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Current CitizenshipsYoahtl
Known ForMilitary Commander
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Neosaur, more well known as Neotide or NeoTide_. He is the Daimyō of Okashima and General of Yoahtl. He first started playing in 2015 on the roleplay-oriented civ server named TheRealmsMC on their first iteration. He has since played CivEx 2.0, CivEx 3.0, CivClassics, CivRealms, and CivEx: First Light. Participated in the 2nd Olympics held in the Commonwealth. Won the first ever Civ Quiz Gameshow.


After spamming the 'random' button on reddit, Neotide stumbled upon his first civ server in the form of TheRealmsMC on their first iteration named Spera. He instantly found a welcoming nation by the name of Britannia which was led by NaarbTheCactus. NeoTide was enthusiastically building in the main city and traveling on the custom boats which the server famously allowed players to create through the plugin MoveCraft, seeing everything the server had cultivated for the previous months it was active. This would start a trend of NeoTide's behavior in which he would travel the world and curate screenshots for tourism purposes. Nearing the end of NeoTide's time on the server, a far-away nation named Comanche would raid the sronghold of Britannia which the Britannians swiftly pushed back with their fully-functional cannons (another plugin). During a night raid, though, all of Britannia's most valuable belongings would be stolen and NeoTide would leave the server in a flustered rage, blowing up the only known structure belonging to Comanche containing goods, which was actually the residence of Bonkill.

CivEx 3.0

After many years of hopping between releases and not really doing anything of note, NeoTide started playing CivEx 3.0 with much excitement as he had followed progress of development for some time. Upon launch, he joined Columbia which was a fledgling nation hot off the heels of their success on Devoted 3.0. The 5 princes of Columbia, Shadedoom, Keeds, Hamboy_Jr, Zebra, and Onederful had all made the jump between servers. NeoTide showed his skill and capacity as a player by impressing the 5 princes by digging out a large area designated in a single night, gaining trust and influence immediately. As things progressed they made friends with a neighboring nation Varsay, which became embroiled in a territorial conflict with Arcation. NeoTide was a casualty of this conflict as a bystander in what would become a famous altercation between the two nations. NeoTide would go on to make a principality of his own, Alaska, in the barren island off the coast of Columbia's claims. Alaska became a host for activity and recreation, the most populated state and second greatest producer to Carolina, led by Shadedoom and Smalls. Following a great betrayal by Onederful, the server died swiftly due to a lack of melon.

CivClassics (2.0)


NeoTide's career on Classics started out from a call from WormWizard, who became a devoted follower of Columbia during CivEx. NeoTide joined a city state currently led by WormWizard and JustMatter named Merlin Farms. WormWizard's plan was to sell steak to a server that largely had none, but this was all but a wasted endeavor because of the immensely strict muster cull settings for lag protection. If a chunk had too many entities, all the entities in a large range of chunks would be culled, so it was possible to lose your entire stock if one of your animals escaped. Soon enough, though, Columbia would make their way to CivClassics in full force due to the persistence of Kdeeks and the beginning of his charisma-fueled charge toward leadership. NeoTide and Shadedoom would pick out an unclaimed and promising location for the soon-to-be state and began to work. As soon as a city was in place, NeoTide was appointed a position of Furst, a title of nobility and distinguishment. After many issues that arose due to kdeeks' leadership, we held our first elections for a newly created position, Chancellor. Following a televised debate, NeoTide lost to JustMatter but would become the Chancellor's right-hand-man for many occasions, which would be the start of another trend in his behavior of assuming secondary positions of authority. NeoTide assumed the position of Mayor of Rotterdam, the capital of Columbia, where he would build parts of the city and design expansions. Many developments after, NeoTide would soon leave Columbia due to kdeeks' behavior. Kdeeks nazi-fied the discord, turning roles into Nazi Third Reich names, a Nazi flag on the icon, and calling the only black member of our nation "Lesser African". NeoTide would leave the nation, taking all his belongings and things he believed he had solely grinded for, clearing most of the national bunker in the process. He and JustMatter, also flustered by the problematic event, left for Okashima.


The exodus from Columbia was sudden, but NeoTide had kept relations with a nation that had recently made the switch between TheRealmsMC 3.0 (Providence) to Classics. The third iteration of TheRealmsMC had just closed down and NeoTide knew this was the perfect nation to switch to after leaving Columbia. Taking all his belongings, he set out for the nation nearer the center of the map.

Okashima was led by LoganTheHermit, who NeoTide had mentored from his infancy on civ into a more competent player. Alongside many others who made the switch, Okashima was already on its way to being a fully-fledged town by the time NeoTide made the journey. Okashima was a Japanese themed town emphasizing the architecture of Japan moreso than its culture. It didn't take long for drama to follow, as many belligerents from NeoTide's past would come back to haunt him and ravage his nation-mates in Okashima.

Ancapitstan Raids

Neighbors to their south, Ancapistan was populated by another group that made the switch from TheRealmsMC. ChampionEmperor and his friends lived in relative harmony with Okashima until something led them to attempt to claim a large portion of Okashima's land, and an ensuing battle occurred. After Vinland fighters entered the scene, Ancapistan retreated and promised indefinite peace. It was many days later that someone from within Ancapistan leaked that they would be attacking from the coast this time so we prepared a defense with the help of new recruits Pzk and Jshatney. The Okashiman military lured the attackers in with a single unarmored individual who led them into the heart of the city where defenders would log on and begin the attack. No one escaped and the raiders would be given sentences in the End, where SirAvocado would create Endaria, and later serve a probationary period in Vinland where he would create the town Kabul, also known as Nro'Meagh. It is unknown what brought Ancapistan to attack, but it is believed that Columbian intervention was the cause, due to KnotNSA's presence in the nation.

Communist Revolution in Okashima

New recruits Pzk and Jshatney began a political party in Okashima, Communist manifesto and all. They were well integrated due to their help with the Ancapistan conflict, and relatively trusted. Political dissent increased dramatically until Pzk made it known his intention to conquer the entire server and implement his own brand of justice. This escalated into him attacking the Okashiman treasury bunker alongside Jshatney and killing LoganTheHermit. NeoTide and A_M_A_Z_E responded with help from Maxopoly to subdue them quickly. This was a short-lived and relatively minuscule attempt on the security of Okashima, but an essential detail made it more pertinent, which was their being funded by Columbia. This was the first concrete example of antagonization by NeoTide's past nation-mates who considered him a criminal for taking the contents of national storage. Pzk was later banned for duping and Jshatney went on to reside in the +,+ and form Pruthenia.

Arvein and Eviloker

Two individuals from NeoTide's past, Arvein and Eviloker, were furious due to the behavior of the admin of TheRealmsMC who was known for many incidents of sexual debauchery. They manifested this hatred toward the people who participated in his server, namely NeoTIde and Sirboss. They destroyed the Columbian national treasury and came for Okashima under the cover of the Lexington Vault break which had concluded moments prior to their attack. After a call to every nation in vicinity, defenders from Yoahtl, Vinland, and Hjaltland attended to quell the attackers. This was the first exposure to the Western Alliance, and the beginning of NeoTide's long alliance and fraternization with members of SATO.

The F1sh98 Debacle

NeoTide, having many friends still in Columbia, pursued the recruitment of someone by the named of F1sh98 who still resided in Columbia. He was being hunted down for his construction of a private bunker which was illegal. NeoTide made his way to Columbia and broke him out of a logbox and allowed F1sh to become an integral part of Okashima. He and NeoTide would become the next duo to run the nation until its inevitable death.

CivEx: First Light


Following a lull in activity in Okashima, NeoTide tried a beta server for the newest iteration of CivEx, a server which NeoTide enjoyed prior to Classics with measurably more enthusiasm. He joined the nation 'Bastion', formed exclusively from past TheRealmsMC players. They attempted to create a nation bursting with activity, lore, and architecture while also maintaining a powerful presence as a world power among many hardened players who are less roleplay-oriented. They set out to fulfill that mission and they completed it to wonderful effect, taking out groups like Laconia (among other individuals from FRIENDS on Classics), Eviloker, and Gamertown. This was NeoTide's first exposure to intense pvp scenarios and it marked his transformation into a competent combatant by training from Edward_Renhorn and SicariusGray. NeoTide maintained a dual citizenship with Yoahtl, who also made a stint on First Light, and grew relations with many of the people there. He was eventually recruited by Qua'tli_Mia onto Yoahtl on CivClassics.

CivClassics (Cont'd)


NeoTide joined Yoahtl during a lull in activity throughout the entire server. A maximum of 20 players were on every day and the server functioned terribly due to poor anticheat configurations and other problems unknown to many at the time. Nevertheless Yoahtl prospered individually. NeoTide made a name for himself by apprehending cokeandmentos who had been raiding the town during off-times, becoming the one-man army for the nation for years to come.