 3 hours after the snitch spam began and amost 7 hours after the takeover of the vault, the World Police forces finally launched a counter attack against the revolutionary militias still breaking the vault. HCF and partisan militias responded to the attack, eventually routing the World Police forces. A large amount of attacking players were pearled by the HCF militias and imprisoned, and the short battle marked the only open exchange of hostilities during the vault break. The remaining fleeing World Police forces returned towards Myra to regear.

Freeing of RKWildCard

In the early hours of the morning, RKWildCard was freed after the World Police vault was broken open. Other pearls contained within were partially released, and the remaining prisoners were transferred immediately to various HCF vaults around the server. The Civcraft and HCF militias pillaged the diamonds and prot suits that were stored within. By 8:00 AM the next morning, all of the HCF and Civcraft militias had left the area.

Continuing hostilities

Once the vault had been broken, revolutionary groups in the server claimed victory. The revolutionary forces, still united, began patrolling the nether, attempting to weed out any World Police resistance, leading to conflicts breaking out.

The march on Myra

The next day after the vault break, a conglomerated force of revolutionary militias banded together and entered the World Police capital, Myra, without resistance. Initially, they occupied the town and tore down World Police and Ancap flags. After a while, however, they began tearing down DRO that had been placed around the portal area as a sign of goodwill by the revolutionaries towards the innocent civilians of Myra. The Myra Guard force of the World Police, previously having fled the city as the revolutionaries marched on it, initiated hostilities with the DRO breaking group by attacking rebel leader LeFluffyFace with bows and splash potions of harming. A small fight erupted in the city and the revolutionaries set fire to the central court of Myra before retreating through the nether.

Attacks on World Police outposts

A number of World Police outposts and military storage areas near Myra were also attacked by various revolutionary brigades in the days after the vault break. Large amounts of prot suits and sharpness V swords were looted during this period and fell into revolutionary hands. A mineshaft previously used by some of the citizens of Myra was also blown up with TNT by the New Augusta militia.

End of the uprising

The uprising was ended abruptly on the 26th of April by ttk2's announcement that the map files had been compromised and a map reset was imminent. During the End Time Riots that followed, the organization within the revolutionary brigades crumbled and the HCF groups banded together to attempt to kill as many people in the server as possible before a reset. The revolutionary forces, as well as the remaining World Police forces ceased to act in any kind of homogeneous or unified way, as their members turned to lawless infighting and burning of towns.

Apology of revolutionary militias

Some members of the Gondolin militia and Fellowship militia eventually publicly apologized to high-ranking members of the World Police for their actions in the uprising. Today, views of the uprising are overwhelmingly negative, as most Civcrafters involved are seen as HCF collaborators.