Rumble in Mount Augusta

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The Rumble in Mount Augusta

Propaganda of the attack
DateNight/morning July 13-14th 2015
Mount Augusta; started at Sintralin's House, ended near the Netherfactory
Result Several Eden Members put on Trial in Mount Augusta
Nox and Chanadians Eden Group
Commanders and leaders
  • Shadedjon
  • Maximumframe
  • TheTrackball
  • The Rumble in Mount Augusta (also known as Operation Turtle Soup or The Mount Augusta Skirmish) was a minor battle between members of the Eden Group and a coalition of Nox and Chanadians. On the night of July 13th 2015, Shadedjon and Belial noted that Papa_Pound, previous ringleader of the America Invasion and the Titan War, was in Mount Augusta at Nox supreme leader Sintralin's house. Several spectators, Eden fighters, and Chanadians soon converged on the location, leading to a haphazard explosion of violence which quickly escalated into a minor skirmish. The Eden Group surrendered the pearls responsible for the mayhem to the Mount Augusta court, while subjecting them to internal disciplinary action as well.


    For some time prior to the rumble tensions were high between factions supportive of Nox and Eden within Mount Augusta, with many Nox supporters (Cheshire, Celoxia, Zaphod) pressing for more stringent citizenship laws to prevent what they saw as an influx of pro-Eden immigrants to the city. The city was still decidedly pro-Nox, so Papa_Pound and other Noxians were assured their safe conduct in the city. Aside from Nox itself, Mount Augusta and the Islamic Sultanate were arguably the only cities Papa_Pound could walk freely in.


    Papa_Pound tripped a snitch on Belial's road, and the chase was on. Papa immediately ran into Sintralin's house, whereupon Shaded and Belial chose to not trespass. In the coming hour a large number of Eden fighters would appear, and Nox fighters Vitacoco and Cemcahan515 would log on in Sintralin's house. After checking with judges from Mount Augusta, Shadedjon and RogueX7 begin firing arrows into the house in an attempt to lure Papa out. 00_Zero_00, formerly Nox affiliated, logged on and was present around this time.

    Fighting Begins

    00_Zero_00, for reasons unknown, began to attack Eden fighters. When the Eden fighters responded, Vitacoco entered the fray, as did Papa after some time. Ultimately, Papa returned to Sintralin's house and Eden forces did not trespass to pursue him.

    The Great Chanadian Turtle

    In an unexpected move, a large number of Chanadians arrived at Mount Augusta to protest the fighting. They soon surrounded Papa and attempted to shield him as they fled to the Nether Factory. Vitacoco and 00_Zero_00 continue to fight and pull away fighters, while the Chanadians physically block Papa. Several Chanadians (daddo, immer, Tigen) begin fighting against the Eden fighters when several people were pearled.

    Stalemate at the Netherfactory

    In an illegal griefing move, Shadedjon filled the Nether Factory with cobwebs, severely blunting the Chanadian charge. Ultimately, Papa retreated back to Sintralin's house, and the fighting dwindled as the hours dragged on.

    PR Spins and Reception

    The events in Mount Augusta were received poorly by much of the community. Sintralin's post landed first, a scathing review of the Rumble. Later, The_Hobbyist replied with his own version of events which cooled some heads internally in Eden. The verdicts for many of the cases in the Mount Augustan courts came out on the night of the 21st. Later, Eden would write their own punishment over the event and expel both Shadedjon and Maximumframe.


    Recording of Eden Mumble

    Album of Pictures from The_Hobbyist