Nox War

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The Nox War

Breaking final bastions
Date27th of September 2015 - 13th of November 2015 (~2 months)
Result Victory for the World Police

World Police

Shadap Gahar
Tiger Crew

Mt. Augusta (from October 3, 2015)[1]

Kingdom of Nox
Supported by:
Grundeswald (diplomatically)

Mt. Augusta (until October 3, 2015)
Commanders and leaders
  • sintralin
  • Papa_Pound
  • Varkanos
  • Strength
    ~40 ~15-20
    Casualties and losses
    ~25 ~10

    The Nox War was a global war effort against the Kingdom of Nox on CivCraft 2.0, concluding a cold war that had extended over 6 months from the end of the Titan War. After a back-and-forth of failed sieges and nether factory warfare between the two sides, a 4-day siege of the Nox vault was conducted that led to its final defeat. Beginning as a limited war between Nox and the nations of the World Police, a larger global coalition galvanized after the city of Aurora was caked in stone-reinforced obsidian by sintralin's forces; the largest scale destruction of a city that had been conducted in the history of the genre until the attack on Westminster during the Somber War of CivClassic 2.0.

    Nether Factory Assault

    Before Mount Augusta or Aurora were involved in the war, World Police forces such as MalenkiyDyavol and Diet_Cola attacked the Nox netherfactory where only a Mount Augustan diplomat, Ladezkik, was there to defend. Ladezkik held back the World Police from breaking the rings to the NF long enough for Live4MCraft to log on to help. Not long after she came to aid Ladezkik, she was pearled. The World Police retreated to their vault; Playpen; where they stored Live4MCraft. Nox took this as a direct attack on their sovereignty. They responded to this attack with a counterattack on the Carson netherfactory. During this attack, Nox was backed up by Mount Augusta and Shadap Gahar, the combined forces spiked the Carson Netherfactory with a DRO vault and hundreds of SRO/IRO to disable the infrastructure hub. Many lashed out about the blocking of the rail tunnels such as Xavter, ProgrammerDan, and GTAIVisbest who actively attempted to remove the reinforced obsidian. All three were pearled by Nox.

    The Infamous Nox Post

    After the netherfactory ordeal, sintralin officially dissolved the defense pact between Mount Augusta and Nox. Immediately proceeding this, she made a post to the subreddit where she openly declared that Nox would no longer be on the Civcraft subreddit.[2] Sintralin stated that anyone who spoke out or fought against Nox will be held with a non-negotiable sentence. A huge chunk of the server objected to this decree, Mir, Hjaatland, and many MTA people joined the fight against Nox. Although the bulk of Mount Augusta and Shadap Gahar stayed out of the conflict.

    Mass Pearlings & The Firebombing of Aurora

    Obby bombing of Aurora

    Nox began pearling people in what seemed like an indiscriminate manner, targeting everyone from Aurora newfriends to Folters. At around the time of the Aurora incident, around twenty people were held by Nox who had not been given a sentence. Mir and the remaining World Police had been mounting numerous unsuccessful attacks on the Nox vault. After they had lost enough fighters, they asked the Meme Team (A faction in Mount Augusta) for help, seeing as how no more attacks would be successful and within 48 hours all the progress on attacking the vault would be lost. The Meme Team said no. The progress on the vault was lost, and Mir backed off in defeat. A few days later, Nox forces including Cheshirelulcat, Frenchfrys, and Dystrafy went to Aurora and dropped multiple double chests of stone reinforced obsidian on the city,[3] resulting in the worst grief in the server's history. This was nicknamed "The Firebombing of Aurora" due to the scale of destruction. The grief was so bad that Nox's former allies, Mount Augusta decided it was time to get involved. Soccer37222 and Thoths_Librarian went to Aurora and pearled two Nox fighters who were patrolling the city at the time.

    Attack on Augusta

    Augusta was involved and Sintralin was angry. She saw this as a betrayal by one of her friends and messaged Prof_TANSTAAFL through skype that the grief done to Aurora would be nothing compared to what was going to happen to Nox.[clarification needed] She also stated that the bastions would not have time to mature before they attack Augusta. Augusta had approximately ten people who were combat ready and set to defend the city, Nox had fifteen people ready to attack the city. Defenses were set up, the city already had a network of functional bunkers, so the only thing they still needed were bastions. The Nox army started hitting snitches near Shadap Gahar, then the desert, then Goodsprings. Nox slowly approached the Augustan netherfactory. At around the same time, the old enemies of Augusta Mir, the World Police, and Hjaatland showed up to defend. The server was united for one of the largest defenses in it's history. Nox finally reached the NF hoping to disable it so that reinforcements could stop arriving. A series of massive skirmishes occurred, each resulting with the defenders falling back a bit each time. Seeing as how the progress that was taking place was slow, Nox shifted their focus to the city and SRO griefing it. They moved their lines to the western river bordering Augusta in the desert. They set up a decompactor and bunker to get the obsidian ready. But they were met with numerous pushes by the Augustans who had a bunker directly in the path of where Nox was trying to attack through. Hours of bunker PVP ensued. Each side occasionally leaving the safety of their bunker to attempt to make progress disabling the enemies bunker. Each attack the Augustans lost pearls. Soccer, JZygon, and a few Mir/WP fighters were pearled. But one charge managed to break the lines of Nox. GeneralThomas4 and Vicccyy encased the Nox bunker in SRO briefly slowing them down, but it reduced the flexibility of their bunker. More charges of similar nature quickly took hold. One after another, more IRO/DRO was put onto the bunker until they were forced to make a new bunker. The new Nox bunker while being constructed was quickly encased in DRO. The Nox forces seeing no other way to escape either logged off or escaped. During the fight, Varkanos, Live4MCraft, and numerous kohi recruits fighting for Papa were pearled.

    Not a single SRO was placed down.

    Second Attack on Augusta

    Originally Nox saw the first attack as a minor setback which they could quickly recover from. They planned on rushing the bunker, freeing the trapped forces, and attacking Augusta. At the time of the second attack MtA only had four or so fighters on, the bastions weren't mature yet, the attack would be easy. While moving through their attack tunnels and ready to push into the city, one Nox fighter hit snitch at "Allacklabar" a booby trap set up by GeneralThomas4 and Gantoe as a last ditch and more comical defense mechanism.[4] Papa smelt a trap. He ordered a full retreat allowing the bastions to fully mature.

    Members of the Nox siege climb to the top of the vault

    Attack on Nox

    A set of attack bunkers and infrastructure was set up. People assaulted the outlying infrastructure of Nox. At one point, an insider gave the entirety of the attacking forces a straight path into the skybunker above the vault. Bastions were broken, and people began breaking chests. While people were breaking chests Nox began to log on. Nox stormed the skybunker pearling numerous attackers and removing the path to the skybunker. Ladezkik, Jezzaindahouse, and Bailydare were pearled that day.