Mutual Assistance Command

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Mutual Assistance Command
Membership Entente



Lone Nations:

• Grandmaster
Preceded byOk Bomber Coalition

Mutual Assistance Command (MAC) is a coalition between the Entente, UDF, and SATO alliances, as well as several lone nations such as Mir. The group was formed in the midst of the War of the Coalition's conclusion, directly succeeding the Ok Bomber Coalition. The group was originally unified with the intent of eradicating NATO. However, after the conclusion of the Infinity War, it became a forum for each remaining nation to conduct diplomacy and cooperate on mutually beneficial interests. The nature of these interests tend to involve neutralizing any perceived threats to themselves or the civ community at large. It is often described as the modern equivalent of the World Police by detractors, due to the coalition's propensity to intervene in international affairs as well as sharing some member overlap with long-deprecated groups of a similar nature.


The discord was originally owned by Frensin but ownership was transferred to Tankbuster44 after Frensin left the discord.

Positions and Structure

M.A.C is divided into 3 main roles with a small amount of auxiliary channels. It is highly segmented into different channels and roles to prevent leaks.


SIERRA, despite not being part of the core trio of roles, it is objectively the highest channel within MAC. People who have access to Sierra have access to exclusive information not seen anywhere else.


VICTOR is the highest role within the main 3 roles, important discussion is normally held in channels this role has access to, this role also grants access to snitch relays of important namelayer groups, certain examples include: YG1, MG1, and ALPHA.


ZULU is a medium to high security role, it is given to trusted members of the world police.


FOXTROT is the lowest access level a person can receive while still having a role, no important discussions are held in channels that this role has access to. Higher ranking members in M.A.C. utilize it as a shitposting channel.

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