Recharge War

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The ReCharge War

River's End, Recharge's home city before it was completely flooded following their defeat
DateMarch 9 - April 22, 2014

Coalition Victory

  • Banning of the core members of Recharge, pearling of others
  • Recharge vault broken and River's End destroyed
  • Dissolution of the LADS and rise of a new World Police
LADS (until March 10th)


Various bounty hunters
Commanders and leaders






Unknown 29 Unknown
Casualties and losses
~4 17 10
~30 civilians pearled by Recharge

The ReCharge War was a series of pearlings, skirmishes, battles, and vault breaks between Recharge and various Civcraft 2.0 cities and militias. It took place in several different cities across the map, with the final battle taking place in the home city of Recharge, River's End.


Recharge was formed when groups of pvpers from MineZ and HCF joined forces in late 2013. Initially, they were one of the most powerful groups on HCF. However, they soon grew bored and decided to start fresh on Civcraft where they sought to challenge what they saw was a formidable opponent: the World Police.[1]

After joining Civcraft, Recharge founded the city of River's End, their base of operations in the deep -,+ quadrant. There, they climbed the tech tree, geared up, and set out to fight the World Police.

Recharge made little gains against the World Police, and soon, prominent members of Recharge, such as Aixyz and Phacad3, were pearled by them.[2] Most of the remaining members of Recharge aligned themselves with Bloodcrew, a raiding group the WP had been fighting before Recharge came to Civcraft, or went inactive, leading Recharge to fade into obscurity for the time being.

The LADS Era and Revival of Recharge

On January 2, 2014, the World Police reformed into the Legal Authorized Defense Service, or LADS.[3] The decision was very controversial since it led the group to release many of the raiders they had vaulted, and people believed that the LADS, many of whom had previously been under scrutiny for alt-raiding and illegally snitching cities,[4] would be even more powerful and even more intrusive than the World Police.

Around this time, members of Recharge began to gain popularity and support from the Civcraft community. This was primarily because they sided against the LADS when the LADS War broke out, and also because they vaulted Dill_Weasel, who had collaborated heavily with Bloodcrew in late 2013.

On March 9th, Recharge led their first major attack against the LADS, pearling three members and assaulting a LADS vault.[5] This event ultimately solidified Recharge's good reputation among many Civcraft cities. On March 10th, the LADS dissolved and emptied their vaults, releasing Recharge members Aixyz, rugdoc95, and toontasker.[6] Recharge was now officially back in full force.

Initial Hostilities

With the LADS gone, Recharge's original purpose of fighting the WP was no more. Judging by Recharge's actions that immediately followed the dissolution of the LADS, it is assumed that Recharge's new goal was to get more gear, members, a bigger vault, and ultimately to become powerful enough to where they could do what they want and pearl anyone that got in their way.

On March 13th, Recharge released Dill_Weasel, a decision that, while controversial, did not significantly damage Recharge's reputation.[7]

On April 6th, Phacad3 came to NDZ, harassed some citizens, and got into a fight, pearling a few of them.[8] [9] If anything, this event actually hurt the reputation of the NDZ citizens, as some saw them as being unreasonable and fighting Phacad3 for no good reason.

Although Recharge was able to maintain a good reputation in the month following the end of the LADS war, this would soon end. At some point, Recharge made it their goal to invade cities and conquer Civcraft.

Breakout of the War

Recharge's first major act of aggression took place on April 15th when three of its members invaded Fellowship, doing some minor griefing and pearling two Fellowship citizens.[10] Some refused to believe that it was actually Recharge that invaded Fellowship, but in the end, the general consensus was that Recharge had gone rogue and was now following in the footsteps of the HCF groups that came before it. Cities and militias began to gear up to fight Recharge head-on and to defend their cities.

The Week-long War

Soon after, Recharge began their spree of raiding and pearling. On April 17th, Recharge invaded NDZ, where they were met by members of the Danzilonan Security Force, as well as fighters from allied U3P cities, Orion, Carson, and other individuals that sided against them, like Jaaerk and Dukestonezy.[11] This resulted in one of the biggest fights of the Recharge war. Although the exact numbers are unknown, Recharge ultimately suffered less casualties than the side that opposed them.

A day later, on April 18th, Recharge came back to Fellowship, resulting in a minor skirmish.[12]

On April 19th, Recharge invaded Brimstone and pearled its leader, SethBacon.[13]

The next day, on April 20th, Recharge members carried out several different attacks on cities across the server. First, Claywolf55 went to Aytos and pearled two unarmed citizens.[14] On the same day, Recharge member Rixxlon invaded the Commonwealth and pearled several citizens; however, Rixxlon was later pearled and the Commonwealth citizens were freed. And finally, Recharge ended their day by raiding Aeon and pearling several citizens.[15] In retaliation, some Aeon citizens private messaged Recharge members Game of Thrones spoilers.[16]

With many innocent civilians and not many Recharge members being pearled, the war was undeniably going in Recharge's favor.

Slavery in the Recharge War

Recharge was notable for being one of the first and only groups to try to force their prisoners into doing work for them, usually farming XP materials, in exchange for a shorter sentence in the Recharge vault. Some believed them and complied, while others resisted.[17]

The Bans and the End of the War

On April 22nd, the war abruptly came to an end when much of the core Recharge leadership, like Phacad3, bloodidiot, and Aixyz, was banned from Civcraft.[18] These members had made a female captive of theirs simulate fellatio in order to be freed. Fearing the legal trouble that could arise if the administration condoned what could be counted as sexual harassment, the admins banned those who were present during the event. Taking advantage of this, the coalition of Civcraft cities launched what became the final battle of the war: the assault on River's End. There, they pearled a number of the remaining Recharge members, most notably ZeroRussia, who pearled several of his attackers before finally going down.[19] The attackers also busted open the main Recharge vault, freeing over 30 of Recharge's prisoners.[20] With this, the war was over.


With Recharge gone and the vault broken, many people from across the server flocked to River's End to completely flood it, creating one of the largest manmade bodies of water on Civcraft.[21]

While the core leadership of Recharge was gone, many members remained unpearled. Typically, if they didn't go inactive, they ended up becoming lone-wolf raiders or joining Jarl_Heisenberg to form the Silly Snakes, a group dedicated to raiding and stealing that operated throughout the summer of 2014.[22]

Initially, public reaction to the bans was overwhelmingly positive. As time went on, however, the bans became more and more controversial. Some people began to believe that the admin team actually banned the Recharge leadership because they were getting too powerful and were too big of a threat to the political experiments of Civcraft.[23] To this day, it remains a controversy.