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Nation of Saraliana
Flag of Saraliana
Flag of Saraliana
Capital citySaraliana Proper
• High Protector
Foundation dateNovember 2013
LanguageEnglish, Various Conlangs (Korinese, Toki Pona, Garundi)

The Nation of Saraliana was a sovereign state on Civcraft 2.0 brought back to life after two months of dissolution. Its predecessor, the Saraliana Protectorate, extended from November of 2013 to July/August of 2014. The Nation of Saraliana was re-founded sometime in November 2014.


The region around Saraliana is almost entirely ocean. The only nearby land masses are nether and ice mountain. As a result, Saraliana has to reach far just to get arable land. To the west are haunted forests, in this region some of its conlang based towns are located. 1500 blocks southeast is the tiny island where Saraliana grows its food. To the south is several thousand blocks of ocean, and to the north is world border.

Saraliana is famous for Saraliana Proper, the aloft rock.


Saraliana is considered the unofficial spinoff of the deceased /r/Craftlang server, a server dedicated to conlangs. As a result, Saraliana is home to multiple conlang speaking municipalities.


Saraliana features 5 major styles of architecture.

- Classic Saralianan, inspired by the WoW city of Dalaran, used mainly for houses, and small public buildings.

- High Saralianan, inspired by the WoW city of Silvermoon, used currently for the bank, SNL, and upcoming Saraliana Memorial Library in Hexagon City.

- Casual Saralianan, created as a spinoff of Classic Saralianan.

- Neo Saralianan, inspired by the real life style Grunderzeit

- Magistration Hall style, named after the Magistration Hall, the only building to be built in this style.

Political History

At its birth, and up to completion of Saraliana Proper, the Saraliana Protectorate was a Libertarian Socialist dictatorship; resources were collectivised for the purpose of construction. However, private land ownership was enforced, and minimal private ownership was tolerated.

Following the completion of Proper, the commune was converted into the federal coffers, accessible only by the government and public sector workers. Dispute led to a larger scope of accessibility. The country was run by the High Protector, followed by the Elite Council. The council followed a system of seniority.

In an effort to get a functioning socialist market, the fiat currency, the Saralianan Ducat, was introduced, as well as public sector jobs, paid in ducats. The intent was for public jobs to yield raw resources, which would be produced, then sold back to the population, cycling the ducats into and out of the government.

Despite the job system not taking off, the ducat did. All transactions in Proper between private citizens had to be done in ducats, as a result, the ducat became widely accepted. Ogel6000 passed a charter promising to defend the value of the ducat, and compensate people if the currency collapsed.

Inactivity and emigration reduced Saraliana to a one man country, at which point Ogel6000 gave up, and dissolved the federal government. He privately appropriated any unwanted regions, and gave jurisdiction of the country to Iria. The currency became unbacked, though is still used infrequently.


The Nation of Saraliana consists of a single administrative district, Saraliana. This district is subdivided and categorised.

- Proper, the aloft rock, which contains most of Saraliana's residents. Proper enforces a very strict no trespassing rule, anyone caught breaking into Proper is pearl on sight

- Outposts, which are places used for resource collection or industry.

- Zoned land, large tracts of Saralianan land given to individuals to privately develop

- Territory, any undeveloped land, reserved as wilderness.

- Sacred land, land of any sort designated as sacred by Saraliana.

- ISRN, strictly no trespassing. The ISRN's claim is 3 dimensional, and does not travel from bedrock to sky limit, but is restricted to the rail tunnels themselves.

Because of its staggering low population, a formal political setup is not worthwhile, and the country is singlehandedly run by Ogel6000. Nonetheless, the nation has three charters to codify its procedures, which it sticks to.


Saraliana was founded as a small city state by former Aurorans, leaving the fallen city, and as the months went on, continued to collect emigrants from Aurora.

At its prime, the Saraliana Protectorate contained 30+ citizens, ~10 of which were active. The country spanned 4,000 blocks east to west (though the vast majority of this claim was ocean, very little of the country was solid land). The country had 3 provinces (Saraliana West, Arx province, and West Arm), and 3 territories (World Border Arm, East Arm, and Southeast Arm).

Due to a conflict with the Anarcho Capitalist village of Aincrad, the Southeast Arm was relinquished.


The ISRN or Intra Saraliana Rail Network is a privately owned and heavily policed rail system originally intended to connect Saraliana Proper to Saraliana Farms, under the name 'Saraliana Tunnel Network'. After expanding beyond that point, it was renamed to the ISRN. Following dissolution, it was privately appropriated by Ogel6000.

The ISRN has a strict 'invitation only' policy, and most of the NEA helps enforce the policy. Despite its name, the ISRN reached well beyond the borders of Saraliana, into and beyond neighbouring countries.

On occasion, some of the ISRN lines have been leaked by various groups, most notably the Mappu Deliberation Council.

The ISRN is heavily automated with redstone; one can travel the almost entire network without leaving their minecart. The two most important hubs are the stop at Saraliana Proper, and the Farms Nexus.


I, Ogel6000, conceptualiser of Saraliana, have further gone off to turn Saraliana into a full scale worldbuilding project. Some of my work on the project can be seen here:

- The Nation of Saraliana, a moderately long passage, describing the life of the Nation.

A map of Saraliana

- A to scale map of Saraliana Proper

- /r/Korinese - A subreddit where I am attempting to document Korinese, the official language of Saraliana

Fun Facts

- The only person to every be knighted by Saraliana was Papa_pound, thanks to his leading efforts in defending Saraliana against the IMF. Though after Papa went rogue, his title was never revoked as Ogel never got around to it.