Ancapistan War

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The Ancapistan War was a day-long war that caused the destruction of Ancapistan and strengthened ties between members of the Western Alliance who were still recovering after the events of the Somber War.

Ancapistan War
DateFebruary 2018
Result Decisive Okashiman victory
Ancapistan land split between Okashima and it's allies



Commanders and leaders

OkashimaLogan_The_Hermit OkashimaNeoTide
Okashima Crusher6581



9 soldiers 5 soldiers
Casualties and losses
None 5 pearled


Back before the war on CivClassic, most members of Okashima and Ancapistan were in a nation called Hokaido. So for most of it's existence significant players from each side of the war, such as Logan_the_hermit and ChampionEmperor were once working together. However, once the migration to Classic began, to Logan_the_hermit's surprise, ChampionEmperor and a few others went off to start their own nation instead of staying with the main group which had become Okashima. So it was assumed that they would work closely as allies due to their past history, and this did hold true for a few months. Soon after their creations, borders between Okashima and Ancapistan began to overlap, causing tensions between the two nations with ChampionEmperor's extreme interest to the land in the southeast. These issues would only further become more aggressive when Ancapistan built a wall on their borders that they refused to tear down when asked to by Okashima's leaders. The first instinct from Logan was to handle the dispute diplomatically and find an agreement with the Ancaps to avoid a physical confrontation and unnecessary war. However, Okashiman allies and friends suggested that the diplomatic option was foolish and undeserved, and that Ancapistan should be punished for violating clearly drawn borders between the two nations.



So the same day the claims were made, Logan and a few other Okashimans went out to the disputed area and made a camp. There, they proceeded to make another wall where the borders ought to have been, to which this displeased the Ancaps, who attempted to hold them off with bows from the wall. Soon after doing this, allies Yoahtl and Vinland sent in backup troops to protect Logan and his group at the disputed border where an attack from the Ancaps seemed imminent. However, the most that would be done was that a group of Ancaps, including Champion, built a small bunker for defense near the area. Pretty much nothing came of the bunker incitement-wise until Champion managed to get pearled by Yoahtlan forces during an ambush in Ancapistan due to the conflict. He was released on the terms that he retracts his claims for Ancapistan, to which he reluctantly agreed after much debate within the Ancap group, which was now cornered by opposing forces. Once he was freed, he began fleeing with three other Ancaps and happened to run into Logan on during his escape, who was still camping at the no longer disputed spot on the border. Out of anger, Champion ambushed and killed Logan, who was in complete building mode and had no defense on him when the ambush happened. War was declared by Okashima soon after.


Soon after the war was declared, Ancapistan got a brutal beatdown by Okashima and it's allies, causing Champion and his small group of Ancaps to retreat from their land and try to find shelter for awhile. During their exodus however, Champion got killed by a skeleton and re-spawned in his bed, where Yoahtlan forces were waiting for him and proceeded to pearl him. After a brief negotiation, Champion was let go on the terms that he dissolved Ancapistan, to which he did. This would mark the end of the war officially, but the conflict as a whole would go on for about another month or so. After being released, the Ancaps moved south and started the town of Kabul, to which they began planning a way to get revenge for the loss of Ancapistan.

Spies & Snitches

While residing in Kabul, Champion managed to get two spies into Okashima and attempted to coup the current government ran by Logan_the_hermit. There was originally a plan to just obby bomb the nation as a whole, but instead they decided to help a group of communists who had previous issues with Okashima coup the government and install a dictatorship. Eventually a third spy that Champion had enlisted earlier named Faith, ratted out the operation on the day that Champion was planning to march in with his Ancap army. During her time as a spy, Faith slowly became attached to Okashima and it's citizens, and slowly became reluctant to continue as an operative for Champion, so to redeem herself, she told Logan the plans Ancapistan had to destroy Okashima. So when they arrived, the Okashimans were already prepared and easily did a counter ambush against the army, getting them all pearled. This would officially be the end of the conflict as a whole, with all the Ancaps remaining pearled until a server bug set them all free.


All the Ancap soldiers and spies, including Faith, were pearled and given a light sentence of only a week, while ChampionEmperor was given 1 month due to being the head of the operation. After the server bug freed them, most of the Ancaps moved to the former Ancapistan territory (now under Okashima's rule) and became Okashimans. This is due to most of the Ancaps actually having little issues with Okashima and actually were hoping to join the nation during the war, but they also were loyal to Champion, who disapproved of joining Okashima. Soon after the ending of the war, Champion moved on to start anew with Champtown and a few other projects he'd work on until quitting in mid 2019.